「key15th」 : A History Of Emotion

Hello again, Doki Legion! Clannad Man here with an update & invitation.

Later this month from May 24th through 26th, anime fans will gather from all over to attend Anime North in Toronto, Canada’s premier anime convention and one of the largest in the Americas. I will be moderating a presentation on Key (the studio responsible for Kanon, Air, Clannad, Little Busters!, Angel Beats!, Rewrite and others), and will be joined by a panel of Kagikko including Doki VN’s very own jakeman95 and Aieon. (Kuzu also wanted to be on the panel, though he won’t be able to attend, so he’d sending a plush Botan in his place.) Several members of Doki’s staff will also be in attendance at the convention, and we’d love to talk with you!

Our page on the Anime North forums can be found HERE.

In case you happen to miss us, don’t worry! We will also be present at the Nominoichi event, where several rare Key collectables will be on display. It will be difficult to miss us.

In other news, submissions to the Key15th Anniversary Letter Project are officially closed. Submissions may still be processed, but there is no longer a guarantee they will appear in the published book. However, there will be a final opportunity to offer submissions personally after the 「key15th」 presentation at Anime North. We hope to see you there!

37 comments to 「key15th」 : A History Of Emotion

  • Puhi (´・ω・`)

  • khorne11

    Toronto is a bit far from California XD, too bad, any chance you guys will be going to anime expo in LA as well?

    • If anyone wants to fly me/us over there, sure! =P Otherwise, it might be a little tricky, lol… I suppose it depends on availability and for me specifically how well the presentation is received.

  • YTV’s after-school programming block The Zone will be broadcast LIVE on Friday, May 16, 4 – 6 p.m., from Anime North, with hosts Sugar and Carlos. On Saturday, May 17, 7 a.m. – 12 p.m., Paula hosts Vortex LIVE from the first official day of Anime North. Get to know Paula, Vortex’s new host, as she gets to know anime, from movies to games, books to dancing, and plenty of surprises.

  • Irie Naoki

    Can’t wait to see you Clannad Man, and to see your presentation.
    No news on a Misaka Shiori figure? 😛

    • Thank you Irie! Unfortunately, I doubt I have any news on the Shiori figure you’re looking for outside of what you already know. I’ll keep a lookout for it, though admittedly figure finding isn’t one of my specialties.. ^^;

  • Biribiri =3

    That start menu…hnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg

  • Sueii Slierre

    My submitted letter got reviewed! Thanks! Does that mean it is included?

    • Hi Sueii. If your letter/image has been marked as reviewed, then you should be all set with your submission officially included!

      I can verify for certain if you’re willing to provide your submission name, if you like.

  • Rawr

    Best of luck with your panel Clannad Man, hope it works out for you. I think out of everyone here, you’re the most qualified to do an indepth Key discussion lol.

    Unfortunately, Canada is too far away for me. I’ve never been to a convention anyway. Most in the UK are in London and I’ve never thought to go, as thats like 100+ miles from me..

    • Thanks Rawr! I’m optimistic it will go well, as I’ve been preparing for it for some time. Same with the other panelists. We want to really impress everyone in attendance!

      As for Canada being too far away, that’s too bad. Maybe next time! ^_^

      • Rawr

        I’m sure you’l impress if you have a question section of your panel. You know like everything Key related after all lol. I doubt anyone will be able to catch you out 🙂

  • sealplayerz

    I hope it will success 🙂

    I wish i can come too 🙂

  • shawurai

    Will someone make a video recording of the presentation? I’m sure it would be a good thing for those that can’t be there.

    • Geinonen asked the same thing over on the Key15th site. I think the plan is to try to get the presentation recorded whether its officially done or not. It probably won’t stream live, but it should be recorded.

      • Frediloc

        That’s good to hear! I, like many others, live a bit too far away too be able to attend, but I’d love to hear the panel’s discussion for myself.

  • Rokudaime

    1. Awesome plush Botan you got there Cloud! ^^
    2. CM, just giving you a hard time here, but what do you mean “next month”? 😛 We’re in May now.
    3. I’d love to be there, but I have neither the time nor the money. I (and many others as well, I’m sure) will be going to the London MCM Expo instead, which is during the very same weekend. But good luck to you all! ^^

    • Rokudaime

      Just noticed the post here is slightly different from the one over at Key15th, so in case anyone’s wondering what I’m talking about in “1.”, I meant Kuzu.

    • 1) I’ll make sure Aieon doesn’t suffocate him! XD

      2) Oi! Mea culpa. I’ve corrected it. Danke.

      3) So Doki’s resident Norwegian is going to London, eh? You wouldn’t meet up with the rest of us in Canada, EH?!

      …that’s OK. We’ll have the Doki Legion partying away all over the globe. Enjoy yourself! =D

    • Rawr

      Lol didn’t know the MCM expo was on at the end of May.. That said I won’t be going to that either. Mostly because London hotels are expensive and for 3 days.. meh I’ll be busy doing something else I’m sure.

      Anyway hope you have fun there Rokudaime. Hope someday there’s an anime convention closer to where I live lol

      • Rokudaime

        The hotels aren’t that expensive, you just need to know where to look. You can get rooms as cheap as 25£ per night. ^^

        • Rawr

          Seems like one of those offers where you have to be in the right place at the right time right? Meaning if you don’t book for that day, you’re out of luck..

          Anyway If you get any pics from the convention, feel free to post on here or the forum lol

          By the way, incase you saw my recent reply on the latest release post, I messed up my email twice when posting lol

  • Sathelys

    Oh that’s so cool! I’m going to anime north, i’ll stop by and check you guys out! Anime north just got 500000x more exciting

  • Posty

    Ehhh? Some of the Doki staff are Canadians? Always nice to hear. I’ve yet to go to Anime North (or any anime convention for that matter), but I will probably go in 2014. I debated going this year by myself, but I figured I’d hold out and put in some effort to making a few friends that are interested in anime first, haha.

  • AN is only a day away! To anyone who is planning on going… I’ll see you there! =D

  • Sathelys

    Hey, I just saw you guys do the panel! I just got home now, but I have to say I was impressed, it was really interesting and in many ways nostalgic. I saw some of the other panels and none of them quite compared, and I feel I can say that even with the bias of being a die-hard key fan. Anyway I just wanted to thank you guys for putting together such an awesome presentation, it was nice to be among other key fans and really let loose!

    Anime North is awesome! Go Canada 😀

  • raiha

    love the the presentation on the key15 wish it was not cut by the stupid AN stuff

    note: just in case you cant remember me i also use a handle name ventingbug

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