Bungaku Shoujo (BD)

Bungaku Shoujo (BD)

Bungaku Shoujo, a.k.a Literature Girl or Book Girl. I came across this series after watching one of the many OVAs under the title. They are adapted from a complete set of 8 light novels. There are a total of 13 in the series, the others are side stories so there is real plot in this show. The movie is largely based on the 5th volume and takes the end scene of the final novel hence giving it a true ending.

The series revolve around a boy, Inoue Konoha, and his interactions with different characters (girls). The entire story is pieced together starting with how he found his ambition to write, and the eventual release of his book which got widespread success. Eventually it  inevitably caused a rift between his childhood friend; Asakura Miu, as well as an encounter with Amano Touko who changed his life forever. It has typical drama elements of teenage angst, relationship issues and suicide.

Preferred Sequence of Watching:

1. Kyou no Oyatsu ~Hatsukoi~ (2009)

2. Bungaku Shoujo Memoire (2010)

3. Bungaku Shoujo Movie (2010)


1. Inoue Konoha (Irino Miyu)

2. Amano Touko (Hanazawa Kana)

3. Asakura Miu (Hirano Aya)

4. Kotobuki Nanase (Mizuki Nana)

Bungaku Shoujo is strongly recommended for people who like drama and romance. There are no fanservice of any kind given it’s done by Production I.G. The ED is “Haruka na Hibi” by Eufonius. These are the same cast for the OVAs.

Project Staff

1. ZeroYuki (TL/Time)

2. nt (Edit)

3. Badskater (TS)

4. Pahndamonium (K-Time)

5. Jecht (QC/Release)

6. kokus (Encode)

Version 1 (Pre-encoded raws):

1080p (h264): [Doki] Bungaku Shoujo (1920×1080 h264 BDv2 FLAC) [52D495EF].mkv

BD Movie v2

720p (h264): [Doki] Bungaku Shoujo (1280×720 h264 BDv2 AAC) [39DCBBEF].mkv

BD Movie v2

126 comments to Bungaku Shoujo (BD)

  • FM_tuner

    I got the same error message because I didn’t bother reading the “READ ME” file. But after reading and following the very simple instructions, voila! No error whatsoever.

    I’ll paste the READ ME file here for you lazy peeps:
    1. Place Doki’s 720p release of Bungaku Shoujo [876D0AF7] in the folder with xdelta3.exe, CLICK HERE.bat and unofficialv2.xdelta.

    2. Rename the mkv file to:

    3. Double click “CLICK HERE.bat” and wait while the patching goes on. Once it says “press any key to continue…” click enter

    4. There should be a new file by the name of:

    5. Delete the old version if you like. The changes in the subtitles start after the ED sequence, around 01:39:55

    – Since the patch applies the changes after the ED, that means the now popular “not matter when” is not being corrected. Oh wells…

  • qwertyuiop

    u did not help at all..the problem is not because of wrong name nor i didn’t read the READ ME..and i can play the original file (720p)’s not corrupted at all..

  • Blanchimont

    The xdelta from patch for the 720p is 27,5Kb, which seems pretty reasonable for the difference between the files…

    …however the 1,8Mb from the corresponding 1080p patch however (almost eighty times bigger) does not. Not if it’s only those same three lines of text making up the difference (and the readme indicates it is). Are the complete subtitles even that big?…

    I’ve learned to be cautions, so can someone explain the difference? The exe does verify same sha1 as the official one from xdelta’s site so I don’t directly suspect foul play, but still…

    • Ctoo

      I thought that was strange too. I don’t know why its that size since I don’t know how it works. If you still don’t trust it, here is how I edited the video to fix the errors. Again, I’m new at this and found how to edit the text from some googling and playing around.

      Go search for mkvtoolnix and get the setup or 7z file. (I just got the 7zip one since I don’t want to install it.)

      Also go search for mkvextract gui and the first link should lead you to site and download the file there.

      Extract both and place all the files from the mkvextract gui folder into the main mkvtoolnix folder.

      Run mkvextract.exe, select or drag the video into mkvextract. Place a check mark beside the one with subtitles, and click extract. Open the .ass file with notepad, edit, and save the file.

      Run mmg.exe from the mkvtoolnix folder and select both the original (or copy) mkv video and the edited .ass file, set the settings,uncheck the box beside the original subtitles (if you don’t want them to be in the new video) and press the “start muxing” button.

      The new file should be the video with edited text.

  • Someone Else

    The movie was quite good! The drama is nice and it wasn’t cheesy either. But to be honest I still prefer the manga since it had a darker and more mysterious feel on it, kind of surprised when everything was almost different but I guess I should have expected that already as it always happen to any anime adaptations

  • a random fan

    Not to discredit any effort nor do I have any intention of complaining–I do not have any complaints for that matter: I would still like to know if there is an upcoming official patch.

    • ZeroYuki

      No plans for an official patch since the unofficial one corrects most of the problems. We will only release a v2 to fix the flashy kara and typo plus the mistakes if there is BDMV of the movie available. As the show isn’t a popular one, unlike Broken Blade, there are no BDMV of it available.

      I would also emphasise that quality of the movie is not my intention. the intention was to get it out as soon as possible due to some fans waiting for it. I understand some people do want perfect releases, those can wait for quality groups which usually take a longer time. We would just fit the speed criteria for this movie. A balance of groups doing speed and quality actually works out very well.

      • a random fan

        That is completely understandable. I felt that it would be more uniform to get the fixes from an official group release; however, if the group fully supports what is now available then I have no claims about that. Once again, thanks for the effort–both the works and the replying to complete randoms.

  • amc9988

    Hi there I just want to point out a TL mistake when Konoha confessed to Miu in the planeterium. From your translation, Konoha said “I love you Miu”, it supposed to be like this “I LOVED you Miu” it’s past tense. I hope you will correct this TL error cause it can make the ending really confusing for those who didn’t know. Thanks.

    • tucows

      It’s supposed to be “I love you Miu” and not “I loved you Miu”. The japanese line was said without implying to a past usage, and japanese language doesn’t use past tense. Konoha was trying to say the book was written to express his love for her, and uses the examples in the book to illustrate that. It is not him saying that he loves her. Notice he mentions the examples before he actually said that line.

  • bigboss91

    im crossing my fingers for an xvid version. i really want to put this on my ipod after watching this movie. thanx for subbing this fantastic movie!

  • choco

    Yes, the movie is good. Thanks for subbing it.
    The video quality is really good. It makes the movie much more beautiful… the ED is just so…”eufonius” hic… it does fit the movie.
    Again, thank you very much for subbing it.

    It’d be great if you will do the 2 next movies too. ♥

  • fission2

    That movie was FUCKING AMAZING, pardon my French.

    Thank you so much for subbing this!

  • mavrick3020

    Looks like the 1080p torrent is dead.

    • blah

      I don’t think it’s fair at all to compare the two releases. Doki used pre-encoded raws while i’m not sure what Monokage used. But as far as I know, the BDMVs are available after Monokage released. So I also doubt if Monokage used the BDMV.

      So to put it simply, only do a comparison when two groups have encoded using the BDMV.

      • Seieki

        Yeah, I can agree with you, but since there are no better releases yet, this comparison may still be helpful for people wanting to watch this show right now.
        On another note, I may be able to provide BDMV as I ordered it on cdjapan. Maybe Doki can make a proper encode then 😀

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