Idol Time PriPara - 005

Idol Time PriPara – 005

Punicorn went through manager training this week and made us faster!  Impressive things can happen when your manager gets all trained up, breaks out the whip, and knows what to do with it!

For those wondering:

  • PP78 @QC
  • PP79 @Edit&TS
  • PP80 @TLC
  • PP81+ @TL

<jakeman95>Why is Yui so saucy in her Fantasy Time Coord?!
<Pikminiman> screenshots plox
<jakeman95> same outfit as ep1
<Pikminiman> boi i sed scrnshots pl0X
<jakeman95> I called it last week
<jakeman95> when it hit 5 something would happen
<Pikminiman> Yeah, that’s a pretty saucy Yui.
<Pikminiman> Nice midriff.


<krymsun00> You know, when I saw that girl in the clock tower, I remember Jocko’s comment about Glock Land and briefly dreamed of that girl being a double uzi wielding gangster ass Falulu 2.0

720p: [Doki] Idol Time PriPara – 005 (1280×720 HEVC AAC) [646ED938].mkv

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