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The [email protected] SideM - 00

The iDOLM@STER SideM – 00

Here’s one of the shows we’re picking up this season.


  • Translator: Kuzu, krymsun00 (OP)
  • Timer: Kotomi
  • Editor: Jakeman95
  • Typesetter: Jocko
  • Encoder: Pikminiman
  • QC: Kotomi
  • K-Timer: xMythycle, Pikminiman
  • Karaoke: Jocko

HD: [Doki-S(mile)ING!] The [email protected] SideM – 00 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [DF00F9BA].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

Mobamas - Batches

Jake wanted to batch this. No changes were made. Imas movie still coming.
Please vote for Momoka.

Jake edit: Hey! It needed batching! People have been asking for it!

  • 720p batch also includes BD EP26 720p & 1080p Series Preview
  • 480p batch also includes BD EP26 480p & 720p Series Preview

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Mobamas (BD) - 26

Episode 26 is out! We’ll also release the BD versions in the coming months.

Now, let’s see if this year will be the year when we finally release the movie.

I wasn’t really for the layout of the extra episode, but hey, there were lots of great cute moments! All those Uzuki alternate outfits… and Minami, we need to have a talk about playing card games…. xD – Jakeman95

Jocko please add quote

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Mobamas - 25

Jakeman95 please add quote – Jakeman95

Cool girls = best girls. – krymsun00

Cute girls = best girls. – Jocko

Sophie best girl. Pushuu~ – Pikminiman

sleeping with anzu – Chief_Tim

Sorry for the long delay, but it’s finally here! With this, we are done with the TV run of Cinderella Girls. Much thanks to all staff members who contributed to this project.

For those of you wondering what we have in store, we are planning on releasing the 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Disc Audio release of “[email protected]☆”, one of the insert songs in this episode. We will also start working on the BD releases some time in the coming months, and will release episode 26, which will come bundled with the final volume. We also have some more Imas releases planned for later this year (like, say, that movie). Of course, we haven’t forgotten about PriPara.


  • Translators: Jakeman95 (01-03, 05-09, 11-16, 19-25), Uzuki (04 Part A, 10, 17, 18), krymsun00 (04 Part B)
  • TLC: Uzuki
  • Timers: Chief_Tim (01-09, 11-25), Jocko (10)
  • Editors: ShijouTakane (01-02, 04-06, 12), Delwack (03, 07-11, 13-25)
  • Typesetters: Orillion (01-09,13-14), Jocko (10-12, 18-25), TheThing (15), Uzuki (16-21)
  • QCs: AmamiHaruka (01-05, 07-11, 13-19), Delwack (06, 12), Uzuki (20, 21) heyman (22-25)
  • Song translators: Jakeman95, Uzuki, krymsun00
  • Song editors: Delwack, Jakeman95, ShijouTakane
  • Song timers: xMyth, Uzuki, Jocko
  • Song effects: Jocko, TheThing, Uzuki
  • Encoder: Pikminiman

Song credits

  • “Nagareboshi Kiseki”
    • Translator: Jakeman95
    • TLC: Uzuki
    • Timer: xMyth
    • Effects: Jocko
  • [email protected]☆”
    • Translator:Uzuki
    • Editor: Jakeman95
    • Timer: xMyth
    • Effects: Jocko

Mobamas - 24

Smile, folks!

Also, happy birthday to Sachiko and Mizuki!

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Mobamas - 23

Apologies for the delay. Also, thank you to heyman for stepping in to QC

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Mobamas - 22

Imas “news”:

  • Starlight Stage’s second event, “Nation Blue”, is about to startstarted!
  • Must Song’s song list is out.
  • Our copies of “Dreaming” and Animation Project 04/05 have arrived!
    • We’ll release the “Dreaming” PV likely soon after we finish Mobamas.
    • I applied for a ticket to the Greemas 3rd Live at Osaka Day 2. Let’s see how that goes.
  • Thanks to heyman for QCing, and Jocko for typesetting and the 9001 songs in this episode.

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The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Animation Project 2nd Season 03

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Animation Project 2nd Season 03

Ep 22 should also come some time this week.

Note: We created new torrents because of an error in the files’ naming. If you downloaded the old versions, please rename the folders as follows (note the change of CRC). No changes were made to the music files.

FLAC (2.0 channel): [Doki] The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Animation Project 2nd Season 03 (FLAC) [1A6736E8].zip

Torrent | XDCC

MP3 (2.0 channel, 320 kbps): [Doki] The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Animation Project 2nd Season 03 (MP3) [4AAE1FA9].zip

Torrent | XDCC

Nanatsuiro Drops (VN)


Reseed Update

Adding nyaa.si tracker into our batch releases. If you're seeding our stuff be sure to grab the new torrents with updated trackers.

Progress so far:

All A-D anime
All U-Z anime
Guilty Crown
Hazuki Kanon
Koi x Kagi
Majyo to Houki
Motto TLR
TLR Darkness
TLR Darkness 2nd
All doujins
FSN TV Reproduction
Senjou no Valkyria 3
Seikon no Qwaser
Elfen Lied
True Tears
Towa no Quon
Tari Tari
Outbreak Company
Kamisama no inai
Hanasaku Iroha
Ladies VS Butlers
Oni Chichi + Revenge
Freezing s2
Hidan no Aria
Kiniro Mosaic
Higurashi Kira
Kimi no Iru Machi
Kiss X Sis
Kikou Shoujo
Koe de Oshigoto
Kokoro Connect
Prism Illya
Iblard Jikan
Non Non Biyori
Shukufuku no Campanella
Oda Nobuna
No. 6
Plastic Memories
Soredemo Sekai

More to follow.

Spring ’15

PriPara S2

Spring ’16

Macross Delta

Spring ’17

Autumn ’17