Anime North 2013 Convention Summary

Various Members of Doki's North American Staff (& Friends)
Various Members of Doki’s North American Staff (& Friends)

Hello again, Doki Legion! Though it has been nearly a month since Anime North has ended, people have continued to ask for a summary of Doki’s presence at the convention as well as footage from the 「key15th」 presentation if it became available.

While TheThing was planning on writing a summary post for Doki, he became busy, so I took the liberty of writing up a convention summary on behalf of Doki’s attendees. Here’s the tl;dr version:

Friday (May 24th): Arrival (12pm) / “Our rooms won’t be ready until 6pm?” / Aimless Wandering / Autographs / Nominoichi

Saturday (May 25th): Morning Brunch / Workout / Maid Café / Various Panels & Photoshoots / Review Notes / Key Panel Time! / 13-Man Dinner

Sunday (May 26th): “You’re kicking us out of our hotel room an hour early?” / AKB0048 Café / Dealers Room Deals / Panel & Rest / Departure

You can find the full convention summary over at the Key15th website.

Regarding the Key presentation, it took awhile to collect and edit various video and audio feeds together to make a full presentation. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Curser656 for capturing the large majority of the presentation; your contribution really added a lot to the recording’s final edit. I’d also like to thank Doki’s Aieon and jakeman95 for their significant contributions as panelists.

While the presentation experience can’t be identically replicated (no surround sound, audience interaction, etc.), you should still get a good idea for what the presentation was like. If you enjoy the presentation, tell us in the comments section here and on our Anime North forum page. Depending on interest/ feedback, we would be interested in holding another presentation (at AN or elsewhere) and may get preferential stage time at Anime North if our feedback on their forums is positive. You can download a copy of our presentation recording and PowerPoint (for educational purposes!) using the link below.

Our group also collected a number of pictures from the convention… several GBs worth! Feel free to peruse the cosplay cornucopia if you’re so inclined.

Edit: Server issues have been resolved. Kudos to Holo for offering torrents!

Anime North Presentation Pack (Video & PPT): Torrent

Anime North Picture Pack: Torrent

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