Active Staff
GB Holo: Founder, Project Leader, Translator, Encoder, Editor, QC, Kara-FX, Distro 10-2009
US Kuzu: Project Leader, Translator, TLC, Kara-FX, K-Timer, TL/TLC (VN) 10-2010
GB ixlone: Manga King, Project Leader, Editor, QC, Timer, Typesetter, Kara-FX, Encoder, Distro, Photoshop 02-2011
US odinigh: Project Leader, Timer, Typesetter, Kara-FX, Encoder, Editor, QC, Translator 02-2011
IS TheThing: Project Leader, Typesetter, Encoder 10-2011
CH anonymlol: Project Leader, Encoder, Editor, QC, Timer, Typesetter 11-2011
NL Orillion: Project Leader, Typesetter, Translator, Encoder 08-2013
US Delwack: Grandmaster, Visual Novel Department Manager, Editor, QC 06-2012
US Pikminiman: Project Leader, Typesetter, Compressor 04-2014
US jakeman95: Project Leader, Editor, QC, K-Timer, Translator 07-2011
US Ero_Yatsu: Translator, Loli Enthusiast 02-2011
US mogu: Translator, TLC, Lazy 04-2011
GB sarasmith: Translator, TLC 08-2011
FI altazure: Translator, Editor, QC 11-2011
IL sakurahime: Translator 05-2012
JP mit: Translator, TLC 05-2012
PL kb_z: Translator, TLC 03-2013
GB Rose_t: Translator, TLC 10-2013
US tiRAWRmisu: Translator, TLC 10-2014
MX himie: Señor Timer, Typesetter 01-2011
SG iken: Timer 06-2011
US xUnknownOrchestra: Timer, Translator, K-Timer 06-2011
US DeathHere: Timer, Senior K-Timer, Kara-FX 06-2011
AT Stefl1504: Timer, Typesetter 04-2012
US iMdai: Timer, Typesetter, Kara-FX, Encoder 04-2012
NL xMythycle: Timer, K-Timer, Bro, Encoder 04-2012
DE smereme: Timer 03-2013
AR Jocko: Timer, Typesetter, Kara-FX 05-2014
GB Chief_Tim: Timer, Typesetter 05-2014
HK Hanbe: Timer 05-2014
BD smns: Timer 05-2014
US Pavais: Timer, K-Timer 11-2016
SG Dynamite: Editor, QC 02-2011
GB Glis: Editor, QC 04-2012
DE loomy: QC 04-2012
DE Lucidity: Editor, QC 06-2012
US conkerer: Editor, QC, Typesetter, Kara-FX 05-2013
DE RedFive: Editor, QC 01-2014
US Ojii: Editor, QC 08-2014
US Scarletm: Editor, QC 11-2014
TH innocenat: Typesetter 09-2012
GB hibiki-kun: Typesetter 09-2012
FR meneldal: Typesetter, K-Timer 10-2012
US pcj: Typesetter 03-2015
GB Jigsy: Transcriber, Human OCR, Guard Dog 08-2010
PL heyman: Oracle, QC, Typesetter 06-2013
Inactive staff
US Pawprint: Editor, QC 05-2011
DE masat: Timer, Kara-FX 01-2010
GB Jecht: Project Leader, Typesetter, Encoder 02-2010
US Thaerin: Translator, TLC 03-2011
US Amarok: Translator, TLC 08-2011
US Clannad_Man: Operations Director Emeritus, VN Head Emeritus, Photoshop 12-2011
GB Hanabi: Project Leader, Editor, QC, Kara-FX, Encoder, Distro 04-2011
GB teg: Project Leader, Typesetter, Timer, K-Timer, Encoder 06-2011
Visual Novel Staff
JP dango: Translator, TLC 10-2012
SG ndminh92: Translator, TLC 12-2012
US krymsun00: Translator, TLC 05-2014
NL Marik: Translator, TLC 06-2014
CA Aieon: Editor, QC 04-2012
FI Rive: Editor, QC 10-2012
US PieFormation: Editor, QC 10-2012
US linktriforce: Editor, QC 06-2013
US shawurai: Photoshop 12-2011
MX Eliard: Photoshop 03-2012
TR EchoMateria: Photoshop 10-2012
FI Phlebas: Special OPs 04-2012
CH swiss: Special OPs 09-2012
GB applehq: Special OPs 10-2012
US Juhachi: Translator, Iori Lover, Trap Expert 08-2012
JP NeWbY: Translator, TLC, Great Teacher Oranda 02-2011
Inactive staff
CN Pandasu: Translator, TLC 05-2011
US egshady: Translator, TLC 03-2012
US Claymore_Smiley: Translator, TLC 10-2012
US Polarem: Editor, QC, Special Ops 06-2012
NL Cruxis: QC, Photoshop 03-2011
US Pikokola: Photoshop 05-2011
NO Rokudaime: Public Relations 11-2012
US Ofac: Special OPs 02-2013
US BilliumMoto: Editor, QC 05-2011

People who do not show up for extended periods of time are not shown.

If you are interested in joining Doki, go and idle in #Doki-recruits and we’ll find you.

Alternatively, you can send me an email at, stating what you want to do and what experience you have (if any).