Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ - 04

Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ – 04

Update 6/28: Girl Gaku should return on 7/6 with episode 5.

So, they ended up re-airing episodes 1-4 due to Corona. As such, we decided to wait for ep4 to re-air due to originally getting a raw with some corrupt frame data. Further, considering they’ve previously mentioned the airing of each episode the day before it airs (airs Mondays), it looks like the series is still on hold, as ep 5 should have aired today… so, guess we play the waiting game until they start airing it again.

TheThing: @jakeman95 “So… looked up a longer version of the song on youtube… it’s a semi live video… and good lord, they’re too young… xD”
TheThing: aren’t they the same girls in the before opening and ending?
TheThing: They’re like, what, fourteen?
jakeman95: 15-17
TheThing: Meh, not young enough
TheThing: Might as well be called old ladies at that age

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