Summer 2013 VN Division Update : TA Mac/Linux V1.1, Sasami Route Complete

Clannad - Little Busters! Crossover
Greetings Doki Legion and members of the worldwide Key Kazoku! Clannad Man here to provide you with a long overdue Visual Novel Division update!

So what’s been going on these past several months? Quite a few things, actually. Around the beginning of Summer, the Team began transitioning our content over to Github. Reorganizing the translation repositories has taken some time but will ultimately streamline how work on the games is conducted. However… I bet you didn’t start reading this article for news like this, did you? Of course not. Onto the games!

Let’s start with the big news. After months of fumbling around attempting to create updated Tomoyo After patches for Mac and Linux, the VN Team has finally been able to do so. Sometime over the next few days, an open-beta period for the v1.1 patches will begin. While it is believed the patch should work correctly for everything outside of unsupported OP video (including the Dungeons & Takafumis minigame), the VN Division would like to clarify that this is the case. To Mac & Linux users, enjoy!

A lot of progress has been made on the technical side for the Tomoyo After’s Memorial Edition. Scripts have been extracted and matched up with the original, leaving only the changes between editions untranslated.  While the VN Division is splitting its efforts between Clannad and Little Busters!, the remaining work that needs to be done on the game is relatively straightforward. If any able bodied translators were to volunteer to assist, work on the translation could probably continue in short order… *hint* *hint*.

On to Little Busters! EX/ME: Translation and editing continues with Sasami’s route having been completed and edited. It is currently going through internal testing for quality assurance; perhaps there will be a partial patch release to reflect its completion.  Kanata route has a few untranslated pieces on common route, putting that one’s release a bit further along the line.  The focus right now is on Saya’s Route and additions to the Common Route. Feel free to follow the VN Team’s progress HERE.

In addition to the lengthy transition that has taken place with Fluffy’s merger into Doki VN, translation progress has been slowed by the stepping down of Claymore_Smiley and the leave of absence taken by dango. The Team is actively looking for additional members to fill in for their vacancies. Again, if there are any capable Japanese to English translators who would be interested in assisting the completion of Little Busters! EX/ME or any of our other VN Translation Projects, please mention your interest in the comments section or on the #doki-recruits channel on IRC.

On the plus side, Kuzu will be transitioning back over to Doki VN at the end of the season to focus on Clannad’s translation checks with NeWbY. Several of the VN Division’s editors have been reviewing the game’s SEENs and will continue working with the game’s translators into the foreseeable future.

So that’s that. Updates all around for everyone. Oh, and the Key15th Project is still underway for you Key fans. We’ll get you all updated on that soon enough. Until next time, ciao!

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  • Charles

    Hello…I wonder is there a mac version of tomoyo after…I have been looking for it and almost all the searching result have directed me here…..

  • Irustua

    Just here to thank you guys for your hard work. Can’t wait to play Saya’s route e.e and replay Sasami’s route in a language that I can understand better.

  • Rokudaime


    Everyone, like the latest post ( says, I will no longer be continuing in my role as PR, and will thus no longer be actively monitoring this topic (or any others) for posts and questions, and replying to them. At this point, asking questions in this topic will most likely be a waste of time, as they will probably go unheard. From now on, if you have any VN related questions, be sure to post them in the forums, not here. Be advised that Holo and the others are a lot more busy than I am, so it might take longer before you get a reply compared to before. Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for being polite towards me in all the time that I’ve been doing this. It’s been an experience. 🙂 My best wishes goes out to the VN Dept, and all it’s fans! You’re all a great community! (^_^)

  • Thomas Smart

    Thank you for your very good work replying quickly and pointing people in the right direction.

  • Vladimir-spider

    Thank you for your hard work!
    It’s damn hard to wait and I can’t help but want the translation to be completed already, but I realize that I am just being selfish here… Even though from watching anime I can mostly deduce what characters speak about, I can’t make heads or tails of their written language. Though by remembering separate symbols I was able to read a bit, it’s still very hard. So no surprises that the translation takes so long, if you can actually call it long. It took 3 and half years to translate the original version of Little Busters!, and you’ve had this project for about a year. And if I am right the bigger part of the translation is already done.
    Though I guess that Rewrite was translated a lot faster despite being just as long, if not longer than Little Busters!. (I guess Amaterasu Translations just specializes on VNs, and they mostly work on one VN at a time. You guys(and girls) just have a lot more projects, I guess.)
    I still want to ask a question about Little Busters!, though: Will a new patch be released once all of the new routes are translated? Or will it be released after translating all the new content? Or will you make a new patch once absolutely everything is done?

  • Santa

    Merry Christmas~
    I really can’t wait for this project to be finished. At least because this is a translation project which no one else has really tried to accomplish, as opposed to the many anime subs out there.
    Yes, although I am being biased, I still enjoy many of Doki’s releases, but it’s mainly because I like LB a little too much.

  • where I can download the scripts? I need it for a little task

  • Zae


    Is anyone here able to share any updates regarding the status of the CLANNAD Visual Novel translation project? Is it fair to ask for an estimated completion date or % completion figure at this point in time? Any information regarding the progression of the project would be greatly appreciated.

    To the team currently working on the project, I wish you all the best of luck and sincerely hope you have good news to share to the many who are eagerly awaiting the final product and of course thank you for your efforts.

  • Aoishiro

    Why???? One of thee most amazing thing took so long to finished? it’s been 8 years since the initial release. I can only beg right now, cause i couldn’t do it myself.

    Seriously, finish it, PLEASE…..

  • Zae

    I feel your pain Aoishiro, at the very least we might get a status update…

  • Weasel

    SO you guys still working on Memorial Edition… Oh well best of luck to you! 😀

  • GamagoriIra

    Hello,I would like first of all to congratulate you and thank you for your work in general. 🙂
    I would like to know if your still work on the Memorial Edition, and if it’s possible to play to the normal edition, without H scene (with a patch or something, i’ve heard about a patch nonH scene but i didn’t find it).

    Thanks a lot for your work, and sorry for my bad english.

  • Rokudaime

    Ok, even though I’m no longer part of the team, and don’t have the time for this kind of thing (not to mention I’m not up to date with what is going on, since I no longer pay attention, so I couldn’t answer all your questions even if I wanted to), I just can’t help myself at this point:

    Ok, so, look…I told you very clearly in my post a bit further up on this page, that I posted back in December, that:

    “At this point, asking questions in this topic will most likely be a waste of time, as they will probably go unheard. From now on, if you have any VN related questions, be sure to post them in the forums, not here.”

    So…Why are you still bombarding this old news post with questions, even two months after, and even after several people’s posts before you have gone ignored for so long? I’ll say this again, and be even more clear this time:

    You’re wasting your time. Nobody’s going to read your questions here and answer them, ok? Holo, Delwack, and the others on the team aren’t watching it. So, if you want to ask any VN-related questions, and have any shred of hope of getting an answer, then post them in the forums . Specifically in the VN subforums (

    Or, if you must, you can send Holo a PM or email, or try to get ahold of him or one of the others on IRC. There are several methods. Ok? OK.

    • Rokudaime

      I should probably specify that I’m adressing all of you here. I forgot to write “you all” instead of “you”.

        • Rokudaime

          I’m unsure if you’re just trying to be funny, or if you’re misunderstanding me somehow. Maybe it’s my mood. -_- Anyway, I’m adressing them, not dressing them. You know, speaking/writing to (all of) them.

          Also, what are YOU doing in a thread like this lol? 😛

          • Clearly you didn’t get the point about the typo since you did it again and this time in bold!

          • Rokudaime

            So you’re here just to point out I made a typo? In the comment section of a news post relating to VN games that you yourself have no interest in? Don’t you have anything better do? -_-

            Also, that was a pretty ineffective way of pointing out the typo, no wonder I didn’t notice or get it. If you’d written “Addressing what?” or something like that, then I would have noticed/got it.

            Anyway, you’re not exactly helping here, since by creating this exchange between you and me, you’ve just made it less likely that people will notice and read my initial 07:18 post above (because they’re even more likely to go “Blargh, lots of text! Effort!”, and not read it), which in turn means they’ll keep filling this now defunct news post with pointless questions that will go unanswered…Sigh…

            You know, actually, now that I (possibly) have your attention:

            What you could do that would actually be helpful is close off comments for this post, so that people can’t post here anymore, and will be forced to post questions in the forums like they should be doing in the first place. Just saying. You know, if you feel like it (not holding my horses). 😛

    • Rokudaime

      I’m starting to think ixlone genuinely enjoys making my life difficult. He’s always giving me a hard time. 😛 Criticising me, mocking me, or doing both at the same time. And he tends to give very brisk answers whenever I ask him about something… ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  • Random

    For whoever is wondering and still reading this, LB EX/ME progress has continued

  • Zae

    Good to see there is some progress, however little. I don’t think the problem people have is so much the time it will take to complete the projects but more the total lack of transparency with the status of said projects; progress, news, etc.

    I’ve been periodically (every month or so) checking the Clannad VN page for the past year and I have seen not a single change or update. Is there somewhere else where I’m supposed to be looking? Somewhere else where status is being reported? I’ve tried posting on the forums, asking on the irc and even PMing the team members themselves but all to no avail…

  • Zae

    Nor did I suggest you were. However I don’t think you can expect people to be very understanding when there is very little communication between team members and those interested in playing the game.

    At the very least, you could mention that team members are currently busy or unable to work on said projects (if this is the case) so that the community are not left wondering and can take it upon themselves to offer help if they are able to.

    • Nyctihawk

      Second this.
      ixlone said that you are in no obligation to provide transparency or updates, but all the websites concerning Clannad translation heading towards “doki”, in other words this site.
      I’ve been regularly checking this site for months now, but I have got not any single information from this site.
      It’s like you are throwing a baton from one person to another.

  • Mike

    So, I’ve been looking and looking for a patch and It seems that you guys are pretty good at this, just wondering ¿is the patch out yet? the only problem I’ve had is that during the Fuuko route while helping with the Starfish carvings everytime Nagisa or someone calls out “Tomoya” something else appaears as “No valid string make a ticket” or something and Nagisa’s name does not come out, I haven’t finished the game yet but it’s kinda bugging me out this problem right here, so yeah just wondering or if you had by any chance another patch out there, It’ll be great!

  • Hououin Kyouma!

    For anyone interested, it would appear that there’s been significant progress on the LB translation. As in, the actual translation is 98.5% finished and the editing more than half finished.

  • Nyctihawk

    Yo. I just want to ask, is there a good translation patch for After Story route?
    Because right now I’ve been using Baka-Tsuki patch. But it really roughly translated. I’m talking about After Story route, since all the routes I’ve been playing it’s quite good translated. And yet, when entering After Story, the translation seems very roughly translated.

  • Ruddiger

    Looks like the Clannad translation will never be completed 🙁

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