Tomoyo After – Linux & Mac Patch Open Beta

Hey everyone, Delwack here.  It’s been a long time since we told you we were working on the Linux and Mac patches for Tomoyo After, and I am here today to announce that we are finally ready to test them.  

We are looking for people to help test either (or both!) of these patches. If you would like to participate, send an email or pm Swiss or myself on our IRC channel.  We are looking to tweak the installer over the next two or three weeks.

We appreciate any help and feedback you can offer!

Note:  Dungeons and Takafumis will not work on Mac or Linux.  This is a limitation of the rlvm engine that is used in place of reallive, and is not within our control.

– Delwack

Summer 2013 VN Division Update : TA Mac/Linux V1.1, Sasami Route Complete

Clannad - Little Busters! Crossover
Greetings Doki Legion and members of the worldwide Key Kazoku! Clannad Man here to provide you with a long overdue Visual Novel Division update!

So what’s been going on these past several months? Quite a few things, actually. Around the beginning of Summer, the Team began transitioning our content over to Github. Reorganizing the translation repositories has taken some time but will ultimately streamline how work on the games is conducted. However… I bet you didn’t start reading this article for news like this, did you? Of course not. Onto the games!

Let’s start with the big news. After months of fumbling around attempting to create updated Tomoyo After patches for Mac and Linux, the VN Team has finally been able to do so. Sometime over the next few days, an open-beta period for the v1.1 patches will begin. While it is believed the patch should work correctly for everything outside of unsupported OP video (including the Dungeons & Takafumis minigame), the VN Division would like to clarify that this is the case. To Mac & Linux users, enjoy!

A lot of progress has been made on the technical side for the Tomoyo After’s Memorial Edition. Scripts have been extracted and matched up with the original, leaving only the changes between editions untranslated.  While the VN Division is splitting its efforts between Clannad and Little Busters!, the remaining work that needs to be done on the game is relatively straightforward. If any able bodied translators were to volunteer to assist, work on the translation could probably continue in short order… *hint* *hint*.

On to Little Busters! EX/ME: Translation and editing continues with Sasami’s route having been completed and edited. It is currently going through internal testing for quality assurance; perhaps there will be a partial patch release to reflect its completion.  Kanata route has a few untranslated pieces on common route, putting that one’s release a bit further along the line.  The focus right now is on Saya’s Route and additions to the Common Route. Feel free to follow the VN Team’s progress HERE.

In addition to the lengthy transition that has taken place with Fluffy’s merger into Doki VN, translation progress has been slowed by the stepping down of Claymore_Smiley and the leave of absence taken by dango. The Team is actively looking for additional members to fill in for their vacancies. Again, if there are any capable Japanese to English translators who would be interested in assisting the completion of Little Busters! EX/ME or any of our other VN Translation Projects, please mention your interest in the comments section or on the #doki-recruits channel on IRC.

On the plus side, Kuzu will be transitioning back over to Doki VN at the end of the season to focus on Clannad’s translation checks with NeWbY. Several of the VN Division’s editors have been reviewing the game’s SEENs and will continue working with the game’s translators into the foreseeable future.

So that’s that. Updates all around for everyone. Oh, and the Key15th Project is still underway for you Key fans. We’ll get you all updated on that soon enough. Until next time, ciao!

Anime North 2013 Convention Summary

Various Members of Doki's North American Staff (& Friends)
Various Members of Doki’s North American Staff (& Friends)

Hello again, Doki Legion! Though it has been nearly a month since Anime North has ended, people have continued to ask for a summary of Doki’s presence at the convention as well as footage from the 「key15th」 presentation if it became available.

While TheThing was planning on writing a summary post for Doki, he became busy, so I took the liberty of writing up a convention summary on behalf of Doki’s attendees. Here’s the tl;dr version:

Friday (May 24th): Arrival (12pm) / “Our rooms won’t be ready until 6pm?” / Aimless Wandering / Autographs / Nominoichi

Saturday (May 25th): Morning Brunch / Workout / Maid Café / Various Panels & Photoshoots / Review Notes / Key Panel Time! / 13-Man Dinner

Sunday (May 26th): “You’re kicking us out of our hotel room an hour early?” / AKB0048 Café / Dealers Room Deals / Panel & Rest / Departure

You can find the full convention summary over at the Key15th website.

Regarding the Key presentation, it took awhile to collect and edit various video and audio feeds together to make a full presentation. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Curser656 for capturing the large majority of the presentation; your contribution really added a lot to the recording’s final edit. I’d also like to thank Doki’s Aieon and jakeman95 for their significant contributions as panelists.

While the presentation experience can’t be identically replicated (no surround sound, audience interaction, etc.), you should still get a good idea for what the presentation was like. If you enjoy the presentation, tell us in the comments section here and on our Anime North forum page. Depending on interest/ feedback, we would be interested in holding another presentation (at AN or elsewhere) and may get preferential stage time at Anime North if our feedback on their forums is positive. You can download a copy of our presentation recording and PowerPoint (for educational purposes!) using the link below.

Our group also collected a number of pictures from the convention… several GBs worth! Feel free to peruse the cosplay cornucopia if you’re so inclined.

Edit: Server issues have been resolved. Kudos to Holo for offering torrents!

Anime North Presentation Pack (Video & PPT): Torrent

Anime North Picture Pack: Torrent

「key15th」 : A History Of Emotion

Hello again, Doki Legion! Clannad Man here with an update & invitation.

Later this month from May 24th through 26th, anime fans will gather from all over to attend Anime North in Toronto, Canada’s premier anime convention and one of the largest in the Americas. I will be moderating a presentation on Key (the studio responsible for Kanon, Air, Clannad, Little Busters!, Angel Beats!, Rewrite and others), and will be joined by a panel of Kagikko including Doki VN’s very own jakeman95 and Aieon. (Kuzu also wanted to be on the panel, though he won’t be able to attend, so he’d sending a plush Botan in his place.) Several members of Doki’s staff will also be in attendance at the convention, and we’d love to talk with you!

Our page on the Anime North forums can be found HERE.

In case you happen to miss us, don’t worry! We will also be present at the Nominoichi event, where several rare Key collectables will be on display. It will be difficult to miss us.

In other news, submissions to the Key15th Anniversary Letter Project are officially closed. Submissions may still be processed, but there is no longer a guarantee they will appear in the published book. However, there will be a final opportunity to offer submissions personally after the 「key15th」 presentation at Anime North. We hope to see you there!

Tomoyo After - English Patch v1.1

(Note: Windows patch is out.  The linux/mac version will be out and appended to this post as soon as I get a hold of our linux/mac patcher – until then you can copy the files manually if you want it immediately.)

You can post error reports about the game itself here.

You can post errors in the scripts here.

Hello everyone! Delwack here. It’s been about 6 months since I’ve taken over the VN department here at Doki, and today I am proud to finally bring you version 1.1 of the Tomoyo After patch. With this patch we’ve fully translated all the items, attacks, combat log text and scenes in the D&T minigame. In addition, we’ve fixed a plethora of errors in the text and images in the main game. I want to thank our all the translators, editors, coders, QA and testers for their hard work over the past six months. I also want to thank all of Doki’s fans for patiently waiting for this release. This will be Doki’s final major Tomoyo After patch release until the Memorial Edition. You can still report bugs in the visual novel section of the forums and we will incorporate the fixes into our next release.

Doki’s TA team will now be moving on to our next project: cleaning up the Clannad translation. We hope to carry on the legacy of the many many great people who’ve worked on the project. Much of it is quite good but parts of it are also not up to par and the whole thing is rather inconsistent. Considering the total amount of text in Clannad, this is going to be a very, very long project. Internally we still haven’t decided how we will be going about releasing this. It’s too long to do it all in one shot, so we may be releasing patches as we do our work on routes, but nothing is final yet! Our first task is to reconcile all of the pieces of the Clannad project out there. There are at least two SVNS, a wiki, and a bunch of other enhancements that have been made to the project on and off the years (like the full voice additions). Sorting it all out will take some time. We’ll try to keep you updated on progress in one way or another as the project advances.

Also, if you haven’t heard about the fan project to reach out to Key and tell them how much we love them, check it out at The deadline for letters and messages is April 1st, and the deadline for images and other media submissions is April 27th.

As with all patches, you can try to keep your old saves, but they may not be compatible with the previous patch. Due to the nature of this particular patch, there should be fewer instances where old saves are completely incompatible, so feel free to give it a shot! We hope everyone enjoys this release, and enjoys Tomoyo After.

– Delwack

PS. The ME version is still on our schedule, but we aren’t there yet!

And now, a speech from the Clannad Man:

(NOTE: Hey, it’s not really a speech! I already did that during the last release!)

So Tomoyo After is complete, Little Busters! EX is progressing, and Clannad is being reviewed for a long overdue cleanup. All is well over at the Doki Visual Novel Department. I must say, it is immensely satisfying to see the final patch for Tomoyo After complete. The so called ‘unfinishable’ project is now over and done with. Kudos to everyone that worked on it; you did a great job.

The VN Department’s efforts will be split from here on out to work on Clannad and LB! EX. Naturally, these teams are happy to obtain additional translation and editing help from skilled, passionate individuals. If you’re interested in volunteering your time to help make these projects as successful as possible, please contact Holo at or stop by #Doki-recruits on IRC and say hello.

I’m off to continue working behind the scenes while Delwack guides the translation teams along. There’s plenty of work to be done, and likewise, a lot to be excited over. Look forward to what lies ahead!

– Clannad Man

Windows: Tomoyo_After_English_v1.10_[Doki].exe

Torrent | XDCC

(Note: An official English release of Tomoyo After will be published by VisualArt’s. Please look forward to their release.)

Linux/Mac: Soon

Torrent | XDCC

Readme: Click here

Clannad After Story (Blu-Ray) - New Batches

Clannad After Story (BD) – New Batches

Here are the batches, including the NCOP and EDs. The 480p batch is unchanged but is included in this post for sake of archives. Included are some scans and extras as usual.


  • Episode 2 (1080p): Re-encoded to fix video glitch. Not patchable.
  • Episode 12 (720p): Re-encoded to fix video glitch. Not patchable.

Lucky Star coming up soon™.

1080p: Clannad After Story (2008) [Doki][1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC | Scripts

720p: Clannad After Story (2008) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC | Scripts

480p: Clannad After Story (2008) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC | Scripts

Clannad After Story (Hi10P BD) - Vol 5

Clannad After Story (Hi10P BD) – Vol 5

The releasing of Clannad After Story continues.

Episode 21 has 2 editions: Edition 1: Skips ED, Edition 2: Does not skip ED (Default). This was how it was last time after a big discussion and I’m not going to change it. Refer to the previous release post if you want to see how the discussion went.

The h264/Hi10P naming derps in the previous 720p releases will be corrected at batch.

The NCOP/EDs will be released in the batch (I didn’t have time to get them ready for Vol 5). I will wait for comments on possible encoding errors (hopefully none) for a few days. The batch will be released at the end of this week.

I will re-release Lucky Star (Hi10P) and finish it off next.

1080p (FLAC 5.1): [Doki] Clannad After Story – Vol 5 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC)

  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 21 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [5E153762].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 22 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [C5180E53].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 23 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [BE34D782].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – Another World, Kyou Chapter (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [5F96064C].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – Recap (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [C7E3C7B0].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

720p (AAC 5.1): [Doki] Clannad After Story – Vol 5 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC)

  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 21 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [94A12E59].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 22 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [C0A3FFA0].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 23 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [22D22C63].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – Another World, Kyou Chapter (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [CD48CEAB].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – Recap (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [7798004D].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

Clannad After Story (Hi10P BD) - Vol 4

Clannad After Story (Hi10P BD) – Vol 4

The releasing of Clannad After Story continues.

Episode 16 has 2 editions: Edition 1: Skips ED, Edition 2: Does not skip ED (Default). This was how it was last time after a big discussion and I’m not going to change it. Refer to the previous release post if you want to see how the discussion went.

Episode 2 1080p v2 available on XDCC.
Episode 12 720p v2 also available on XDCC.

They will be included in the final batch, no individual releases on torrents for v2.

Expect Volume 5 on Monday, and batch a few days after. There will be no releases of After Story on the weekend.

1080p (FLAC 5.1): [Doki] Clannad After Story – Vol 4 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC)

  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 16 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [5EA74032].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 17 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [3C326FA9].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 18 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [E79B5E57].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 19 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [F10A608D].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 20 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [BF61AC00].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

720p (AAC 5.1): [Doki] Clannad After Story – Vol 4 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC)

  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 16 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [ABD14B97].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 17 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [C2DDDAE7].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 18 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [E46C844D].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 19 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [CD92052B].mkv
  • [Doki] Clannad After Story – 20 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [D94B8DD5].mkv

Torrent | XDCC