I believe North and South Korea should watch Motto ToLOVERu. It works far better than nuclear disarmanent talks and diplomacy.

Anyway, I heard that Monokage had rose from the dead. I feel kind of encouraged to stop Bungaku Shoujo, but for the sake of completion I will attempt to complete this project. I think the third OVA to be released on Christmas Eve is worth waiting for. Hopefully we will be able to bring out 01 before then.

As for next season, I can no longer translate because I have to enlist for National Service in my country. So it’s really a pity, especially since I am looking forward to subbing something after my exams. But at times like this, it can’t be helped.

I personally think Winter is one of the most barren line ups of all. Kimi ni Todoke is probably one of the few good ones out there. As gg have pointed out, I do agree that original animes are better. My reasons are mainly because they will usually be more conclusive. Anime based off manga and light novels are restricted on the content they can animate. They have to ensure the anime will not become faster than the manga/light novels and so they add in fillers which are inconclusive. Of all my years in watching such anime, it should be noted that they tend to use it as a publicity tool to promote the ongoing manga or light novels. However, if I were to rank the latter two, anime adapted from light novels are generally better than manga, but there are always exceptions. So this makes IS rather worthy to be popular. Dragon Crisis did catch my eye as well.

On a closing note, inspite of all the drama surrounding, the staffs at Doki remain dedicated to bringing you fansubbed anime on a consistent basis weekly.

EDIT: Almost forgot to include. Shuffle! is finally getting BDs next January, i.e. January 28, 2011. Shuffle! is surely a series that deserves Blu-ray attention.

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