About us

So what led to the formation of Doki Fansubs?

There were 2 main factors. Crunchyroll’s decision to simulcast Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – Purezza and [m.3.3.w]‘s decision not to sub this show due to CR’s licensing.

Having followed [m.3.3.w]’s subs for Season 1 of Haruka, I was hugely disappointed to find out that they were not going to continue to sub Season 2 due to licensing. So I waited for another decent fansub group to take over the project, but that never happened. No group seemed interested, so I thought: “No one’s going to do it, so I’ll do it myself”. And thus, Doki Fansubs was born.

I knew nothing about fansubbing back then, so I read m.3.3.w’s guides and learnt everything from them. As I could not translate myself, I needed a source for the scripts. HorribleSubs ripped CR, so I demuxed HS’s releases and stole the scripts.

As we all know, CR’s subs for this show was appalling. The timing bled all over the place. The editing was even worse. Apart from the fact that half the lines sounded weird as shit, they couldn’t tell the difference between “you’re” and “your” and “it’s” and “its”. /facepalm

So I took their script and retimed and re-edited/QCed it and released it. Back in Autumn 2009, Doki only had 1 person in it: myself. Imagak, a RL friend of mine, sometimes helped me with QCing but that was pretty much it. I took on 2 projects in that season: Purezza and Sasameki Koto, both of which I completed.

In Winter 2009, Doki started to expand slowly. 2 translators (ZeroYuki and Suffix), a timer (masat) and an editor (X3OY) joined me. Now I no longer needed to use CR scripts. We took on Ladies versus Butlers and Chu-Bra!!, both of which we completed successfully. Perhaps that was our most successful season.

Since then, Doki has expanded rapidly. We’ve had our ups and downs, delays due to exams etc. New groups come and go. But we’re here to stay, and will continue to release stuff in the foreseeable future.

At Doki, we pride ourselves on the fact that we will never troll you. You won’t find any fansub drama here. I look on certain other groups’ sites, and I see more drama/trolling/group bashing than I see releases. You won’t find that kind of faggotry here. Doki will never drop projects either. Ever.

If you would like to get in contact with us, our IRC channel is

If you would like to join us, idle in

You can get in touch with me by email at Fanmail, hatemail, general queries, free iPhones etc are all welcome.