Princess Lover! OVA - Batches

Princess Lover! OVA

Princess Lover OVA completed. Enjoy.

SD (h264): Princess Lover! OVA (2010) [Doki][720×480 h264 DVD]

  • [Doki] Princess Lover! OVA – 01 (720×480 h264 DVD AC3) [E5C53B9B].mkv
  • [Doki] Princess Lover! OVA – 02 (720×480 h264 DVD AAC) [AA5EF895].mkv

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SD (XviD): Princess Lover! OVA (2010) [Doki][848×480 XviD DVD MP3]

  • [Doki] Princess Lover! OVA – 01 (848×480 XviD DVD MP3) [CC3267AC].avi
  • [Doki] Princess Lover! OVA – 02 (848×480 XviD DVD MP3) [7B222D28].avi

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Princess Lover! OVA – 02

Princess Lover! OVA - 02

LQ because I could not find a DVDISO on PD, so used a raw. Will encode again when ISO becomes available.

ZeroYuki: This is the last of the two part OVA series. It’s all about Sylvia, so this ought to satisfy those Sylvia fans out there. The original tv series seem to feature Charlotte as the main heroine, so this sort of makes up for it.

The voice cast in this OVA is different from the tv series. Teppei is voiced by Akira Ishida who notably voices Athrun Zala in the Gundam SEED series. So it doesn’t mean only unknown seiyus voice hentai. On the other hand, Sylvia is voiced by Erika Narumi who happens to also voice Kiriha Kuze in the ongoing Fortune Arterial.

Oh I almost forgot, to the person who made this comment on MAL: “two part ova… lets see if they can finish it..” WE HAVE FINISHED THIS. So once again, ZeroYuki emphasises that ZeroYuki will complete his projects, be it Hentai, movie, anime or whatever shit.

SD (h264): [Doki] Princess Lover! OVA – 02 (704×396 h264 LQ) [112A823D].mkv


Princess Lover! OVA – 01

Princess Lover! OVA - 01

Hey guys, I’m back! So after sleeping off my jet lag and fixing various problems my PC picked up while I was away, it’s time for more releases.

First thing out will be Princess Lover! OVA. It’s not really a surprise release, as I wrote this in the planned projects section some time ago, but if you don’t check the projects section often, then it’s a surprise.

It’s hentai. (My SFW post pic does not reflect this.) This means it is censored. Because it is a hentai. I cannot make this any clearer… so don’t ask for uncensored versions, because there won’t be one.

I guess ZeroYuki will add a few words of wisdom when he gets on… I’ve not seen the original Princess Lover! series nor played the visual novel, so I don’t have any comments…

ZeroYuki: OVAs are produced by another animation studio which is different from the original series. The voice cast are also different from the original series as this is hentai afterall. I tled this because I tled the original series. So this is for the sake of completion.

Except that timing lines while they are moaning and groaning cos they’re doing you-know-what is really annoying.

SD (h264): [Doki] Princess Lover! OVA – 01 (720×480 h264 DVD AC3) [E5C53B9B].mkv


SD (XviD): [Doki] Princess Lover! OVA – 01 (848×480 XviD DVD MP3) [CC3267AC].avi