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The Original Sound Track (OST) for Campanella, titled “Campanario” was released on 22 September which was almost a month ago. It consists of most of the soundtracks of the anime plus tv sizes of the OP and ED. OP and ED are already released in full. So the plus of this release is probably “AMELIA“, the second ED sung in English by Yuko Goto. Full version of the song seems to be found in her album called “Gigson”. No luck in finding that thus far.

EDIT: Nipponsei has released, doesn’t have scans though.

In related news, Campanella has an OVA announced. Of course I will be translating it when it comes out. Most likely it will be bundled with one of the BD volumes. As for the BD special in Vol. 1, I watched that “Isshoni Bath Time” Special, and it has no dialogue. It is merely a CG of Carina scrubbing her body in the bath, it hardly even resemble the animation used in the anime. I have absolutely no idea when we are going to release the Campanella BDs.

As for the projects we are currently doing, they are on track and I hope fans will be patient. Motto TLR has some changes to it which I am at no liberty to disclose at the moment. It will be announced when ep. 02 is released. Projects are delayed because Holo has work, so he can’t release on certain days. This Sunday will have a string of releases, or at least that’s what I was told.

TL;DR: Read it dammit!

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  • martinez

    lol…..i will download it later if i don’t have any download list XD

    ohohoho….Fortune Arterial rockz!

  • anon

    motto tlr – uncensored raws?

  • Stilzkin

    I loved the anime even though it recieved so much negative comments, downloading the ost as we speak

  • Jay

    Well in regards to AMELIA, it was released on the the 22nd of September as part of her album Gigson. As for if it’s the full version or not I don’t know.

  • Yui

    Actually, i uploaded that link xD
    I will upload if there’s a better release w/ scans for the OST & if there’s a full version of that single ^^

  • Xei

    I’ve been looking for a full version of AMELIA everywhere…without any luck.

    If anyone managed to find Yuko Goto’s Gigson album floating around on the internet, it would be nice if you could link it to me XD

  • Marmalade

    Your passion is admirable, Zero

  • ItNiceRealGood

    Lol the thing about this post is, we have thirteen men with unmatched willpower to insinuate the next ice-age. What we can say is, the amount put into current means, has no way affected the power we put into giraffes and their offspring.

  • Krozam

    I found that OST a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have that quickened and hardened version of the normal battle music which played in the ep 7 battle… 🙁

    Love Fortune Arterial. I read it with the help of online translators a while ago, and it’s currently my favourite visual novel. Unfortunately, the first episode of the anime was more than a bit too hasty, which suggests the director isn’t particularly good, so I’m not expecting more than an average anime. The musics are also bland, OP, ED, BGM, everything. Comparing it to the brilliantly directed Yasuga no Sora makes it look even worse… 🙁

    • Jecht

      You’re saying that because the show is like soft hentai + twincest… Yosuga no Sora that is.

      • Krozam

        Like hell I am. I’m saying it because the direction is f*cking awesome in its perfect balancing of the the light-hearted school life and the angst, the characters have shown more dimensions and depth in two episodes than most anime series show in 10 episodes, and because the story is unafraid of taking on difficult themes. The production quality is also miles ahead of FA.

        I have no soft spot for incest, but it makes for a pretty interesting theme when tastefully dealt with. The last time I remember someone managing it this well was in Angel Sanctury manga by Kaori Yuki. Also, if I wanted YnS hentai, I wouldn’t look for it in the anime, I’d look for it in the original VN. The CG’s are pretty good.

        • ZeroYuki

          No reason to get so worked up. Yosuga no sora is good, I know. It has drama which is hard to come by these days. But the plot isn’t original, and contrary to what you said, the first 2 episodes did not develop a lot. It merely hints at the underlying secrets the main characters have and subsequently they will develop it. As for how well it develops, I am sceptical because it is a 1 season anime afterall. Shuffle! and Canvas 2 took 2 seasons to fully develop all the characters and those are my most treasured titles.

          Most animes don’t develop a lot is because they lack the “drama” genre. Drama uses formula of development then climax before ending. So it is unfair to say those that doesn’t develop the way drama genres are developed are not good.

          As I have mentioned before, Yosuga no Sora is very similar to most drama genres shows out there like Myself;Yourself etc. I am not saying this is a bad thing, in fact cliche shows like these are hard to find these days, due to the glorification of ecchi shows which mostly have baseless plots. I think it is a great thing to have something that isn’t pure ecchi, think “Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka”.

          To be fair to Fortune Arterial, the reason I promoted the show is because it is much less popular than Yosuga no Sora. Fortune Arterial in episode 1 manages to use the cliche of a transfer student to a new school and the so often used “boy meets girl” formula. But even so, I haven’t seen such shows in a while and I thought Fortune Arterial did a great job setting the premise without having to resort to nudity or ecchi. In any case, I have to admit there are some bias in my supporting of Fortune Arterial. I used to do a show called “Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na”. It is based off a H-game like Fortune Arterial and it has a great ending and excellent OP and ED. Both eroges are from the same company “August” or “Hachigatsu”. Yoakena is one anime that resolves the harem at the very end. It was an anime that I didn’t expect it to have a good resolution, but it did.

          • Krozam

            Please don’t take my tone as “worked up”, it’s just that I’ve spent quite some time analyzing those two episodes, and I like to present the results of that work whenever possible.

            True, the plot hasn’t developed a lot, neither have the characters. However, the characters have DEEPENED a lot, and in such an effortless way through a few flashbacks, short scenes that don’t always even have dialogue, the first ending video… All show masterful control from the director, Takahashi Takeo.

            I’ve watched Yoake Mae and I’ve read Fortune Arterial, and I like the former and love the latter. I’m not saying FA ep 1 is bad, I like the character introductions, and the rushed pace to end the episode with the first really dramatic scene in the anime isn’t a bad decision. A cliffhanger is necessary for any first episode. It’s just that I believe there are a few scenes that take place earlier in the story that could work as the first ep’s cliffhanger, thus resulting in less rushed pace. I believe a better director could’ve done that. But, it was just the first episode, it’s entirely possible that the director will show better judgement later. Besides, it may have been a forced decision, if the number of episodes given is too low to adapt the story without rushing.

            Yosuga no Sora will be 17 episodes long, I think, with the 5 extra episodes released in the Blu-Ray. I haven’t read the VN, but based on the pacing of the two first episodes, it seems it’ll be quite enough to do a good adaptation…

  • ZeroYuki

    Extras won’t develop the plot. They are for fan-service purposes. I won’t want to argue with a genuine fan who appreciates romance animes since we all do it for the love of animes. I made the above comment merely to state that Yosuga no Sora has enough publicity but not Fortune Arterial. That’s all.

    • Krozam

      Well, I wouldn’t know, though I’d never heard of Yosuga no Sora before I read the anime summary somewhere. FA anime was something I was really looking forward to, I really hope it’ll get better.

  • Swaffelaer

    Looks like you fell for Minglong’s evil scheme, nipponsei just released the campanella ost :>

  • HayateM

    The soundtrack is quite good and it done by the same person’s that did the Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de TV soundtrack

  • Narru

    Thanks for letting people who like/love the music/songs of Shukufuku no Campanella to know that the OST and any related Singles are out in the net for us to grab hold while we can.

    PS: Found the melon flavoured bread at a nearby 7-11 shortly after the chat in #Doki with you, ZeroYuki. And it’s considered fine to me, just that to most people who doesn’t eat plain bread without any jam or what-so-ever, it just doesn’t live up to the anime’s fame.

  • VolkoFunk

    Album “Gigson” released in Perfect Dark. Full version of AMELIA – I came oceans.

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