Mobamas (BD) - 26

Episode 26 is out! We’ll also release the BD versions in the coming months.

Now, let’s see if this year will be the year when we finally release the movie.

I wasn’t really for the layout of the extra episode, but hey, there were lots of great cute moments! All those Uzuki alternate outfits… and Minami, we need to have a talk about playing card games…. xD – Jakeman95

Jocko please add quote


  • Translator: Jakeman95
  • TLC: Uzuki
  • Timer: Stefl
  • Editor: Delwack
  • Typesetter: Jocko
  • Encoder: Pikminiman
  • QC: heyman

Song credits

  • “Absolute NIne”
    • Translator: Jakeman95
    • Timer: Jakeman95
    • TLC: Uzuki
    • Effects: Jocko


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