Nanatsuiro Drops (VN) - 01-02

Here’s my first VN fan translation since Tomoyo After, Nanatsuiro Drops. I’ve wanted to work on this VN ever since Tomoyo After was released, and finally took a good look at the engine back in 2016 and found that it apparently wasn’t all that hard to hack.

Nanatsuiro Drops is split into episodes. The common route covers up to episode 5, which then branches off into three routes with another 5-8 episodes. Because of this, we will be releasing episodically similar to our fansub releases. This translation patch release only covers episode 1 and 2. Saves made with this patch are expected to work with future patches (or with the unpatched game), so you can carry your progress across each patch release. If everything goes well, we will be releasing an episode every three months to finish off the common route by the end of the year.

We will only be providing patches for this project. The game itself can be easily acquired elsewhere or purchased at DMM or DLsite. The demo, which covers episode 1 and 2 and bits of episode 3, can be downloaded here. The game itself is only in 800×600, but upscaling the OP with Waifu2x gave us surprisingly good results, and as such, we are also releasing the upscaled OP by itself below.

On a side note, we are looking for typesetters and KFX coders for our fansubbing side. If you are interested, join the IRC channel, where you should try making contact with any of the staff there — preferably Pikminiman if he’s online.

And yes, Mobamas Gekijou is still coming.

<jakeman95> I got diabeetus from working on this.[sic]

<jakeman95> I never have anything good for release posts…

<jakeman95> Fuck character limits. That is all.

Main game: [Doki-S(mile)ING!] Nanatsuiro Drops (VN) – 01-02 [1FDC7959].zip

Torrent | XDCC | DDL

Demo: [Doki-S(mile)ING!] Nanatsuiro Drops (VN) – Demo [92C929B4].zip

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720p OP: [Doki-S(mile)ING!] Nanatsuiro Drops – OP [A0FD636D].mkv

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For more information, see this page.

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Ecchi na Kanojo (Natsu) - English Patch 1.1

Okay so here’s an updated patch with some fixes and some improvements. Most issues reported were fixed, there’s one that I can’t replicate which only seems to affect a couple of people so sucks for them I guess! Works on my main pc, my encoding pc and my Surface… So dunno what they are doing wrong.

I’d also like to thank donovan20055 for taking the time to fix some of the issues I couldn’t fix on my own. So thanks for that.

This new patch won’t work with old saves.

Someone asked for a guide, the only part that really needs explaining is the sex part in my opinion so here we go (spoilers):

Your sexual prowess is based upon your stamina.
Stamina increases (increases affect your next date, not the one you are on) as you have sex without blowing your load.
To do this you need to alternate between speed.
Going fast will make the bar fill up quickly, so you will need to hit slow, at which point it will start to decrease slowly. Once it starts to drop to a safe point you can hit fast and you will get a small buffer were it will continue to decrease – albeit much faster – before starting to fill up again.
Maintaining this will bump up your stamina for future conquests.
Different positions are harder and will require more stamina, basically skipping at the start will make you cum quickly and you will not get anyway. Once you build up some stamina you can handle pretty much everything.
The stamina drink will reset the bar to 0 should you max it out by mistake.
Don’t forget to get some rest, or you just won’t have it in you to perform. Although if you don’t rest there is also something nice in store for you!

Only other thing that really needs help is the little sister arc:

She likes candy, manga and wants a game machine. Give her that stuff. Once she’s willing to talk to you give her the porno and she will disappear. Then talk to her sister and select to go to toilet.
You will need to buy yourself a game machine too. Then on Thursdays when her sister is out pay her a visit and she will challenge you to a game which will unlock her various acts. Be sure to take a swimsuit at some point, too.

Full Game: [Doki] Ecchi na Kanojo (Natsu) – Game + English Patch 1.1 [7862FFAD].zip

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Patch Only: [Doki] Ecchi na Kanojo (Natsu) – English Patch 1.1 Only [BF2CB808].zip

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Ecchi na Kanojo (Natsu) - English Patch

Azusa is pretty cute.

Okay, so here’s patch 1.0 of this game I’ve been working on for longer than I care to admit. I’ve had trouble finding people to help edit it, so I’ve edited it as best I could (which is a job I loathe doing… expect a few derps here and there!). Anyway, if you see any typos, lines that you feel could use a better edit, bugs, etc comment below and let me know, and I’ll fix it all up for a super-final-patch⁶⁴ a bit down the line. You’re gonna need Japanese locale to play it, too. Dunno if applocale works, never used it.

Full release includes the entire game and is already patched. Support the doujin group and buy a copy if you can though.

As for the patch only version… Extract the patch.xp3 file into your game directory and you are set to go. It will work with existing saves, but it will be a bit fruity as your saves contain certain variables that won’t be changed… and it might crash. I’d recommend just zipping up or moving your existing saves and starting from scratch. I’d also recommend using either the default font or Yu Gothic UI. Since they appear to work properly and wrap text correctly. Also, support the doujin group and buy a copy if you can.

Since this is my first time coding a game I’ve come across a couple of issues. Which if anyone can help me fix would be great.

1. Adding a bigger border to the fonts to make them more readable/bold.
2. Changing the item names to lower case when they arrive in the mail.

Big thanks to maus for helping me test the game and catching a million bugs and shit. Anyway, enjoy and feel free to leave suggestions.


  • Translation: Ero_Yatsu (A lot of it!), ixlone/odinigh (Little bits!)
  • Photoshop: ixlone, odinigh
  • Coding: ixlone
  • Video Typesetting: TheThing
  • Play testing/QC: Maus, ixlone

Full Game: [Doki] Ecchi na Kanojo (Natsu) – Game + English Patch [BADF3BDB].zip

Torrent | XDCC

Patch Only: [Doki] Ecchi na Kanojo (Natsu) – English Patch Only [F05C0040].zip

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Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ Released

Belated post (because of Anime Expo), but Tomoyo After has been released on Steam!


Tomoyo After and Little Busters Licensed; To Be Released on Steam

Hi fellow Kagikko,

First of all, we would like to apologise for the lack of news regarding our visual novel projects, but we are very pleased to finally reveal that Tomoyo After and Little Busters! have been picked up by VisualArt’s to be officially released in English on Steam!

As many of you may know, Doki staffers were involved in both the fan translation projects of Tomoyo After and Little Busters! visual novels, and we are very happy to say that we will provide VisualArt’s and the companies involved in the English releases our support. For Tomoyo After, we are transferring the portions of the translation that originated from Doki to Waku Productions, as well as providing translation support to help retranslate from scratch the material that we are not transferring over. For Little Busters!, we are pleased to say that the full fan translation has been transferred to Fruitbat Factory, which will finish work on the project.

With the announcement of these projects, we will stop offering download links for these projects’ fan translations. Please look forward to and support the upcoming official releases of Clannad, Tomoyo After, and Little Busters!.

For more information, please read the official announcement by VisualArt’s:

For a statement by the Little Busters! team on TLWiki:


Clannad Visual Novel to be Published in the West

A quick and important update on Clannad:

As you may have already heard Key has finally decided to bring Clannad west through Sekai Project, as announced at Japan Expo USA. We are very pleased that this is finally happening, and are cooperating with Sekai Project to see that Clannad at long last has an official western release. You can expect all future updates about Clannad to come from Sekai Project and VisualArt’s.

Also, Cloud668 has a few words to say about the Key15th letter project:

As previously announced, Sekai Project will also be assisting in delivering the Key15th fan anthology to Key; this is expected to occur later this year.

You can visit Sekai Project’s website here.

Update from the VN Dept

Small update from the VN Department.

Rokudaime does not have time to continue in his position as PR for the VN Dept. We’d like to thank him for the good work he’s done up til now.

If you have any questions related to VNs, please go to here or drop me an email at or catch me on IRC and I’ll direct you to someone.

Clarification regarding Clannad_Man and his Kickstarter Campaign

A while ago, Clannad_Man started a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of making a Key-related documentary.  Read the 2 links below for the full story.

Here and here

To sum it up, people became suspicious of the Kickstarter campaign when Clannad_Man had achieved almost 50% of his monetary goal. Someone went and posted on the President of Key/Visual Art’s Twitter, asking his opinion, and at that point, Clannad_Man suspended the Kickstarter campaign.

Upon closer inspection, their suspicions were not unfounded. We did not take a good look at his campaign at the time.  We should have, especially as he was throwing our name around with it.  We decided to start an internal investigation to clear up what happened. Here are some of our conclusions:

  • It is against the ToS of KS to offer the rewards that were being offered, rewards must come from the project itself.
  • Clannad_Man needs to provide more details about the budget and itinerary of the trip to prove it’s not a scam, even if they are preliminary.
  • The way the project sold itself, there was definitely potential for people to misunderstand that key endorsed this work, when they did not.
  • The company that Clannad_Man was going to use has not yet been formed, was going to be incorporated by him, and would have employed 2 professional videographers.  Clannad_Man notes the company itself would not take any money, and they would be passed through the professional videographers.  The omission of this information is unacceptable, no matter what the intentions were.


We also don’t want to take credit for, or have anyone else take credit for work people have done.  We believe that ‘lead three projects’  is a significant misrepresentation of what he worked on.  This has affected both him and us.

Clannad_Man in his time with Doki has done some good work with us.  That, however, does not excuse any of the issues at hand.

We want to clarify what Clannad_Man worked on at Doki.

  • Tomoyo After – Clannad_Man organized and ran the team that constituted Doki’s contribution to the project.  (This project was picked up from Baka-Tsuki.)
  • Clannad – Clannad_Man and the Doki team worked with Polarem on Clannad for about two months prior to him retiring.  Polarem is also retired at this point.  The project is right now in my hands.  (This project was picked up from Baka-Tsuki)
  • Little Busters – Clannad_Man helped set up and plan our collaboration, and was the liaison between Doki and Fluffy.  I had taken over the VN department by the time it was finalized, though he continued to act as a liaison.

Clannad_Man retired from active Doki operations about a year ago now.


This kickstarter initiative was Clannad_Man’s, not Doki’s.  We did not review his kickstarter before it was posted.  After it was posted, we should have clarified sooner what exactly Clannad_Man worked on at Doki so there would be no misunderstandings.  Our failure to do so is on us.  We allowed him to use our name, and allowed him to tarnish the names of others with it.  We should have investigated sooner.  We will not tolerate our name being used in this manner again.


With that said:

    • For LB, we continue to collaborate with Fluffy, providing translation support.  Phlebas and Rive were and continue to be our main points of contact with Fluffy.
    • For Clannad, we want to make sure we still have permission to build upon the work done by Velocity7, Baka-Tsuki and the other major contributors.  If not, we will turn our changes over back to BT, and they can resume the project from there.  We will then decide if we want to proceed from scratch or not.
    • For Clannad, after a discussion with Velocity7, we will continue our work on the Baka-Tsuki base.



Finally, I’ve attached IRC chat logs below where you can find the contents of our internal investigation.  As the current head of Doki’s VN department, I spoke with Clannad_Man directly to figure out what was going on.  To be honest, I’m not sure what to believe myself at this time.  Either way, the misrepresentations are unacceptable.  You are free to draw your own conclusions from what was said.

Investigation chat log

Edit: To be absolutely clear on the VN projects: Doki has not released a patch for Little Busters or Clannad, and thus should not be credited for those releases until we do.

Also, investigation chat log link replaced. only changes were made for readability: removed timestamps and was spell checked.