Bungaku Shoujo Memoire - 01

Bungaku Shoujo Memoire – 01

Touko is one weird girl. But she’s cute.

Many thanks to ZeroYuki for the TL. Expect OVA 3 soon.

ZeroYuki EDIT: As usual I will do some trash talking in an attempt to make Bungaku Shoujo seem like a big deal. Well, it is actually, and you have to watch it for yourself. This first memoire OVA is about Touko’s childhood (her book eating abilities) and events leading to her finding out about Konoha. The end scene of this is actually the start scene of the Bungaku Shoujo Movie. Go watch the movie if you haven’t. But i’m not sure how you’re going to download ours since anirena sort of died. In any case, Monokage’s version is good.

As for Bungaku Shoujo Memoire III, the release date was Christmas Eve but due to the lack of decent raws, I have no idea when we will release it. Ultimately a DVDISO is most preferred, but we will still make do with pre-encoded raws. The only thing threatening this show from completion is my enlistment for army in February. I certainly hope we will release by then.

SD (h264): [Doki] Bungaku Shoujo Memoire – 01 (720×480 h264 DVD AC3) [F06F4604].mkv

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