Clannad Visual Novel to be Published in the West

A quick and important update on Clannad:

As you may have already heard Key has finally decided to bring Clannad west through Sekai Project, as announced at Japan Expo USA. We are very pleased that this is finally happening, and are cooperating with Sekai Project to see that Clannad at long last has an official western release. You can expect all future updates about Clannad to come from Sekai Project and VisualArt’s.

Also, Cloud668 has a few words to say about the Key15th letter project:

As previously announced, Sekai Project will also be assisting in delivering the Key15th fan anthology to Key; this is expected to occur later this year.

You can visit Sekai Project’s website here.

21 comments to Clannad Visual Novel Getting Official Localization

  • Kurausukun

    What does this mean for the Clannad translation project going on here? Is it going to be cancelled in favor of the official release?

  • lol so basically everything is getting transferred to Sekai Project – less work for them, more money (yay?) And I wonder how much content is gonna get censored. Not that I really care.

    I’m probably going to flip once Tomoyo After gets licensed as well .. -_-;; .. just please release the EX version before something as stupid as this happens.

  • TehTaku

    I hope the localized release will give an option for the player whether to use the Japanese audio or the English audio…

    Or maybe only Japanese because English voice dubbing sucks a lot.

  • Rawr

    Fantasic news, and good job 🙂

  • Journey

    Well, this comes as a sort of a pleasant surprise, given that Clannad and other games had region block and all that other stuff that seemed to indicate no chance of something like this happening. I mean, after the whole thing with C_M, I really thought the chances of this happening would be dead, but here it is… brilliant.

    Of course, I really do not care for Clannad as much, but here is hoping that this one does go well, so Little Busters can get something too (still patiently waiting for Doki to finish EX/ME, cannot wait, yay!).

    • Come now, things are always going on behind the scenes! Key/Visual Art’s unfairly got a reputation for being anti-Western, but that was never really the case. It’s wonderful that we’ll most likely be seeing an official English release for Clannad!

      • Rokudaime

        Hey CM! It’s good to finally see a comment from you again! Haven’t seen you around in a while. 🙂 Don’t disappear now! I’ve uploaded lots of new pictures to your favourite thread in the forums btw, so go have a look if you’re interested. 😛

  • Réboy

    So what does this mean for Tomoyo ME?

  • Alter Zero

    How nice, Sekai Project is getting busy as of late and that’s only great news for us, maybe this will open the doors for many other cool Japan-only games so far, too bad we get them like a decade after its original release though!… ^_^

  • Rokudaime

    Best news I’ve heard in a loooooooong time! I will definitely be sure to buy this release when it comes out! ^^

  • NecDW4

    Quite literally the best news i have heard in a LONG time, well, as far as video games and anime go. I can’t wait to throw money at this.

  • Mirage

    After so many years of Key more or less not caring about bringing their products outside Japan, I dare say this is quite surprising,if not miraculous. Let’s hope this isn’t the last one (maybe Rewrite will get the honor?)

  • aoishiro

    so? you guys can work on little busters then?????????




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