Mobamas Gekijou - 03

Nocturne event not having Kaede event SR is outrageous.

<Jocko> I never wanted to be a teddy bear until today.
<Jocko> Wtf google
<Jocko> Why is my randomly generated username “FurryHorse57124?

<Pikminiman> Sonic® Drive-In offers their delicious Master Shakes and Ice Cream Slushes for half-price after 8pm! I recommend the OREO® Peanut Butter shake. Sonic® – America’s Drive-In

Mobamas Gekijou – 02

Your Momoka votes in Mobamas and Watashiiro Gift votes in Deresute are much appreciated. Please add S(mile)ING! to your Bandori cover songs suggestions too.

<Jocko> Uzookee
<Jocko> Um
<Jocko> Not really.
<Jocko> I just want to pet Chieri.
<Jocko> Or a pet Chieri would be nice too.

Mobamas Gekijou - 01

Couldn’t get my SR Mirei because of the Bandori event, and I didn’t even get the 3 star Kasumi there.

<Jocko> I’m back-nya
<Jocko> And please donate all google play cards you can before this week is over. I need my Yuuki.


  • Translator/Timer/Typesetter/Ktime/KFX/QC: Ankira (Kuzu/Jocko)
  • Editor: Jakeman95
  • Encoder: Pikminiman

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Cinderella Girls Gekijou – 5th Anniversary Short

Here I am having worked on Cinderella Girls and now this… yet I don’t play any of the mobile CG games. /terrible fan – Jakeman95

SSR Usamin pls come. – Jocko

<Anzu> delwack, you can talk about how your granblue gachas went
<Delwack> great
<Delwack> I’m 0/0
<Anzu> no crystals?
<Delwack> nope
<Delwack> I used it last week
<Delwack> on pluses
<Anzu> you have an undefined ssr rate, though
<Anzu> that’s quite something

SSR Usamin y u no come. Also, 2500 free jewels on Mobamas and 500 free jewels on Deresute.

360p Hi10P: [Doki] Cinderella Girls Gekijou – 5th Anniversary Short (640×360 Hi10P AAC) [1E5FB810].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

360p h264: [Doki] Cinderella Girls Gekijou – 5th Anniversary Short (640×360 h264 AAC) [7E2D78D4].mkv

Torrent | XDCC
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Mobamas (BD) - 26

Episode 26 is out! We’ll also release the BD versions in the coming months.

Now, let’s see if this year will be the year when we finally release the movie.

I wasn’t really for the layout of the extra episode, but hey, there were lots of great cute moments! All those Uzuki alternate outfits… and Minami, we need to have a talk about playing card games…. xD – Jakeman95

Jocko please add quote

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Mobamas - 25

Jakeman95 please add quote – Jakeman95

Cool girls = best girls. – krymsun00

Cute girls = best girls. – Jocko

Sophie best girl. Pushuu~ – Pikminiman

sleeping with anzu – Chief_Tim

Sorry for the long delay, but it’s finally here! With this, we are done with the TV run of Cinderella Girls. Much thanks to all staff members who contributed to this project.

For those of you wondering what we have in store, we are planning on releasing the 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Disc Audio release of “[email protected]”, one of the insert songs in this episode. We will also start working on the BD releases some time in the coming months, and will release episode 26, which will come bundled with the final volume. We also have some more Imas releases planned for later this year (like, say, that movie). Of course, we haven’t forgotten about PriPara.


  • Translators: Jakeman95 (01-03, 05-09, 11-16, 19-25), Uzuki (04 Part A, 10, 17, 18), krymsun00 (04 Part B)
  • TLC: Uzuki
  • Timers: Chief_Tim (01-09, 11-25), Jocko (10)
  • Editors: ShijouTakane (01-02, 04-06, 12), Delwack (03, 07-11, 13-25)
  • Typesetters: Orillion (01-09,13-14), Jocko (10-12, 18-25), TheThing (15), Uzuki (16-21)
  • QCs: AmamiHaruka (01-05, 07-11, 13-19), Delwack (06, 12), Uzuki (20, 21) heyman (22-25)
  • Song translators: Jakeman95, Uzuki, krymsun00
  • Song editors: Delwack, Jakeman95, ShijouTakane
  • Song timers: xMyth, Uzuki, Jocko
  • Song effects: Jocko, TheThing, Uzuki
  • Encoder: Pikminiman

Song credits

  • “Nagareboshi Kiseki”
    • Translator: Jakeman95
    • TLC: Uzuki
    • Timer: xMyth
    • Effects: Jocko
  • [email protected]
    • Translator:Uzuki
    • Editor: Jakeman95
    • Timer: xMyth
    • Effects: Jocko

Mobamas - 24

Smile, folks!

Also, happy birthday to Sachiko and Mizuki!

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Mobamas - 23

Apologies for the delay. Also, thank you to heyman for stepping in to QC

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