Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil - 01

Wizard Barristers - 01

No kara this week, will add it to next ep. Vocal had to go sleep, it’s late in Japan!

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You can also check out his latest pics here. The Illya cosplay from the c85 is nice! Be sure to follow him on twitter to hear about his travels in Japan as they happen!

Here’s a few photos vocal took of places in the show.

Vocalonation: that is the sakura river they visted at the end lol
Vocalonation: That’s the Sumida river i believe
Vocalonation: this is from the park they are in at 17:17 as well
Vocalonation: here is the ame yoko thing whatever
Vocalonation: here’s the gate where she gets stopped at the beginning


  • Translator: Vocalonation
  • Typesetting: biki
  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • Edit/QC: ShijouTakane
  • Timing/Project Leader: ixlone

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