Nanatsuiro Drops (VN) - 01-02

Here’s my first VN fan translation since Tomoyo After, Nanatsuiro Drops. I’ve wanted to work on this VN ever since Tomoyo After was released, and finally took a good look at the engine back in 2016 and found that it apparently wasn’t all that hard to hack.

Nanatsuiro Drops is split into episodes. The common route covers up to episode 5, which then branches off into three routes with another 5-8 episodes. Because of this, we will be releasing episodically similar to our fansub releases. This translation patch release only covers episode 1 and 2. Saves made with this patch are expected to work with future patches (or with the unpatched game), so you can carry your progress across each patch release. If everything goes well, we will be releasing an episode every three months to finish off the common route by the end of the year.

We will only be providing patches for this project. The game itself can be easily acquired elsewhere or purchased at DMM or DLsite. The demo, which covers episode 1 and 2 and bits of episode 3, can be downloaded here. The game itself is only in 800×600, but upscaling the OP with Waifu2x gave us surprisingly good results, and as such, we are also releasing the upscaled OP by itself below.

On a side note, we are looking for typesetters and KFX coders for our fansubbing side. If you are interested, join the IRC channel, where you should try making contact with any of the staff there — preferably Pikminiman if he’s online.

And yes, Mobamas Gekijou is still coming.

<jakeman95> I got diabeetus from working on this.[sic]

<jakeman95> I never have anything good for release posts…

<jakeman95> Fuck character limits. That is all.

Main game: [Doki-S(mile)ING!] Nanatsuiro Drops (VN) – 01-02 [1FDC7959].zip

Torrent | XDCC | DDL

Demo: [Doki-S(mile)ING!] Nanatsuiro Drops (VN) – Demo [92C929B4].zip

Torrent | XDCC | DDL

720p OP: [Doki-S(mile)ING!] Nanatsuiro Drops – OP [A0FD636D].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

For more information, see this page.


  • Translator/Tools/Reverse Engineering/Image Editing/OP Ktime/OP KFX/PL: Kuzu
  • Editor: Jakeman95
  • QC: linktriforce007
  • Encoder: Anonymlol (Waifu2x upscale), Kuzu (Hardsub)

While you are here, please also have a cute Chieri:

21 comments to Nanatsuiro Drops (VN) – 01-02

  • redarx

    Nice! This is interesting — Thanks!!

  • donovan20055

    ^What they said^.

  • Chang

    My question is: Why? Don’t get me wrong, art isn’t a thing to stop me from reading VNs. I love moe, and I’m definitely going to read this, but why?

  • martinez

    It gave me a lot of nostalgic feeling. All I can remember that I got this game wallpaper back then when I was still in high school. Same artist with Shana, rite?

  • Werzell

    Although I were pleasantly surprised when I first saw this post; I’m somewhat worried that the experience won’t be nearly as good for anyone who decide to read this whenever an episode is released. Although this visual novel is divided into chapters, they’re not meant to be read with breaks in between them. Hence I beg of you, please reconsider your release strategy. Certainly, you could argue that it would be up to each individual if they decide to read the unfinished product, but you won’t be doing them a favor by releasing an episode at a time. If you have this visual novel in high regard just like myself, do the novel, and your fans a favor, by releasing the next patch when it’s been fully translated… Or feel free to release it whenever Sumomo’s route (the true route) has been translated.

    For anyone looking for a great romance visual novel, I wholeheartedly recommend reading it; either you wait for a complete translation, or read it in Japanese (it’s a great visual novel for beginners, it even features a partially voiced protagonist).

    • Name is required

      I think the problem with doing only a complete release is that they currently plan to release the last “episode” in 5 years.

    • Kuzu

      Frankly, it’s a matter of practicality. Releasing it by episode (or chapters if you prefer to call it that way) gives us more manageable and reasonable milestones to follow, the lack of which is generally why some larger fan projects get nowhere and fail.

      Each of us on this project also have quite a few more projects than just this as well as our day jobs, so I am afraid that waiting till the entire project wouldn’t make this a sustainable project.

      That said, although the common route will take a year to complete, I plan on bringing in another translator or two to work on the individual routes once we approach the end of common route (this is not a recruitment post), so hopefully it won’t actually take five years.

  • Rokudaime

    Cool I guess, but reading only parts of a VN and then waiting a very long time for the next part, doesn’t sound very good, and I don’t think it’s a very good idea for me as a reader to do so. I think it’ll just kill the enjoyment, especially with my shitty memory. I’ll just wait the years it takes for the whole game to be patched before I potentially play it. I’ve got over a hundred unplayed VN’s anyway…I don’t have the necessary time at all…

  • Kyouma

    Am I the only one here who watched the anime?

  • fisty123

    Yeah its good news but I am a all nothing type of person. If I read A VN I normally really all paths and view all endings in a row.
    So I will wait for them all the be released…

  • jakzeam

    amazing! I saw this anime a year ago absolutely loved it found out it was a vn (big vn fan) and got really sad realizing it wasn’t translated. Im fine with waiting just being able to read this is more than enough so take your time and enjoy it. Again many thanks for giving this a go!

  • C1

    Well, after reading the post and all comments i guess i’ll grab the anime and came back here in a year… or two.

  • C1

    Anime was good

    see you guys next year

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