Random Pic

This is taken from the TBS website apparently. Credits to whoever who made this pic. You can click to enlarge. XD

Anyway, I had nothing better to do. Initially I wanted to post some random updates and complaints but I don’t think anyone is interested. After that, I browsed through the internet aimlessly and F5 Doki’s website like 10 times or so hoping something will pop out (which obviously will not). Subsequently I came across this pic and my inner instincts told me to post this (I relate this to the “it can’t be helped” phenomenon). So ah… enjoy.

P.S. Don’t get any wrong ideas, we are NOT doing this show.

P.S.II. About Bungaku Shoujo, I want it out soon as well. I think any tler would want his script to be out as soon as possible. It’s nice to know there are people following this show. The problem at the moment is getting a DVDISO. Searching on Share doesn’t yield any good results which means one thing, it isn’t popular enough to make someone purchase and upload it as soon as it was released. I managed to get a raw and actually wanted to release using it. But then I don’t know, miscommunication happens and it wasn’t released. Monokage released it and I don’t see the point of releasing it now. Regarding the movie, I briefly corrected the scripts. I know that the BDMV is out, but as I am no encoder, this is beyond my limits to predict when it will be released. Kokus, the encoder who encoded the movie using pre-encoded raws, have told me that he will encode it. So yeah that’s about it. I have done my part, what’s left is for the rest to get through. ETA: By end of this year?

P.S.III. Go watch Dragon Crisis from Horriblesubs when they release it.

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