Idol Time PriPara - 003

Idol Time PriPara – 003

Episode 3 brought to you by Takki, Hells Furnace, sugar, little girls, and everything nice!

Our normal TSer had to work this week(end), so Pikmen95 stepped in to help.  If you want to help with TSing, stop by #doki-recruits and let us know!

<jakeman95> krymsun00… can i flip table at this yume-kyun-kyun?
<krymsun00> You’ll have to put it upright first, cuz i’m pretty sure I already did
<jakeman95> LOL
<krymsun00> Give me Miss Inudstrial Region contests all day, but i fucking hate when people speak in onomatopoeia
<jakeman95> OMG krymsun00! you didn’t….
<jakeman95> She wouldn’t…
<jakeman95> One wouldn’t eat a bird of misfortune…
<krymsun00> Oooo that.
<jakeman95> I wonder if I “typo” Dreamy-cute! Magical Clock Land! to uh… somethign different… if anyone would notice >__>
<jakeman95> xD
<Jocko> Dreamy-cute! Magical Glock Land! ?
<jakeman95> Uh
<jakeman95> yes
<Pikminiman> Mouse Lala best Lala
<Pavais> i totally can’t type the heart at the end of the sentence, but
<Pavais> It’s the system.
<jakeman95> wtf is with her eyes on that one?
<Pikminiman> That is a good question.
<Pikminiman> I think it’s an evolutionary response to try and attract bees to pollinate her face.
<krymsun00> I’ll pollinate her face if you know what I mean
* @krymsun00 immediately regrets being a lolicon for the sake of a bad joke
<jakeman95> xD
<jakeman95> krymsun00, I’ve been claiming her this whole time!
<jakeman95> I get first dibs!
<krymsun00> Dare I say bukkake?
<krymsun00> Sharing is caring.

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Ep 003:

  • TS: Pikmen95 (jakeman95 x Pikminiman)

3 comments to Idol Time PriPara – 003

  • kaiji

    Its nice to see people start using hevc format. But is there a reason to enable strong-intra-smoothing, b-intra and sao. These options mostly will smoothen things.

  • SomeRandomGuy

    Keep posting the conversations you guys have, its just too good! Long time fan of your work, keep it up Doki!

  • P

    Your rice balls are so warm and soft.{I swear, I don’t start typing with sexual innuendo in mind.}

    Shall we make DAISUKI?

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