Mobamas Gekijou – 04

Got 122206th place in Nocturne, and I could’ve got to 120kth if my phone didn’t decide to crash and reboot and waste 600 emblems.

<Pikminiman> Milkshakes are good.

Jocko has no comment this time.

Mobamas Gekijou - 03

Nocturne event not having Kaede event SR is outrageous.

<Jocko> I never wanted to be a teddy bear until today.
<Jocko> Wtf google
<Jocko> Why is my randomly generated username “FurryHorse57124?

<Pikminiman> Sonic® Drive-In offers their delicious Master Shakes and Ice Cream Slushes for half-price after 8pm! I recommend the OREO® Peanut Butter shake. Sonic® – America’s Drive-In

Mobamas Gekijou – 02

Your Momoka votes in Mobamas and Watashiiro Gift votes in Deresute are much appreciated. Please add S(mile)ING! to your Bandori cover songs suggestions too.

<Jocko> Uzookee
<Jocko> Um
<Jocko> Not really.
<Jocko> I just want to pet Chieri.
<Jocko> Or a pet Chieri would be nice too.

Mobamas Gekijou - 01

Couldn’t get my SR Mirei because of the Bandori event, and I didn’t even get the 3 star Kasumi there.

<Jocko> I’m back-nya
<Jocko> And please donate all google play cards you can before this week is over. I need my Yuuki.


  • Translator/Timer/Typesetter/Ktime/KFX/QC: Ankira (Kuzu/Jocko)
  • Editor: Jakeman95
  • Encoder: Pikminiman

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PriPara - 77

<Pikminiman> Never enough Sophie. NEVER.
<Aiha> I forget which episode that was, but I agree
<Yayoi> well, pik
<Yayoi> do you have any sophie figures?
<Pikminiman> No, but I’ve taken photos of Sophie figures I couldn’t afford at cons.
<Yayoi> you don’t even have one sophie?
<Pikminiman> Son, it sounds to me like you’re questioning my love for Sophie.
<Pikminiman> I don’t appreciate that.
<Yayoi> well, you sure as hell are not helping yourself without any verifiable proof
<Jocko> Pik, if you love Sophie so much then name three of their albums
<Pikminiman> Waifus are expensive, man.
<Yayoi> is that an excuse, pik?
heyman grabs the popcorn
<Pikminiman> Not an excuse — merely the reason.
<Pikminiman> Also, to be fair, I only own one figure.
<Jocko> Cheating?
<Jocko> You know
<Pikminiman> Well, two if you count that one I was given that I still don’t want.
<Jocko> You can’t say you’re poor then take your other waifu to a nice restaurant
<Pikminiman> Nah, Jocko, Sophie’s cool with me and Hanekawa.
<heyman> #teamharem
<Jocko> Pigminiman
<Pikminiman> I ain’t even gonna deny that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
<jakeman95> Did someone say Houjou Sophie figures…?

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PriPara – 76

<Pikminiman> Not enough Sophie.
<altazure> well I don’t really Pik

<jakeman95> How the fuck did Mikan ever get a pilots license?

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PriPara – 75

<Pikminiman> Stop disturbing me while I try to eat this homemade fried chicken, dammit.

This episode should not have the ED lyrics updated to official, because that happened long ago.

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PriPara - 74

<Pikminiman> Ooh!
<Pikminiman> I have a comment!

<pcj> <Pikminiman> I have a comment!
<pcj> that sounds like a comment.

<jakeman95> I wanna be a pretty pretty princess

<Pavais> just got home
<Pavais> need more of this please

This episode was delayed by one day because BanG Dream’s timer got drunk instead of timing. That also has nothing to do with PriPara.

HD: [Doki] PriPara – 74 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [C319D2D5].mkv

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