Clannad ~After Story~ (Blu-Ray) Announcement

Clannad ~After Story~ (Blu-Ray) Announcement

1080p (h264): [Doki] Clannad After Story – CM1 (1920×1080 h264 AAC) [D72D769F].mkv


Just a reminder that the release date for Clannad After Story approaches.

I hope that these are uploaded to Share ASAP! I really don’t feel like raiding the bank to buy it lol.


  • 1920×1080 h264 FLAC
  • 1280×720 h264 AAC
  • 848×480 h264 AAC

Subs: [SS-Eclipse]

Dual Audio Verdict: No Dual Audio. The BDMV does not contain English audio. For me to do dual audio, I would need to download the DVDs, extract audio, sync audio, make patches, etc. In short, :effort:
I have other shit to be working on.

Joseole99 will be working on the DA versions so they are in good hands.

260 comments to Clannad ~After Story~ (Blu-Ray) Announcement

  • rude

    All this talk of Clannad AS is fine and dandy but what are the chances of it being treated as Haruhi 1080p has been…

    Still waiting on them Haruhi 1080 to be finished… add YSN to the list.

  • weaver

    So if someone does upload it, does it mean lower video quality? I’m not good with these video stuff or how it works but I did hear that share RAW’s a inferior quality compared to Official encodes

    • Holo

      The reason Share raws are bad is because if you use that, and you re-encode it, you are doing Source(.ts) -> Shareraw -> Final Encode. With each encode, quality is lost.
      If you get hold of the source, you do Source(.ts) -> Final Encode and so it’s better quality. This applies to TV streams.

      For Blu-ray the source is the BDMV, ie, the exact information on the Blu-ray disk. for Clannad after story it will be a total of 250 GB to download.

  • Premature Ejaculation-tan

    Vote dual audio. It’s not like they lose anything from having an extra audio track on there, they’re not FORCED to listen to it. Just having the option available can’t hurt.

  • MLWW

    Personally I don’t really care if dual audio is in it, I’m fine either way

  • Nakiamiir

    I really can’t wait for Clannad After story!!! YAY!!

  • joseole99

    i love all the people saying no dual audio, only sub is better. or the people that say no dual audio, i don’t want to wast the space.

    it’s like they don’t realize that it would be treated the same as the other series that got dual audio treatment. it would be an [b]optional[/b] patch.

  • I don’t care as long as the english audio is not playing by default.

  • odi

    you’re downloading 10GB+ of one series and you’re going to complain if it takes up 500 MB more?

  • Question:
    Soundtrack is gonna be 5.1?

  • Stilzkin

    i’m fine with dual audio ^^ just as long as japanese audio is standard… maybe i even like the dub! i wouldnt know until i hear it

  • The English audio is on the American DVD release (which came out today) and this is the Japanese Blu-ray release.

    Unless Doki wants to make a separate release off the DVD for the English audio (which is more of a hassle), then it should be a dual audio patch for any of these three versions.

  • Home_Despot

    Fact 1: Past Data on Adding Dual Audio to Doki 720p:

    Haruhi 1: 572mb –> 611mb
    Haruhi 2: 395mb –> 432mb
    Haruhi 3: 541mb –> 580mb
    Haruhi 4: 490mb –> 526mb

    That is, about 40mb per episode. About the same as an OP or EN, by the way.

    Fact 2: There is another fansub group with “Clannad AS” big and bold on the top of their homepage. Holo might prefer to have them eat his dust, rather than having Doki eat theirs with this Doki signature anime title. If that is an issue, we need to think about what would make things easiest for Holo and the production team to be fast and fluid. Or maybe speed of release is not an issue here.

    Fact 3: Cost of BD is an issue, according to Holo’s homepage comments. So how about this: whoever supplies Holo with the funds for the BD gets priority for getting it the way they want: subs with or without dual audio, AAC or FLAC, and at donor’s preferred resolution. The rest of us can wait a bit. We can use the extra time to think about what nasty and selfish things we’ve been writing to each other lately.

    • joseole99

      i love how people assume that when they put the word “fact” in their argument it magically turns their opinions into it. all you are doing is assuming: 1. that holo wants speed in the release and somehow that will make doki’s release better and 2. that the people who supply the most funds will either be a sub lover or a dual audio lover. what if i supply the most and only want the english dub? yeah. you didn’t think of that.

      money may make the world go round but it never solves anything.

      basically when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. or in this cause an ass out of yourself.

      • skd

        This does not change the fact that:
        1-The dub sucks.
        2-Adding another flac track will increase each episode size by at least 260+ MB, 260+MB of something that sucks.That’s 6+ GB of data that nobody wants or uses.
        3-The majority do not want the dub. You can’t force them into it. Now go make your optional patch, and stop hurfing and durfing like you know anything at all.

        • martinez

          no need for patch. we can mux it by ourself. just a little help and that’s enough 😉

        • Me


          Thing is, all those *Facts* you’ve mentioned are purely your opinion and not actually proven without a doubt as being true.

          This is why people will challenge any statement labelled *Fact*.

          In short. Lol opinions.

        • joseole99

          one again you add “fact” to justify your opinions.
          1) i like dubs, i think this dub is awesome.
          2) i want the additional 6GB of space
          3) no one is being forced into anything, i’ve stated multiple times to make a patch. yet people like you still bitch about the dub.

          see look at that, all your facts, were just opinions. you to have made an ass of yourself cause you tried to make what you want into fact.

          • skd

            What I said were all facts. 1-Dub literally sucks 2-requires more space 3-majority doesn’t want it.

            You just can’t see the difference between facts and opinionated literature.

          • joseole99

            i like the dub. therefore the dub sucks is your opinion.

            you said that most don’t want to waste the space. it’s not a waste to me. therefore waste of space is your opinion.

            you said the majority doesn’t want it. but who are you to speak for the majority? therefore it’s an opinion yet again.

            and you say i can’t see a difference…

          • skd

            1-The dub sucks is not my opinion. It is the truth.
            2-What does requiring more space has with anything to do with opinions? Adding dub = more space is a fact that has nothing to do with opinions. It has nothing to do with people wanting or not wanting to waste space.
            3-Majority already spoke for itself, not me.

          • Me


            You must have a really high opinion of yourself to consider your own opinions as fact lol.

            Simple fact

            1. You don’t speak for everyone, so stop claiming you do.

          • skd

            Ok. “The dub sucks” is my opinion, but I’m not the only who thinks so. I believe most Clannad fans share the same opinion. Only people who don’t are regular dub watchers.

          • Me


            No one cares that you, or anyone else here hates the dub, people just find it annoying when other people try to pass opinions off as fact.

          • IZEROII

            skd you are a joke and I couldn’t help but laugh at your ignorance. Passing off opinion as fact…wow.

          • Me


            Well said, though be careful, he may come back and rage at you. I must admit, although Std is an unplesant person, his raging was kinda funny..

            Std is his new name, well what I call him :3

  • Dex

    No dub please,
    I’ll never use them anyway
    and is Clannad AS upscaled or native 1080p

  • Phil

    Thanks for your work.
    I also vote for single audio because dual audio is just a waste of space. So a dual audio patch is probably the best for people who wants it (I don’t)

  • kotomifan

    please make the 848×480 version XVID.

  • Zaggy

    Why adding the dub ? People could just add the dub themselves if they want (its not that hard, come on, demux the dub from a english release with tsMuxeR and mux it back with the Doki BD release)

    • joseole99

      sorry dude, but it rarely works like that. please don’t comment on something you know nothing about.

      • Zaggy

        Actually I do it all the time, theres really no good french dub with a good video so I take the french dub and put it on an good video release and it works perfectly. (I watch them with japanese with sub but most people here want to watch them in french thats why i do that)

      • skd

        Don’t comment on anything. Leave it to the king of patchwork joseole99. He obviously has experience in adding dubs to people’s releases and then tagging it with his name. When he does that, dub people can get his release. Needless to say, no one in the world knows anything about anything except him.

        • Zaggy

          eee I just say if you want something do it yourself and don’t rely on the subbers. Take whats good from every release, combine into one and stop complaining.

          I’m not releasing stuff or distrubuing stuff. It’s for my personal use. If I want to watch it in a different language with someone else irl, I can do it. It’s not for torrents or some poeple at the end of the world I don’t know and don’t care about.

          So stop complaining and stop acting like a retard.

        • joseole99

          i have yet to receive any complaints for what i do from the groups that i use to make my remuxes… why you ask? cause not only to i credit my sources in every post i make, i also credit them in every file i mux together.

          throwing my name on the file is a way to distinguish them. oh and also, holo actually said it was okay, actually, it was liked that i thought doki was a great source.

          also, i am the king of patchwork. if you haven’t noticed, i do know what i’m talking about. because well, who can say they brought as much joy as i did to the world of HD dubs? besides OZC, a-S and Cman21 and occasionally Kira and CGi

          • Me


            Just ignore Skd, lol more STD in his nature. I’ve seen no end of people thank you for what you do, simply put Joseole99, a lot of people respect and thank you for what you do, Skd however is just some nameless loser trying to cause problems,

          • skd

            @Me: You’re the loser tard. Learn the difference between high profile Japanese voice actors and your picked-off-the-street people who voice your shitty dubs.

          • Me


            Now you’re raging on the internet because you don’t like what people are saying. Grow up already, again you seem to hold yourself to a high regard and think whatever you say is undenyable fact, I see a lot of people like you on here.

  • joseole99, IZEROII & Me are retards

    GTFO already you dirty dub-loving fuckers.

  • skd

    @Me: same trick doesn’t work twice, tard.

  • Haters gonna hate. This is a great dub. The only questionable voice actor is Greg Aryes (who is playing the comedy character) and he isn’t even that bad.

    Since Martinez says that they can mux the dual audio, I would say go for making these releases dual audio.
    But since there’s a lot of people who hate the English dub, it should be a patch, unless joseole99 be the only one to make a dual audio release.

  • Azunyan

    I for one would not like the English audio taking up space on my hard drive. If there is demand, than make the tracks available via patch.

    Before anyone complains about having to patch every episode, well I don’t want to demux each of my episodes. I’d expect more people to not want Eng audio so arrangements should accommodate the majority.

  • Lily

    I’m not quite familiar with all this encoding stuff, so could someone please give me an estimate on how long could/should it take for the first release (I assume it would be the first disc from the box) to be out the door from the moment when Holo gets his hands on a source? Thank you in advance!

  • Lily

    Thank you for the prompt reply, Holo! I appreciate your efforts!

  • ene13

    I think people should not rage over this tpoic so much. Fact of the matter is, only the intellectually slow cannot handle reading 1 line or more text during an anime show and processing it in there brain along with the picture quality. I do not want to be mean to anyone, but for the sake of us smart people who enjoy listening and learning to japanese, do not make the english dub a large part of the files. In fact, I strongly support a separate patch for the English Audio

  • odi

    lulz; skd, could you imagine how much worse it would sound if the Japanese voice-actors tried to voice the english themselves? xD

    i want the dual-audio english patch, if possible.

    and rofl @ trying to state the “facts”

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