Idol Time PriPara – 009

Idol Time PriPara – 009

Another episode!  These girls sure know how to prostrate themselves… Look at how low and flat they get… so 2D!

The next one is right behind it… this weekendish. Also, the insert was updated to official instead of the best we could make out (which, lol).

<@krymsun00> if you want her to sound cunty, you could just go with “I’ll fix this” or something
<&jakeman95> I’ll fix it for you.
<&jakeman95> maybe a little less cunty
<&jakeman95> that way
<@krymsun00> Yeah, she’s tsundere not straight up bitch


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Idol Time PriPara – 008

Idol Time PriPara – 008

Two episodes in one week!  See!  It’s possible if you put your mind to it (and people get their work done)!

With that, I’m looking for a dreamin’ TS to help with getting PriPara S2 moving again.  If you have done TS before and would be willing to help with it, please message me on IRC!  I would really like to get it done.

<Pikminiman>What must I do to permanently end Takki’s bloodline?

<krymsun00> This episode proves my yuri theory. Doesn’t get much gayer than rainbow hearts formed from two girls holding hands talking about fate

<jakeman95>Is it possible to be worse at sports than these two?


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Idol Time PriPara - 007

Idol Time PriPara – 007

Too many conventions!  This is what happens when you do 3 cons in 3 weekends (ACEN, Anime North, ColossalCon), then end up going to Anime Expo cause Aqours is there… oh yeah, and Wake Up, Girls.  Oh, a few Cinderella Girls might have been there, too, but let’s not talk about that… However!  I did see some PriPara cosplay at both Anime North and Anime Expo!  I’ll link pictures next post as I haven’t had time to go through my pictures from any of the conventions yet.

Now that I’m done with those RL things, back to this!  Ep8 is waiting on its song and some guess work at the parts that have overlapping dialogue, then QC it goes. EP9 is waiting on me to edit it and the song from 8… and after that… I don’t completely know.  Though, here’s to 2 eps a week… (it maybe 1.5… we’ll see).

<jakeman95>You know, this song is actually quite good.  We need more songs like this! D=
<pcj> what even happened in that episode? been so long since I typeset it I don’t remember 🙂
<pcj> Ahh, Sophie’s visit
<pcj>Pushuuu~~  feels like a good sentiment after taking so long to get it released.

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Idol Time PriPara - 006

Idol Time PriPara – 006

So, Punicorn’s new manager skills only helped for a week.  On that note, the next few weeks might be slower than normal as I’ll be out of town for most of them (back to back to back cons).  Also, we tried our best to make out the lines in the new insert, but some were just impossible, so rather than having some lines here and there, we just skipped some sections where there was too much talk over.

Lastly, we’re looking for an extra TS to help with PriPara, so if you’re interested, head over to #doki-recruits!

<jakeman95>The walls have Mimikos, and the doors have Mimikos.{THERE ARE NO FUKIN DOORS OR WALLS HERE! -jake}{THE TREES HAVE MIMIKOS! -Pik}
<Pikminiman>I assumed the 43 number was just something jakeman95 made up, but then I counted myself, and found he was correct.
<jakeman95>Krym is the TL on this
<Pikminiman>Yeah, but counting the “nice”s was something that felt like only you would do. >_>

<Ojii>”I’m not responsible for any of this”

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Idol Time PriPara - 005

Idol Time PriPara – 005

Punicorn went through manager training this week and made us faster!  Impressive things can happen when your manager gets all trained up, breaks out the whip, and knows what to do with it!

For those wondering:

  • PP78 @QC
  • PP79 @Edit&TS
  • PP80 @TLC
  • PP81+ @TL

<jakeman95>Why is Yui so saucy in her Fantasy Time Coord?!
<Pikminiman> screenshots plox
<jakeman95> same outfit as ep1
<Pikminiman> boi i sed scrnshots pl0X
<jakeman95> I called it last week
<jakeman95> when it hit 5 something would happen
<Pikminiman> Yeah, that’s a pretty saucy Yui.
<Pikminiman> Nice midriff.


<krymsun00> You know, when I saw that girl in the clock tower, I remember Jocko’s comment about Glock Land and briefly dreamed of that girl being a double uzi wielding gangster ass Falulu 2.0

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Idol Time PriPara - 004

Idol Time PriPara – 004

OMG Takki speaks this episode!  Does that mean it’s an intelligent rice cooker?  Is it going to take over the world PriPara one day?!  Who knows!  I mean, there hasn’t been android that have made idol debuts before… Nope! Never!  <__<  But now we can have a ricedol!

<pcj>I don’t think she’s fooling anyone-pri.
<jakeman95>My Mirei! My Mirei!

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Idol Time PriPara - 003

Idol Time PriPara – 003

Episode 3 brought to you by Takki, Hells Furnace, sugar, little girls, and everything nice!

Our normal TSer had to work this week(end), so Pikmen95 stepped in to help.  If you want to help with TSing, stop by #doki-recruits and let us know!

<jakeman95> krymsun00… can i flip table at this yume-kyun-kyun?
<krymsun00> You’ll have to put it upright first, cuz i’m pretty sure I already did
<jakeman95> LOL
<krymsun00> Give me Miss Inudstrial Region contests all day, but i fucking hate when people speak in onomatopoeia
<jakeman95> OMG krymsun00! you didn’t….
<jakeman95> She wouldn’t…
<jakeman95> One wouldn’t eat a bird of misfortune…
<krymsun00> Oooo that.
<jakeman95> I wonder if I “typo” Dreamy-cute! Magical Clock Land! to uh… somethign different… if anyone would notice >__>
<jakeman95> xD
<Jocko> Dreamy-cute! Magical Glock Land! ?
<jakeman95> Uh
<jakeman95> yes
<Pikminiman> Mouse Lala best Lala
<Pavais> i totally can’t type the heart at the end of the sentence, but
<Pavais> It’s the system.
<jakeman95> wtf is with her eyes on that one?
<Pikminiman> That is a good question.
<Pikminiman> I think it’s an evolutionary response to try and attract bees to pollinate her face.
<krymsun00> I’ll pollinate her face if you know what I mean
* @krymsun00 immediately regrets being a lolicon for the sake of a bad joke
<jakeman95> xD
<jakeman95> krymsun00, I’ve been claiming her this whole time!
<jakeman95> I get first dibs!
<krymsun00> Dare I say bukkake?
<krymsun00> Sharing is caring.

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Idol Time PriPara - 002

Idol Time PriPara – 002

In this episode, our beloved idols get down and dirty as they work to get one step closer to their dreams!

Yes, yes, S2, I know.  The group working on Idol Time is partially different than the one working on S2…. and the next episode of S2 should be out in a couple days(tm).  I can’t really tie people down and make them work… yet…

<krymsun00> Also, my comment is that I’m diggin‘ this show.
<krymsun00> digging in italics
<pcj> she really dug herself in a hole this time
<Aiha>My brain still doesn’t work fast enough to come up with any comments
<Aiha> :C

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