Tomoyo After - English Patch v1.1

(Note: Windows patch is out.  The linux/mac version will be out and appended to this post as soon as I get a hold of our linux/mac patcher – until then you can copy the files manually if you want it immediately.)

You can post error reports about the game itself here.

You can post errors in the scripts here.

Hello everyone! Delwack here. It’s been about 6 months since I’ve taken over the VN department here at Doki, and today I am proud to finally bring you version 1.1 of the Tomoyo After patch. With this patch we’ve fully translated all the items, attacks, combat log text and scenes in the D&T minigame. In addition, we’ve fixed a plethora of errors in the text and images in the main game. I want to thank our all the translators, editors, coders, QA and testers for their hard work over the past six months. I also want to thank all of Doki’s fans for patiently waiting for this release. This will be Doki’s final major Tomoyo After patch release until the Memorial Edition. You can still report bugs in the visual novel section of the forums and we will incorporate the fixes into our next release.

Doki’s TA team will now be moving on to our next project: cleaning up the Clannad translation. We hope to carry on the legacy of the many many great people who’ve worked on the project. Much of it is quite good but parts of it are also not up to par and the whole thing is rather inconsistent. Considering the total amount of text in Clannad, this is going to be a very, very long project. Internally we still haven’t decided how we will be going about releasing this. It’s too long to do it all in one shot, so we may be releasing patches as we do our work on routes, but nothing is final yet! Our first task is to reconcile all of the pieces of the Clannad project out there. There are at least two SVNS, a wiki, and a bunch of other enhancements that have been made to the project on and off the years (like the full voice additions). Sorting it all out will take some time. We’ll try to keep you updated on progress in one way or another as the project advances.

Also, if you haven’t heard about the fan project to reach out to Key and tell them how much we love them, check it out at The deadline for letters and messages is April 1st, and the deadline for images and other media submissions is April 27th.

As with all patches, you can try to keep your old saves, but they may not be compatible with the previous patch. Due to the nature of this particular patch, there should be fewer instances where old saves are completely incompatible, so feel free to give it a shot! We hope everyone enjoys this release, and enjoys Tomoyo After.

– Delwack

PS. The ME version is still on our schedule, but we aren’t there yet!

And now, a speech from the Clannad Man:

(NOTE: Hey, it’s not really a speech! I already did that during the last release!)

So Tomoyo After is complete, Little Busters! EX is progressing, and Clannad is being reviewed for a long overdue cleanup. All is well over at the Doki Visual Novel Department. I must say, it is immensely satisfying to see the final patch for Tomoyo After complete. The so called ‘unfinishable’ project is now over and done with. Kudos to everyone that worked on it; you did a great job.

The VN Department’s efforts will be split from here on out to work on Clannad and LB! EX. Naturally, these teams are happy to obtain additional translation and editing help from skilled, passionate individuals. If you’re interested in volunteering your time to help make these projects as successful as possible, please contact Holo at or stop by #Doki-recruits on IRC and say hello.

I’m off to continue working behind the scenes while Delwack guides the translation teams along. There’s plenty of work to be done, and likewise, a lot to be excited over. Look forward to what lies ahead!

– Clannad Man

Windows: Tomoyo_After_English_v1.10_[Doki].exe

Torrent | XDCC

(Note: An official English release of Tomoyo After will be published by VisualArt’s. Please look forward to their release.)

Linux/Mac: Soon

Torrent | XDCC

Readme: Click here

144 comments to Tomoyo After – English Patch v1.1

  • It’s so beautiful! *sniff!*

    • Rawr

      Lol, anyway I recently started watching Little Busters, I know it’s based after the visual novel or something right? But it’s quite a good show.

      • Hey Rawr! Yeah… it’s based off of a visual novel. (I know you know it is!!) It’s almost like I’ve seen it around here somwehere…

        *cough* nothing to see here *cough*

        Anyways, I’m glad you’re enjoying the show. I always go into adapted shows with minimal expectations so that if I watch one and enjoy it, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s a bit more left in the anime, so we’ll see how it wraps up!

  • Lucidity

    Clannad Man – A true man of words! ( ¬‿¬)

  • Rokudaime

    It’s a glorious day! ^^

  • Rokudaime

    Everyone, please remember to read the readme first before you play, and if you’re encountering errors or problems, have a look at the previous pages of the Tomoyo After Game Error Thread (link in the post) in the forums before you post about it. It may already have been posted and answered. Thank you. 😉

  • lohenggrin

    For LB!EX, I heard Sasami & Kanata route has been completed, how bout a partial patch for both Routes before Tokido’s part ?

    • Good day, lohenggrin. As of right now, the LB! team wants to focus on continuing its translation and editing work. However, there have been rumblings about potentially releasing a partial patch containing multiple routes over the upcoming summer. While this isn’t a promise, it seems reasonable considering the goals they have outlined internally.

  • hoorah for completion !
    much obliged to the Doki VN Team, i for one from many appreciate the work and all its efforst that’s been put into.

    shall very much look forward to LB! EX and Clannad retouched to perfection 😀

  • Dax

    I really can’t be more happier, thanks a lot, my team really appreciates it :3

  • Frediloc

    I’m so happy to see this project finally come to completion. Thanks so much to everyone who has put work into it over the years.

    I’m even more excited to see that work is finally going to be done on CLANNAD! I’m really glad that you guys have chosen to take the time and effort to completely go through the work so far and reconcile the different parts together. It’s obviously going to take quite a while, but I couldn’t be happier to see a dedicated team such as yourselves hanker down to put some real effort into making a quality finished product.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to future developments!

    • Hi Frediloc. The VN guys appreciate your kind words!

      Some members of the VN Division have been pushing to work on Clannad for a while now. I of course would be a fan of such action; Delwack & Phlebas originally led the prior Clannad translation team at Baka-Tsuki, so they’re also eager to resume work on it.

      I personally considered it an honor to have the opportunity to help complete the storied Clannad Translation Project, and I know the members of the VN teams feel the same way.

  • Cosmonaut

    Is this patch compatible with the previous patch?

    • Random

      Really? I mean, it was the last paragraph of his statement.

      “As with all patches, you can try to keep your old saves, but they may not be compatible with the previous patch. Due to the nature of this particular patch, there should be fewer instances where old saves are completely incompatible, so feel free to give it a shot! We hope everyone enjoys this release, and enjoys Tomoyo After.”

      • Cosmonaut

        I don’t mean will my old saves work, I mean can I have the previous patch installed and then apply this one, or do I have to apply this patch to a fresh install.

        • While I generally recommend a clean install, is is not necessary to do so if you have the Version 1.0 patch installed. I suppose it is possible you could find a compatibility issue, but I never found any during my play-through tests.

  • MadNinja

    I think I’ll wait until the ME patch comes out since I held out playing it for this long already. When you say Little Busters! EX is progressing, does that mean LB!ME is also progressing? because I’d rather play LB! without H-scenes (too many lolis make me uncomfortable :P) or at least an all-ages patch along with it. Keep up the good work and Good luck with fixing up the Clannad translation!

    • Hello angry ninja person! Greetings!

      To answer your questions, yes, Little Busters! EX and ME are both progressing. I can understand your preference to play the non-H versions of these games (I have the same preference), though it will be some time before the VN Division focuses on the Memorial Edition of Tomoyo After – Clannad and Little Busters! will both receive priority until one of the two projects are completed.

      If you have any additional questions about Little Busters!, feel free to ask in the forums or on this page.

      If you want to review updates for Little Busters! on your own, be sure to favorite this link:

  • Scouten

    HOW PERFECT i was just about to start this VN iv had it patched and on the back burner from when you first released it and i was thinking of starting it just a few days ago lol good thing i waited.

  • rupus

    Oh! I didn’t know you were working on LB Ex. Super cool.

  • MeiKo

    Thanks for the patch Doki! BTW, I noticed that Tomoyo After was originally not made for linux and mac and I was curious as to how you guys managed to port it? Is it possible for someone to point me to a particular source as to how I could do this?

  • asd

    Why would you work on tomoyo after before finishing clannad? I really want to play both games but i want to do tomoyos route in the original first.

    Thanks for the patch though

  • GoshujinSama

    @Clannad Man (or anyone else who may know)
    Hows this english patch different from this one?
    Would your eng patch work with the game dl from this source?

  • LL

    Thanks for the patch!

    Btw, in previous patch, I’ve finish the game, got true end, but I didn’t saw any minigame in progress. Did I make wrong choices or because the patch?

    And regard font change bugs, is it fixed?

    • Hello LL! I could tell you how to access D&T, but that would involve spoiling part of the experience. I will say that the choices you make help determine if D&T becomes unlocked. ^^

      So yes, D&T has been modified to be played in English. The version in this patch functions much better than the one in the prior patch. As for font and spacing issues, some have been fixed, though I would still suggest using a simple (perhaps bold) font to optimize your experience.

  • aoishiro

    Clannad looked finished to me. Me personally do not need perfect translation. But for the love of god please do little buster ex first. It feels like a huge hole to me you know, reading the normal version little buster but can’t access this ex content.

    I’m just one man voicing his opinion, but i’m sincerely hope you guys reconsider doing clannad and instead do liitle buster ex first. If you do clannad first which you said so yourself going to take tremendous amount of time, how long will i have to wait for EX? 3 years 4?

    I already have the EX game, feels so close yet so so far away. I’m sorry for my english, at last thank you for your effort. In the end i only could hope you reconsider this. Thank you.

    • Hey there aoishiro. There’s no need to worry – work on Little Busters EX has been underway for some time now, even from before Fluffy’s merger into the Doki VN Dept. Clannad and LB! EX will be worked on at the same time. Work on Little Busters will be done by the members of it’s former caretaker (Fluffy) along with some other VN Division staff. Meanwhile, much of the Tomoyo After team (which includes those who had previously worked on the Clannad project) will pursue work on Clannad.

      Depending on which team finishes first, members from the team with the completed project will become available to either assist the other team. Alternatively, they may choose to work on Tomoyo After’s Memorial Edition.

  • Rokudaime

    After firing up the game just once, I immediately got addicted to this song all over again : ) : So beautiful and sad… :'(

    • Did you know there was a recent re-release of the song? The lyrics were sung by Lia and written by Jun Maeda himself. I think it’s very, very well done.

      • Rokudaime

        Ooooh! Link please! Onegai shimasu, Clannad Man-sama! :3

        • The audio quality isn’t exactly steller, but for the purposes of a preview this should work just fine. The lyrics hold more meaning to those that have completed the game, therefore to anyone out there who doesn’t know Japanese, I’d suggest waiting until you complete the game before looking for a translation to the lyrics. As a final note, this song was also made into a Vocaloid remix, for those that are interested. (I personally prefer this one!)

          • Rokudaime

            Thanks! ^^ It is well done indeed! Btw, the lyrics are translated in the video. 😉

          • I didn’t say where one would look for them, only to wait before looking for them!

          • JbstormburstADV

            …Have you thought about doing a patch to replace the original version in the game with this version. It might be popular, and it has the same kind of appeal in regards to its music as when Arc Systems released Guilty Gearr XX #Reload.

  • SieghartXx

    Yay~ and I just began playing Tomoyo after xD Now I just have to wait for little busters Ex *-*

  • Today is a wonderful day! An excelent translation, and an annoucement of LB:EX e Clannad… I’m very happy… I’m looking forward to this. Good job, congratulations! Thank you very much (^-^)

  • Bob

    So this is the 18+ version right? If so, i heard that the all ages edition has tons of new content, so why not finish that first?

    • Holo

      I think the games run on different engines? Or something. It wasn’t possible to just jump to the all ages edition.

    • Rokudaime

      The one with extra content is the Memorial Edition, which, like Holo mentioned, uses a different engine. As such, the team wants to focus on finishing Clannad and Little Busters EX and ME first, before moving on to Tomoyo After ME after that.

  • Réboy

    So this mean Tomoyo ME isn’t to far away?

    • Rokudaime

      Afraid not. It’s far away. Like the release post says, what will be worked on now is Clannad and Little Busters EX and ME, and Clannad in particular will probably take a very long time. Tomoyo After ME will only be worked on once these two projects are done, so it’s a long way off. But hang in there. 😉 Once one of the two teams finish their project, they will be available to assist the other team so they can finish their project faster as well, and once both projects are done, TA ME wil be next.

  • Blade

    where can i buy/download the game to use the patch 🙁

    • Josh

      I’d recommend checking or then using a forwarding service to order it. This version of the game was a first press limited edition, therefore, is challenging to come across by normal means. A forwarding service I’ve had good experiences with in the past is and I do believe I’ve seen a guide on how to use forwarding services somewhere on this site? Maybe in the comments somewhere, but if you ask around I’m sure we have a number of people in the community who would be more than willing to assist you! As for downloading it, a simple search in Google would most likely find adequate results, but I am not willing to help with that. Good luck and enjoy the game!

    • I think Josh provided some good suggestions. I’ve had success buying through Japanese auction sites (typically Yahoo! Auctions Japan) while using a proxy service. My personal favorite proxy is Taigaya ( ) because they always pack the items I buy really well and their fees are relatively small. Usually I wouldn’t recommend eBay because of the scarcity of the original version of this game, but there is a copy of said original edition up for sale there.

      I hope this helps, and like Josh says, enjoy!

  • rude

    Holo, Clannad Man, Rokudaime or any VN staff member if you may help answer my question.

    In regards to Little Busters will you explain how both Little Busters and EX play out? What I mean is I’ve heard that you may need the original for something in EX? I don’t know how that works and I have both games but haven’t played them yet (Still playing Kanon).

    So could this be explained either here or/and when a post to Little Buster is made out in the future to clarify this please?

    Also, thanks for the v1.1 patch!

    • Hi rude! Before I begin, I’ve just got to say that it’s interesting that I’ve received as many questions about Little Busters! since the final Tomoyo After patch was released as about TA! Could it be that people are REALLY looking forward to Little Busters? I think so! ^^

      I’m sure the next post regarding a LB! patch will contain appropriate installation instructions, probably via a Readme file. As for instructions for how to install the current patch (released by Fluffy before their merger into the Doki VN Dept.), the following page should help:

      Depending on the version of the game you have (Original, EX, ME) you’ll need to install a different patch. Why? The game engines are different from one version to the next. The original LB! translation is complete, and therefore the patch is comprehensive. The previously released EX and ME patches were constructed to include the original parts of the game in English while leaving the rest untranslated. There are some issues which have arisen with the EX and ME patches because they represent partial translations for the updated games. Still, it’s a nice alternative for those that can’t get their hands on an original copy of Little Busters.

      Was I able to sufficiently answer your questions? I hope so. Enjoy whatever VN is next on your play list!

      • rude

        Thanks for the reply! I understand about the patch dilemma, sorry for not clarifying that my question isn’t concerning the patch but how the link between Little Busters and EX/ME are inter-connected. Let me see if I can rephrase it.

        Is Little Busters EX somehow needed for something in that game such as extra scenes using the original Little Busters somehow? Maybe I didn’t understand properly as I read on a few threads on it that made it seem EX is needed somehow by the original.

        So I apologize if my question is odd. I am just wondering if either game is required that share something as some console games do (via saved game file) for extra content only available in that manner or is the link only story-wise which is what I think might be the case?

        • Josh

          Little Busters! Ecstasy has three additional character routes as well as a few extended routes for characters from the original game, and an edited common route. The additional character routes for Tokido Saya, Futaki Kanata, and Sasasegawa Sasami require you to either complete all the other routes and Refrain (unlocked after completing all of the character routes and Rin 2) in the Ecstasy version of the game, or import a save from the original version of the game where you have done the same. At least that’s the theory. When you load the Ecstasy/Memorial versions of the game for the first time a box saying sonething along the lines of, “Do you know the secret of the world?” will appear with the options “Yes” and “No”. If I’m to recall correctly if you select “Yes” you need to have a save from the original game with said completion. If you select “No”, you’re going to be required to go through all of the other Ecstasy content before you can access the three new character routes. That being said, the importing save part may be me incorrectly linking things together and the option could just be there and you choose which one without any type of confirmation.

        • Rokudaime

          Rude, you don’t need LB EX in order to unlock certain stuff in regular LB or vice-versa, if that’s what you mean. Same applies to the ME version. The EX and ME versions of the game has extra content not available in the regular version, but that content can only be accessed in those versions, and you do not need the regular version of the game to unlock those things. The EX and ME patches currently available just allow you to play the full regular version of the game on an EX or ME copy of the game, but without any of the new content from the EX and ME versions. They are not full EX or ME patches. Those are still being worked on. I hope that answered your question?

        • rude

          Yes that helped a ton! ♫I can see clearly now the rain is…never mind. Thanks for the reply Josh and Rokudaime. Saved your words once I get to LB and LB EX. Thanks again!

  • i guess i like surprise clannad man 😀 ehehe finally after many month waiting its finis 😀 arigatou hontou ni arigatougozaimashita bless you all

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