Japan Trip - Day 2 (Tokyo)

here will add details later, phone + shit wifi is a pain. – ix

My body clock was pretty messed up, and I woke up at 1AM, 2AM and 4AM. At 5AM I decided that I couldn’t sleep any longer, and woke up. I had some melonpan and dumplings for breakfast. We had to wait until 9AM before we could leave because we couldn’t check out before then.

At 9AM, we left our suitcases in Tokyo Hostel and checked out. We had packed 4 days worth of clothes with us for tonight’s Capsule Inn and 3 nights at Kyoto, since we weren’t going to drag our suitcases all the way to Kyoto and back!

The only item on the agenda for the day was Akihabara. We all went to Minowa Station, stopping occasionally by the shops to buy food. After arriving at Akiba, we all went to find Tenya, the place that mit recommended for lunch. Mit would be joining us later at 12PM for lunch. Once we had found Tenya, we split up into smaller groups and went our separate ways, browsing the various shops around Animate and Toranoana. It was simply impossible to stick together as a huge group, since people are interested in different things. The huge crowds in Akiba also made it difficult.

I went off with Sara, Jecht, Ruby and Sakura and we explored Animate for a while. We didn’t buy much, because we’d have carry everything around with us to Kyoto and back. All the buying will be done in future trips to Akiba.

At 12PM, everyone met back in front of Tenya and waited for mit to show up. All I knew was that mit was wearing a black T-shirt, had an umbrella and was Japanese. Given that this description fit every other guy who walked past, it was quite amusing. Anyway, mit recognised us before we recognised him, so that was good. We went into Tenya and had to be split into small groups, since there was no way 12 people could be seated together (Japanese restaurants are often quite small). Tenya served tempura (given the name) and it was quite cheap and tasty.

After lunch, we split up again. Jecht, Ruby, Sakura, Stef, mit, TheThing, Sara and I went to a cat cafe called NekoJaLaLa and spent 90 minutes inside. The pricing was roughly 500 yen per 30 minutes and you had to buy a drink, which was quite cheap, thankfully. Inside the cafe, there were about 15 cats minding their own business. Before we were allowed to play with them, we had to wash our hands and read a list of rules. The top rule was “Please don’t do a cat violently”, which was rather amusing. Hopefully it was a poor English translation, and not something a previous customer had done.

Most of the cats were snoring away. Some of them woke up and became more active after we went in, since they probably knew that visitors = food! Inside the cafe, I took a load of pictures. The cats were all quite fat and cute. The staff showed us how to play with the cats and how to hold the ones which allowed you to hold them. We were also able to buy tuna for the cats, which they loved.

After the cat cafe, we wandered around more shops before meeting up with the rest of the group 7PM. (Need more details on a funny story about Japanese men fapping in the toilets). We went to Akihabara Station and waited for Vocalonation, who was going to have dinner with us.

After dinner, we made our way to Capsule Inn Kinshichou. (Funny story about getting lost on the way and naked men in the showers).


Given that at the time of writing this, we have to leave and catch the Shinkansen to Kyoto, time is limited so I’ll finish expanding on the details later!


So holo covered pretty much what happened until we split up so I’ll carry on with what my few random mishaps.

After leaving everyone else odin and myself went looking around some shops, I was still on a mission to obtain Mebae after all. Things kind of went to shit right away of course. First shop we come out and I lost odin, so I ended up looking around Akihabara on my own. After trekking around for a while I managed to find some shop with wall to wall eroge and hentai. It was the Holy Land. Sadly no dice on Mebae so I left empty handed again. Next shop I found was a multistory one with different things on each floor. Finally made it up to the 18+ and sure enough I found a copy of Mebae. Shop-san guy then started to ask if I spoke Japanese, and that the game would only work on Japanese computers, so I’m like “that’s fine”. Then he also gave me two free high quality posters of Mebae as well, so totally pleased with that.

Since there was another floor left I decided to go up on that too… Oh boy. This was 3D porn land. Pretty much just tits on every single DVD cover, with or without jizz on them, your choice apparently. Not wanting to look like I was embarrassed I stayed and looked around for a bit *cough*

My next epic fail was going in a shop that had figurines and seeing a sign that said there was more upstairs. Apparently it meant the 3rd floor, because I walked into some offices or something on the 2nd floor and got a few questioning looks. Even worse I got to the 3rd floor and it was full of crap figures I had no interest in >:(

A few times I walking into random cafe and had to get out before I was captured. An experience on the first night of a random maid in the street trying to get myself and teg into a cafe and then crying when we said no and begging us made me want to avoid being mean to a kawaii maid again.

As holo said we had already met up with mit, later on we met up with vocalonation too. Turns out vocal is the coolest motherfucker in Tokyo and knows pretty much every place to go. So we went to some restaurant for food with him. Not sure what it was, basically meat/fish in crispy stuff with shredded green stuff. Helpful, right?

After dinner we made our way to the capsule inn, vocal went home with plans made to meet us later in the week after we get back from Kyoto. Mit got dragged along to the capsule inn with us, since it saved him traveling home I guess.

Inn was fairly uneventful for me, some random western guy brushing his teeth kept eying up my phone I’d left in the bathroom on charge and kept moving closer to it until he was at the sink right next to it. Went for a shower in the public bath, received a critical hit from catching an eye full of cock on my way in. Didn’t stay long and went back to capsule to watch anime for an hour or two before going to sleep.


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