Valkyria Chronicles 3 Raw

Ibuki from Hoshikaka is mad because she can’t find the raw for Valkyria Chronicles 3: For Whom Do I Bear that Gunshot Wound.

Apparently a Russian group called RHT had released it a while ago. I have waited until now to ask for it, and I don’t have any high hopes of finding it. The first episode is said to be available on PSN. So if anyone of you knows where to get that raw, do inform us about it. Translations/timing/editing and QC has already been done. All that’s left are the theme songs which I will get to it soon enough.

In the meantime, enjoy our releases and have a nice day 🙂

EDIT: The BDs won’t be out until 29 June. It will take at least a few weeks before it will be available on the usual sharing sites. This would mean a possible delay of the release till late July or even early August if we can’t find the raw.

Time Paladin Sakura – 01

Time Paladin Sakura - 01

Holo went to sleep and Kristen released this, so nobody made a post on Doki. I don’t think he will mind me posting since he has so many other anime to release.

Time Paladin Sakura is a 2 episodes OVA about lolified characters of the original Da Capo series. So there is Nemu, Kotori etc. The main focus is of course the lolified Sakura and her quests to save the world with her magical powers. The approach this time round is more on the action than on characters. As can be seen, this is a joint with our lovely friends at Chihiro. A joint means both group have expressed a common interest in a single show, and hence it can cut down on staff usage and unnecessary oversubbing.

Kuzu/Cloud/MitoMashiro took pains to translate this and I think the second and final episode should be ready sometime soon or in the near future, whichever is nearer.

SD (H264): [Doki-Chihiro]_Time_Paladin_Sakura_-_01_[704x480_DVD_AC3][EAC29A8A].mkv


Happy Chinese New Year!! (+Blu-Ray Announcements)

On behalf of the entire Doki Staff, I wish all Chinese and Vietnamese a joyous Lunar New Year.

I tried looking for pics appropriate for such an occasion. Obviously posting NSFW pics are definitely inappropriate and also I received complains from people who claim the over ecchi pics put their jobs in jeopardy. So this time round, SFW pics are included.

As I was saying, I can’t find appropriate pictures relating to the New Year but instead I find many Christmas ones. I guess this shows that Christmas is more marketable? Or is it a reflection of the growing influence of westernisation? In any case, the above two seems close enough, representing fireworks and reunion dinner.

The pictures are wallpapers, click to enlarge. So well… enjoy I guess.

I will hijack this post and officially announce that Shuffle, Toradora AND Kodomo no Jikan Blu-ray will be picked up. -Holo

Random Pic

This is taken from the TBS website apparently. Credits to whoever who made this pic. You can click to enlarge. XD

Anyway, I had nothing better to do. Initially I wanted to post some random updates and complaints but I don’t think anyone is interested. After that, I browsed through the internet aimlessly and F5 Doki’s website like 10 times or so hoping something will pop out (which obviously will not). Subsequently I came across this pic and my inner instincts told me to post this (I relate this to the “it can’t be helped” phenomenon). So ah… enjoy.

P.S. Don’t get any wrong ideas, we are NOT doing this show.

P.S.II. About Bungaku Shoujo, I want it out soon as well. I think any tler would want his script to be out as soon as possible. It’s nice to know there are people following this show. The problem at the moment is getting a DVDISO. Searching on Share doesn’t yield any good results which means one thing, it isn’t popular enough to make someone purchase and upload it as soon as it was released. I managed to get a raw and actually wanted to release using it. But then I don’t know, miscommunication happens and it wasn’t released. Monokage released it and I don’t see the point of releasing it now. Regarding the movie, I briefly corrected the scripts. I know that the BDMV is out, but as I am no encoder, this is beyond my limits to predict when it will be released. Kokus, the encoder who encoded the movie using pre-encoded raws, have told me that he will encode it. So yeah that’s about it. I have done my part, what’s left is for the rest to get through. ETA: By end of this year?

P.S.III. Go watch Dragon Crisis from Horriblesubs when they release it.


I believe North and South Korea should watch Motto ToLOVERu. It works far better than nuclear disarmanent talks and diplomacy.

Anyway, I heard that Monokage had rose from the dead. I feel kind of encouraged to stop Bungaku Shoujo, but for the sake of completion I will attempt to complete this project. I think the third OVA to be released on Christmas Eve is worth waiting for. Hopefully we will be able to bring out 01 before then.

As for next season, I can no longer translate because I have to enlist for National Service in my country. So it’s really a pity, especially since I am looking forward to subbing something after my exams. But at times like this, it can’t be helped.

I personally think Winter is one of the most barren line ups of all. Kimi ni Todoke is probably one of the few good ones out there. As gg have pointed out, I do agree that original animes are better. My reasons are mainly because they will usually be more conclusive. Anime based off manga and light novels are restricted on the content they can animate. They have to ensure the anime will not become faster than the manga/light novels and so they add in fillers which are inconclusive. Of all my years in watching such anime, it should be noted that they tend to use it as a publicity tool to promote the ongoing manga or light novels. However, if I were to rank the latter two, anime adapted from light novels are generally better than manga, but there are always exceptions. So this makes IS rather worthy to be popular. Dragon Crisis did catch my eye as well.

On a closing note, inspite of all the drama surrounding, the staffs at Doki remain dedicated to bringing you fansubbed anime on a consistent basis weekly.

EDIT: Almost forgot to include. Shuffle! is finally getting BDs next January, i.e. January 28, 2011. Shuffle! is surely a series that deserves Blu-ray attention.


I hope I don’t get killed for randomly posting. I’m waiting for my Maths paper to start in a few hours time, so I went to the computer lap to find a quiet place to study. Instead I got distracted and went online. Then I visited Doki and found out so many releases, and then I saw that Bungaku Shojo Memoire OVA 2 is already released (as in the raw). I feel tempted to do it.

The last time I translated something on a spur of the moment, it was the Bungaku Shojo movie. Then it received lots of criticisms due to the overly flashy karaoke effects at the end, and also some translation errors which I am at fault for. Our release somehow make known to the world of fansubs and possibly the world of anime that there is a movie out there, but it is unsubbed because it is unpopular. So people who only watched HOTD for bouncing boobs noticed and the first thing they do, of course is, to criticise. Well.. I thought since it was unsubbed, I might as well do it fast and release it fast. Apparently people would prefer more quality to it and I don’t blame them. Because my intention is to release it for those who want it fast, and in the process notify other fansubs hey we released a shitty version of the movie, you may want to better us. True enough, it did lead to some wanting to pick it up. The last I heard, Chaos Fansubs are going to pick it up, then Monokage seemed to want to do it since they released the first OVA for it.

Now a few months later, I see that Chaos Fansubs seem to have dropped the plans for doing it citing lack of translators. Monokage seem to have gone MIA, possibly because subbing Break Blade killed them off and they never see the light of the day and found life too depressing and decided to join the military. So the question is who will sub Bungaku Shojo OVA 2?

I don’t mean to be petty or what not, but I saw that announcement on Chaos Fansubs dropping plans for Bungaku Shojo, it was October 10. I don’t know if it is coincidence but our version of the movie got accepted at around the same time October 9 as stated on idiot bt Bakabt. So it was stalled before accepting because Chaos Fansubs wanted to sub it. When they decided not to, they accepted it. This is very disrespectful to us in some ways, but maybe most of you might disagree. The thing is, I never really like Bakabt to begin with. I would not have submitted it to Bakabt if not for one of our staff members. I think most fansubbers out there gunning for quality and hoping to store their work into the holy grail of fansubbing archives, the Bakabt. I think using this as a motivation for subbing is stupid. Rather, I think we should aim to release like CG, Mazui, UTW and Ryuumaru and get shouted at for being shit subs but still get 23000 downloads per episode. I truely think this is much better source of motivation to fansub.

Okay I got to stop now, the paper will be starting soon. My time was well spent. I hope people reading this post do not think too much into this. This post is not in anyway to offend people out there. These are just my general opinions and everyone is entitled their opinions. I don’t force my opinions on others, so neither should you.

Thanks for reading.

Credits: Screenshot was taken from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (KGNE). KGNE is a great drama romance anime with tragedy as one of the central themes.

Summary: ZeroYuki is thinking in his mind of doing Bungaku Shojo OVA 2.

Campanella OST

Opportunities to post here are decreasing more and more.

The Original Sound Track (OST) for Campanella, titled “Campanario” was released on 22 September which was almost a month ago. It consists of most of the soundtracks of the anime plus tv sizes of the OP and ED. OP and ED are already released in full. So the plus of this release is probably “AMELIA“, the second ED sung in English by Yuko Goto. Full version of the song seems to be found in her album called “Gigson”. No luck in finding that thus far.

EDIT: Nipponsei has released, doesn’t have scans though.

In related news, Campanella has an OVA announced. Of course I will be translating it when it comes out. Most likely it will be bundled with one of the BD volumes. As for the BD special in Vol. 1, I watched that “Isshoni Bath Time” Special, and it has no dialogue. It is merely a CG of Carina scrubbing her body in the bath, it hardly even resemble the animation used in the anime. I have absolutely no idea when we are going to release the Campanella BDs.

As for the projects we are currently doing, they are on track and I hope fans will be patient. Motto TLR has some changes to it which I am at no liberty to disclose at the moment. It will be announced when ep. 02 is released. Projects are delayed because Holo has work, so he can’t release on certain days. This Sunday will have a string of releases, or at least that’s what I was told.

TL;DR: Read it dammit!

Bungaku Shoujo (BD)

Bungaku Shoujo (BD)

Bungaku Shoujo, a.k.a Literature Girl or Book Girl. I came across this series after watching one of the many OVAs under the title. They are adapted from a complete set of 8 light novels. There are a total of 13 in the series, the others are side stories so there is real plot in this show. The movie is largely based on the 5th volume and takes the end scene of the final novel hence giving it a true ending.

The series revolve around a boy, Inoue Konoha, and his interactions with different characters (girls). The entire story is pieced together starting with how he found his ambition to write, and the eventual release of his book which got widespread success. Eventually it  inevitably caused a rift between his childhood friend; Asakura Miu, as well as an encounter with Amano Touko who changed his life forever. It has typical drama elements of teenage angst, relationship issues and suicide.

Preferred Sequence of Watching:

1. Kyou no Oyatsu ~Hatsukoi~ (2009)

2. Bungaku Shoujo Memoire (2010)

3. Bungaku Shoujo Movie (2010)


1. Inoue Konoha (Irino Miyu)

2. Amano Touko (Hanazawa Kana)

3. Asakura Miu (Hirano Aya)

4. Kotobuki Nanase (Mizuki Nana)

Bungaku Shoujo is strongly recommended for people who like drama and romance. There are no fanservice of any kind given it’s done by Production I.G. The ED is “Haruka na Hibi” by Eufonius. These are the same cast for the OVAs.

Project Staff

1. ZeroYuki (TL/Time)

2. nt (Edit)

3. Badskater (TS)

4. Pahndamonium (K-Time)

5. Jecht (QC/Release)

6. kokus (Encode)

Version 1 (Pre-encoded raws):

1080p (h264): [Doki] Bungaku Shoujo (1920×1080 h264 BDv2 FLAC) [52D495EF].mkv

BD Movie v2

720p (h264): [Doki] Bungaku Shoujo (1280×720 h264 BDv2 AAC) [39DCBBEF].mkv

BD Movie v2