I hope I don’t get killed for randomly posting. I’m waiting for my Maths paper to start in a few hours time, so I went to the computer lap to find a quiet place to study. Instead I got distracted and went online. Then I visited Doki and found out so many releases, and then I saw that Bungaku Shojo Memoire OVA 2 is already released (as in the raw). I feel tempted to do it.

The last time I translated something on a spur of the moment, it was the Bungaku Shojo movie. Then it received lots of criticisms due to the overly flashy karaoke effects at the end, and also some translation errors which I am at fault for. Our release somehow make known to the world of fansubs and possibly the world of anime that there is a movie out there, but it is unsubbed because it is unpopular. So people who only watched HOTD for bouncing boobs noticed and the first thing they do, of course is, to criticise. Well.. I thought since it was unsubbed, I might as well do it fast and release it fast. Apparently people would prefer more quality to it and I don’t blame them. Because my intention is to release it for those who want it fast, and in the process notify other fansubs hey we released a shitty version of the movie, you may want to better us. True enough, it did lead to some wanting to pick it up. The last I heard, Chaos Fansubs are going to pick it up, then Monokage seemed to want to do it since they released the first OVA for it.

Now a few months later, I see that Chaos Fansubs seem to have dropped the plans for doing it citing lack of translators. Monokage seem to have gone MIA, possibly because subbing Break Blade killed them off and they never see the light of the day and found life too depressing and decided to join the military. So the question is who will sub Bungaku Shojo OVA 2?

I don’t mean to be petty or what not, but I saw that announcement on Chaos Fansubs dropping plans for Bungaku Shojo, it was October 10. I don’t know if it is coincidence but our version of the movie got accepted at around the same time October 9 as stated on idiot bt Bakabt. So it was stalled before accepting because Chaos Fansubs wanted to sub it. When they decided not to, they accepted it. This is very disrespectful to us in some ways, but maybe most of you might disagree. The thing is, I never really like Bakabt to begin with. I would not have submitted it to Bakabt if not for one of our staff members. I think most fansubbers out there gunning for quality and hoping to store their work into the holy grail of fansubbing archives, the Bakabt. I think using this as a motivation for subbing is stupid. Rather, I think we should aim to release like CG, Mazui, UTW and Ryuumaru and get shouted at for being shit subs but still get 23000 downloads per episode. I truely think this is much better source of motivation to fansub.

Okay I got to stop now, the paper will be starting soon. My time was well spent. I hope people reading this post do not think too much into this. This post is not in anyway to offend people out there. These are just my general opinions and everyone is entitled their opinions. I don’t force my opinions on others, so neither should you.

Thanks for reading.

Credits: Screenshot was taken from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (KGNE). KGNE is a great drama romance anime with tragedy as one of the central themes.

Summary: ZeroYuki is thinking in his mind of doing Bungaku Shojo OVA 2.

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  • phro

    Is it wrong to hope for quality?

  • DarkDays

    I really don’t see a problem with even several mistakes in a fansub version of a show or movie. Honestly, if it bothered me that much, I should learn Japanese, so that I never have to rely on others to translate for me.

    Most everyone makes some mistakes translating, and will translate the same things in slightly different ways. Unless you start translating, “I want to be with you” as, “I want to rape your mother on your father’s grave” I’m not too concerned.

    Also, I have seen professional quality subs that have been absolute shit. I have the Love Hina DVDrips with their “professional” subs, and they are all timed wrong, hard to read because multiple character’s lines run together, and some lines are missing entirely. Not to mention they didn’t translate signs or most of any of the written characters.

    Unless I wasn’t actually reading the subs when watching the movie, everything I can remember about the subs was that everything made sense to me in the context of the movie, and with the exception of a few typos here and there, I didn’t see anything overly wrong. To be honest, I think people just wanted to give you guys shit because they have that undying, irrational loyalty to one fansub group, and are frustrated to think that another group could compare.

    I have yet to find a fansub, or professional sub, of anything, that does not contain silly errors. You guys always aim for high quality in everything, that’s why I have three copies of the same show, because now “thar’ be blu-rays.” That’s also why your releases can take longer than others, because you make sure to get a hold of the best quality rip available.

  • LonerPrime

    Over the years i have been a simple fan of animes but i couldn’t understand em in raw form at least i didn’t at all when i started out. Since Japanese isn’t my first or second or to say even third language i have always been thankful to subbers all over the world for their work…hell when i downloaded my first anime i couldn’t care more about exact interpretation as long as the scene made sense with the provided subs.
    Years later, even though i have started understanding the language better, seen colorful subtitles in place of the traditional White and migrated from .avi to .mkv, one thing still hasn’t changed and that is being appreciative for the subbing done by people who give a damn for free. Bottom line i don’t care if it takes you a year more to complete Qwaser or whatever project you take up cause no one is holding a gun to my head to download it ASAP. As long as you get it done you are the MAN in my book..or MEN if we cover your whole team 😛 .
    Finally about BAKABT. I dig the site myself only because they care about the content and aim to keep the torrent alive for as long as possible by any means necessary. Moreover they make sure the torrent is exactly what it claims it is and not just some shitty encode with Spanish audio and Chinese subs which i can assure you i downloaded personally some time back from a public torrent website with the Jap audio and English Subtitles written in the title >_ Subbing. Education first porfavor. Fan subbing is an art and not a race. We are all rooting for you 🙂

  • LonerPrime

    Waow…my post got trimmed at the hands of the army barber. I made the “>_>” and “IRL > Subbing” in my previous post in different paragraphs and everything written between those Signs vanished when it got posted! :O . Bug? /wrist. Not gonna re post. Will seem like spam or noob poster double posting but sadly all my opinions got watered down 🙁

  • Tommo

    First time posting so hi everyone.

    I have to say “Bungaku Shoujo” was one of those anime movies in 2010 that was epic but so easily missed. I watched it on Doki’s recommendation and thoroughtly enjoyed it.

    But seriously though, hope the Maths exam went okay. And I do hope you do get round to subbing Bungaku Shoujo OVAs BUT right now the priority is your education.

    People will bitch about “this sub” and “that sub” but honestly what are the choices? Learn Japanese and buy the DVDs? I doubt many people will do that so have pride that the fact you are the very few people in the world who has a niche hobby and doing it totally free for everyone’s enjoyment. I know and the amny here who are grateful for all your hard work.

    Take care!

  • Keine

    Well, this may be a bit too late to state
    but … good luck on your exam : )

  • sm2345

    There have been, there are, and there will be people who have continued, are continuing, and will continue to appreciate all your & other fansubbers’ hard work & be grateful for it.

    After all, not all the people in this world are trolls.

    Anyways, all your hard work is appreciated. Keep up the great work! And regarding the project(s), you TL and leave the rest to us. But your exams and RL come first, always. So ensure that they’re fine before fansubbing.

    Good luck for your exams & everything.

  • sm2345

    It appears that the ” And regarding the project(s), you TL and leave the rest to us.” in my previous comment might seem a bit rude, so I am changing it & quoting it directly from Holo’s post (No offense meant, Holo):
    “Anyway, you know that if you want to TL it, we will do the rest, as usual.”

    An alternate phrasing might be: “Regarding the projects, if you want to TL it, leave the rest to us.”

    Rest of the comment remains the same.

  • Masa-san

    Ehm… BakaBT is not that bad actually, I kinda like them, since you’ll always get torrent with many seeders.

    Though, sometimes, they looked like kinda bad sometimes by disapproving because of some mistakes.And, for some flashy thing? if they didn’t like it, then made it by their self, sigh…

    Since, you made some patches, then it’s fine.

    IMO, it’s true that quality is an important thing in this fansub world. But, too much thinking in quality and making delay till the end of world is not a good choice also. So, for better is make some kinda fast, no need too fast, and make some patches later in the batch release.

    fast release is for peoples who want to watch quickly.

    fixed release is for peoples who seek for quality.

    Well, in my opinion, though.

    Anyway, I’m quite grateful, that some peoples’re [reluctanly or not] spending their time for subbing some anime, so that peoples like me who don’t quite understand for complicated words, can watch anime.

  • dna423

    when i saw the bungaku shoujo movie here tath wtf is that so i downloaded and tath if it fails i’ll just stop and delete but once i started i didnt even move a muscle .. was great =)
    and mazui / utw / ryuumaru have GREAT fansubs . i think mazui’s subs are the best out there . so i dont see why people complain about them . and i think your @doki’s subs are great too . thats why i downloaded ur kanon and air release and stored them =)

    • dna423

      O and the screenshot . Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is a terrible anime. when i started watching i tath it might become a good naime but after episode 3 it became messed up at episode 6 i stopped watching because any more would KILL ME !! SO MANY DRAMA and scene’s that make you go WTF !! WTF !! .. u need to be strong mentally to watch it . VERY STRONG ..

  • kaze

    I’m the guy who found out your mistakes in BS movie… Seriously I don’t understand why you care about what other people think… Yeah, you’ve made a few mistakes, but they were in the last lines… it could be you were just tired, right?^^
    Other problems with the release? No way.
    TL is what really matters. What if karaoke is flashy… or plain white… or, what else, italics? Who f*ckin cares about that, we’ll still have our anime, right?
    Sure, bread, butter and jam is better than plain bread… but you can still stuff your stomach with just bread.

    Fansub is facing really difficult times. What will we do if crunchyroll goes down for some reason? Or if they find a way to prevent their subs from being stolen? Will there be anyone to sub anime once again or all the groups will succumb because of idiots who cares about karaoke’s font, but don’t know an inch of japanese nor how bad Crunchy’s subs could be?

    So, please, subs Bungaku Shoujo ^___^

  • JC

    WOW so many long comments O_O, anyways hope you did good on the test 😀

  • KSK


    flashy? O.O nah, i think it great.
    for me, I love a little flashy karaoke sub rather than plain white and people can make mistake can they? in my book everybody not 100% perfect. So keep on what u doing best.
    Don’t care so much. I wonder what people think, when suddenly 99% of fan-sub are gone and the only left is a fan-sub with cam rib video quality and mono audio + Google translate sub ? hope u do another one with another little flashy karaoke sub 😀

  • Sandy Wich's Boy

    I hear you are thinking of Doing Bungaku Shojo OVA 2

    Please please PLEASE do this. Monokage have dropped off the face of the planet (as you stated in your post)and this series really deserves to be subbed.

    Who cares what those elitist pricks on BakaBT think, you do a great job with your subs (as do most of the other groups you mentioned) and I’m sure myself and many others would be so greatful if you subbed it.

    So once again I say please do sub Bungaku Shojo OVA 2.
    ***starts waiting impatiently***

  • Holo

    With so much positive encouragement, I am sure ZY will TL it when he finds time to do so. He’s got exams atm so be patient!

  • Zeronic

    I alway got the Doki release over others as I consider it a better quality than most. No one should be “criticise” for fansubbing something that no one else has done. Now I’m a very active BakaBT member and some of the gourps that have posted thing on there I consider to be lower quality then Doki. But it all fall to each their own. Keep up the great works. Can’t wait for your next releases.

  • ssportugal

    It would be super awesome if you did the OVAS for Bungaku Shoujo i watched the movie and loved every minute!, thanks for it =), oh and people who “criticise” your releases clearly are just stupid kids, doki does not work for money and the quality of their work is amazing, stop being douche bags and appreciate doki’s work!, a big thanks to all the staff!

  • Rewarp

    Just dropping by to say this is the most civil fansub community I have encountered so far.

    I watched Bungaku Shoujo on a whim (after watching a Miyazawa Kenji documentary presented by Hanazawa Kana) and absolutely enjoyed it. Probably the best thing I have watched this year.

    Thank you for subbing it and best wishes for your papers.

  • Imad

    Aiming to be another speedsub like Mazui isn’t a bad thing, aiming to be another Eclipse is.
    Doki have yet to prove that they’re aiming for the former rather than the latter.

    • Holo

      I am not sure what your point is. Every fansub group should aim to be like Eclipse – they have speed and quality.

      Most groups currently are either one or the other (there are exceptions of course)

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