Idol Time PriPara - 002

Idol Time PriPara – 002

In this episode, our beloved idols get down and dirty as they work to get one step closer to their dreams!

Yes, yes, S2, I know.  The group working on Idol Time is partially different than the one working on S2…. and the next episode of S2 should be out in a couple days(tm).  I can’t really tie people down and make them work… yet…

<krymsun00> Also, my comment is that I’m diggin‘ this show.
<krymsun00> digging in italics
<pcj> she really dug herself in a hole this time
<Aiha>My brain still doesn’t work fast enough to come up with any comments
<Aiha> :C

720p: [Doki] Idol Time PriPara – 002 (1280×720 HEVC AAC) [AA5EBD48].mkv

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  • Time: Aiha

3 comments to Idol Time PriPara – 002

  • don juan

    They recycle lala’s performance from pripara and she does not even get a new song.

    • jakeman95

      I’m kind of wondering if they’ll eventually like… have Lala leave or nicely write her out mostly. I have this feeling that eventually it’ll be mainly the new girls (kind of like how Aikatsu’s 3rd and later seasons went). But who knows… I really like Yui.

    • pcj

      She had to sing a song that Yui would recognize so she would realize it was really her.

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