Clannad ~After Story~ (Blu-Ray) Announcement

Clannad ~After Story~ (Blu-Ray) Announcement

1080p (h264): [Doki] Clannad After Story – CM1 (1920×1080 h264 AAC) [D72D769F].mkv


Just a reminder that the release date for Clannad After Story approaches.

I hope that these are uploaded to Share ASAP! I really don’t feel like raiding the bank to buy it lol.


  • 1920×1080 h264 FLAC
  • 1280×720 h264 AAC
  • 848×480 h264 AAC

Subs: [SS-Eclipse]

Dual Audio Verdict: No Dual Audio. The BDMV does not contain English audio. For me to do dual audio, I would need to download the DVDs, extract audio, sync audio, make patches, etc. In short, :effort:
I have other shit to be working on.

Joseole99 will be working on the DA versions so they are in good hands.

260 comments to Clannad ~After Story~ (Blu-Ray) Announcement

  • jmaeshawn

    If there’s not dual audio in the Blu-ray set, then just forget it. It’d be a really huge pain to sync together audio from 2 different sources to match, for something that most people don’t want.

    If there dual audio in the BD’s, then please just do it as a patch, okay? 🙂

  • ero_sennin

    i agree with jmaeshawn
    skip dual audio

  • Kel

    Since the English audio doesn’t exist now anyway, there’s no need to debate dual-audio. If in 2012/2013 when the english dual audio release comes to America, people want it, then maybe a special patch cane be made. But it’s a pointless debate right now. (As for me, english audio sucks generally but the Clannad one is especially horrible).

  • Pink

    even though some dubs are real bad I always prefer dual-audio I’d like to have options watching my anime. some anime are best watched in English some are not.

  • Personally, I didn’t like the dub. Some of the voices just didn’t match at all.
    But, I don’t see why releasing the English audio in a separate patch wouldn’t be a good idea.

  • shani

    who listens to english half-assed dubs anyways. i will be getting my share from you guys of course.

    just that despite being an ss-eclipse fan, i have to be honest here, sporket had much superior subs for clannad and after story.

  • shani

    this will make my 5th BD archive from doki;

    the previous 4 series were
    kanon 2006
    and most recently seto no hanayome.

    i hardly archive BDs, but key series must be seen in BD a least once <3

    yet to watch seto no hanayome though, since I heard all the good things about it, but never saw a complete fansub release, so Doki's one will be my first time watching it. 🙂

  • Great 3 more weeks of crying like a baby. Damn you doki D:

  • Perfect Chaos

    After Haruhi, Clannad is my 2nd favorite series, so back when the DVD were coming out I decided to double-dip and buy the dual-audio release again despite having already bought all of the sub-only release. (I didn’t want to trade it in, which ended up being a good choice since the dual-audio’s packaging sucks, with the thick case that has all of the discs stacked into one place, instead of having additional flaps [whatever they’re called].) Putting the packaging aside, when I heard the Clannad dub, it became half the reason I decided to not buy After Story’s dual-audio release. It was bad enough to make me simple refuse to buy it. And I just can’t stand Sunohara’s sub voice; he makes me want to poke out my eardrums… LOL
    The acting, for the most part, wasn’t absolutely terrible in the dub; it was just that they butchered names like no other…

    Anyway, just expressing my opinion on the dub in a roundabout way.

    PS: How about that Haruhi BD release… ^_^
    But I guess that I, personally, would prefer Clannad AS to get released first since I actually own the Haruhi BDs. It just would be nice to someday have a digital copy of Haruhi with better subs and whatnot.
    *continues to hold faith in Holo*

  • amen665

    without the dubs is fine with me also.


    Firs off dubs don’t kill anime. Some dubs are bad some are very good. Secondly, I don’t care what the decision is. Whatever is easier. If Doki doesn’t do it, Joseole99 will eventually get to doing it and you’ll see it on BakaBT. I’ve never gotton around to starting Clannad so I can’t comment on if the dub is “bad”. Language preference is 100% bias which isn’t a bad thing since it’s all about preference. I’m a 50/50 guy on which language I watch it in and it mainly has to do on the genre. So I say flip a coin lol.

    • sonikku10

      I like that way of thinking! lol
      But in all honesty, though, the Clannad dub was, in my opinion, sub-par. If only Sentai put forth the resources to make a pretty good dub like they did with Canaan… oh well.


      I knew this was coming, but found myself squealing when I read the post.

  • Clannad Man

    =D seeing this is going to make my year!!! =D

  • Elvin21

    Anticipating this one to come very soon… On dual audio, not a fan of it… But if there’s one, it should come on a form of a patch on those who want it…

  • Again dual audio debate?! Only few people need ’em, so it should be released separately.

  • Assasin_Cross

    DUal Audio!

  • joseole99

    i will be doing this if doki doesn’t release the dual audio. for the select few people that do enjoy having the english audio. i have no clue when or if i will start it. but it’s on my list just in case.

  • Player697

    I hope ~AS~’s episodes get released by doki fast and prioritized over the other BD shows..

    looking forward to it , 🙂

  • kotomifan

    848×480 XVID Version Please, just like in Clannad.

  • Me

    Having watched the Clannad After Story dub, I’m left somewhat agreeing with some people that it isn’t the best dub ever but not the worst either, more a 5/10 watchable but not great experience.

    Point being it comes down to taste more than anything.

    Also I agree with the person saying about some voices in the dub sounding way older than what they’re meant to be, if I’m understanding right they’ve cast a lot of the popular voice actors from many moons ago, many of which probably sound too old to be in the business still. If you’re a fan of them, then I would say you’d love it, if you’re neutral you’d be more critical of their performance.

    • Me

      Also, I don’t like Nagisas voice, Kyou sounds too old, and Fukos was annoying in the first Clannad series, also Kotomi has the perfect dub voice. :3

      Tomoyo was acceptable.

      Well my opinion anyway <3

  • Andeee

    I would just like to say that some of signs of the Clannad BD were not there as they were probably hardsubbed by [SS-Eclipse]
    So if possible, could you add them in for ~AS~?
    otherwise love your releases and anticipating this

  • clannadrocks

    No for Dub.
    No for ordered chapters.

  • clannadrocks

    Yes for CRF 14. (at least for 1080p ver.)
    Yes for Doki ^_^

  • freshy1993

    Without English Audio is better.

  • Asian_InvAsian

    If my memory serves me right, there were some typos in the first few episodes(SS-Eclipse). I assume you will be fixing this?

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