Happy Chinese New Year!! (+Blu-Ray Announcements)

On behalf of the entire Doki Staff, I wish all Chinese and Vietnamese a joyous Lunar New Year.

I tried looking for pics appropriate for such an occasion. Obviously posting NSFW pics are definitely inappropriate and also I received complains from people who claim the over ecchi pics put their jobs in jeopardy. So this time round, SFW pics are included.

As I was saying, I can’t find appropriate pictures relating to the New Year but instead I find many Christmas ones. I guess this shows that Christmas is more marketable? Or is it a reflection of the growing influence of westernisation? In any case, the above two seems close enough, representing fireworks and reunion dinner.

The pictures are wallpapers, click to enlarge. So well… enjoy I guess.

I will hijack this post and officially announce that Shuffle, Toradora AND Kodomo no Jikan Blu-ray will be picked up. -Holo

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