Mobamas Gekijou – 23

Here’s ep 23. We’ll take a short break with Gekijou again so that we can focus on Yama no Susume S3’s songs and TS first.

Mobamas Gekijou - 22

The sixth anniversary episode just in time for the 6.5th anniversary.

Regarding our plans for this season:

  • Jake and I are going to be at AX
  • We will start on Mobamas Gekijou S3 after we are done with releasing the rest of S2
  • Garupa Pico once Pastel Life is done
  • Work on Yama no Susume S3 has started

Mobamas Gekijou – 21

More catching up.


  • Translator: Probably me

Mobamas Gekijou – 20

More catching up.


  • Translator: Probably Jakeman95, maybe krymsun00?

Mobamas Gekijou - 19

Much belated release. Catching up before we get started with S3.


  • Translator: Probably me
  • ED Everything: Anzu

Mobamas Gekijou - 18

Also, I bought a PSVR, which means that I’ve actually played Mobamas VR now after having owned it for the better part of the year.


  • Translator: Krymsun00

Mobamas Gekijou - 17

So here are the rest of the October episodes.


  • Translator: Jocko

Mobamas Gekijou - 16

These got delayed because I was in Japan.


  • Translator: Jakeman95