Update from the VN Dept

Small update from the VN Department.

Rokudaime does not have time to continue in his position as PR for the VN Dept. We’d like to thank him for the good work he’s done up til now.

If you have any questions related to VNs, please go to here or drop me an email at or catch me on IRC and I’ll direct you to someone.

6 comments to Update from the VN Dept

  • Rawr

    It might be worth adding that to the main VN post that people respond too. This will probably get buried when further stuff is released on here.

  • akaiakari

    It’s not the kind of update I’m expecting πŸ™

  • I’m pretty sure there is someone else that are interesting in translate Little Busters! EX .
    This project sure have been moving between many people and this doesn’t sound good atall.

    • Rokudaime

      Hmm…I think you must have misread/misunderstood the post or something. Me resigning has no impact on the progress of our VN projects. They’re being worked on by the same people from our team as always. My position as PR just meant that it was my job to help people with their problems relating to Doki’s VN’s, and answering questions. Actually working on translating and patching the VN’s was not part of what I did. Other people take care of that, and that has not changed. So the project hasn’t moved from me to someone else, nor has it moved from Doki to another group. It’s being worked on by the same people as before I quit.

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