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Idol Time PriPara – 008

Idol Time PriPara – 008

Two episodes in one week!  See!  It’s possible if you put your mind to it (and people get their work done)!

With that, I’m looking for a dreamin’ TS to help with getting PriPara S2 moving again.  If you have done TS before and would be willing to help with it, please message me on IRC!  I would really like to get it done.

<Pikminiman>What must I do to permanently end Takki’s bloodline?

<krymsun00> This episode proves my yuri theory. Doesn’t get much gayer than rainbow hearts formed from two girls holding hands talking about fate

<jakeman95>Is it possible to be worse at sports than these two?


720p: [Doki] Idol Time PriPara – 008 (1280×720 HEVC AAC) [3E773A86].mkv
Torrent | XDCC
Brand New Happiness

  • TL: krymsun00
  • Guesswork/Edit/Ktime/KFX: jakeman95

5 comments to Idol Time PriPara – 008

  • Sora9427

    If i want to start the PriPara series, can i start from this one or it’s a direct sequel (Or indirect) to the other previous seasons?

    • krymsun00

      You can start here. This has new characters (aside from Lala) in a new setting. You won’t fully appreciate all the cameos from previous seasons, but they explain enough that you aren’t like “who the hell?”

      • Sora9427

        I see, Thanks for the rpely to you and the others 🙂
        I like knowing the characters and starting from the beginning usually so i guess when i start i’ll start from the beginning Waiting meanwhile for here to finish what’s missing since it’s not something i’ll watch soon anyway! What’s missing here to translate as number of episodes may i ask? Last one is 76 right?

  • RandomPerson

    I recommend starting at the beginning as there is a huge backlog of already translated episodes (1-76, 93-126). It will be all fine until you hit 76 :).

    • jakeman95

      I don’t think it specifically matters if you start with PriPara or Idol Time. Granted, if you watch Idol Time, you get spoiled to a few things that happen in PriPara, but let’s be honest, you knew they were going to eventually happen despite whatever odds may be stacked against them.

      With that, S1 of Idol Time is, IMO, better than S2 of PriPara. Tho S1 of PriPara is better than S1 of Idol Time so far… But that might be my bias against Ajimi and other things that feel lacking.

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