Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 - 4) - Batches

Zero no Tsukaima - Batch

So we decided on releasing a complete batch with all the series in it, and here it is. All files are patched with any updates that were made.

All future reseeding of this series done by us will be of these 4 torrents only.

Update by anonmylol: Now in HEVC as well, including the missing NCOPs, NCEDs & Picture Dramas. This is something like a trial run, so we appreciate your feedback. If you have trouble playing the files, try updating your player, most should already have HEVC support.

HD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][1280×720 HEVC BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

HD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

HD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][1280×720 h264 BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

SD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC

200 comments to Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) – Batches

  • Arno Nymus

    Is there any need to get this if I alread have the seperate batch torrents?

  • Geese1

    Thanks; this will make it nice and easy to replace all my archived TV seasons!

  • Rawr

    Good job with Zero No Tsukaima Doki.

    I think this is Dokis biggest torrent in terms of number of episodes overall right?

    History being made here :3

  • Okiya

    I never get why people like Louise. The girl was a total bitch, can’t do anything than bitching around and take her anger on Saito.

    Its not Saito’s fault that he has an unwanted harem, yet Louise resorts to violence on Saito, the guy whom has always protected her, for stuff that isn’t even his fault.

    Basically, Louise is a fucking unlikable bitch, and Saito is either insane or has the patience of a saint to still love her.

    Tsunderes done right: Makise Kurisu

    Tsunderes doen wrong: Louise, Aisaka Taiga

    • Calintz

      You forget that Saito has constantly told her he loves her, will only look at her, and wants to be with her. Yet after everytime he says that, he gets himself in situations that are mostly his fault.

      He doesn’t tell any of the other girls to back off, he just lets them do what they want, and if the situation is reversed where the girl asks him to do something that would betray Louise, he goes ahead and does it, just because they say, “Just this once.”

      Louise deserves to get pissed at him.

      • Ryu Infiniti

        Beat me to it. XP

        Also should add that Taiga, and Louise are Loli-Tsuns which boost their popularity even more. (Especialy when it comes to Doki)
        Plus they really do fit the Tsundere definition perfectly, even if you don’t like their actual character.

        As for Makise Kurisu, I really should get around to watching Steins… Though from what I read she is a pretty tame, barely borderline Tsun. Despite her even being called one, in the show. (Again, I actually need to watch this.)

        • Okiya

          Well, maybe its just me. But I really can’t stand those violent tsunderes. They obviously never heard of a thing called “violence is not always the answer” which really pisses me off seeing normal guys getting beaten up for no reason at all.

          Also I do kind of agree that its Saito’s fault that he doesn’t tell the other girls to back off but Louise is just as bad.

          If my girlfriend has people that flirt with her I’d tell her to tell them off, if she doesn’t then I’d dump her instantly because no one wants a partner that can cheat on you anytime.

          Louise can do the same, she should of told Saito to tell the unwanted harem to back off or she’ll break up with him, this kind of threat always work but what does she do? Resort to violence right away like a maniac.

          • Calintz

            She’s also someone who feels insecure to all the other girls. She also has a hard time understanding love, going by that this is the first time it’s happened to her.

            Someone who is confused and doesn’t know what to do like her, especially when other girls are aggressively advancing the protagonist (whom also are more well-endowed then Louise), will obviously not be able to handle the situation. Unlike someone who has experience in relationships and also who has confidence in herself.

            It doesn’t help her self-esteem when Saito constantly makes her question herself, whether she really is the one he likes, by making all these poor decisions.

          • Calintz

            I apologize for my poor grammar, my hands are hunched over a laptop keyboard, so it’s annoying to go back and fix everything.

      • litokid

        Louise gets better further along the series, but yes, I’d agree she’s a classic example of far too much tsun and not enough dere. She’s just not very willing to listen before pulling out the wand and explosions.

        On the other hand, I’d have to disagree about Taiga. It’s perfectly fair to point out her harsh attitude towards Ryouji at first, but you also need to remember the objection of her affections was Kitamura – and forget about “tsun”, she couldn’t even SPEAK to him. She also had some issues that were a major plot point, and once resolved she almost entirely loses her callous edge.

        Kurisu is great, but I’d say her tsundere label is very minor. All the Steins;Gate characters are more realistic and reasonable – the series’ tone is just more serious than either Toradora or ZnT, so I’m not sure if the comparison is entirely apt.

    • Random45

      I completely agree, Louise is one of the most unlikable tsundere I’ve ever seen. Saito is also a freaking idiot too! I hate both of the protagonist in this series – Saito for not committing himself to the girl he flat out told he loves her, and Louise for being such an abusive bitch. Seriously, I have NO idea what either of them sees in each other (Or what I am supposed to see in them as characters).

    • Whatevr

      Light Novel Louise >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Anime Louise

  • Beri Naisu! Must get. Thanks!

  • FML I accidentally downloaded h264 for the 3rd season but everything else is Hi10p 🙁

  • Merushi

    Ideal time to check this series out.
    Hope this one won’t take forever to download.
    Thanks Doki, this is what a batch should look like 🙂

  • ernie

    I have no choice but to re-watch this show now.

  • ArslanSSS

    Only watched first season of this series, seems like a nice chance to finish it.
    Thanks for the making it more easier.

  • Ero_Yatsu

    Sounds like a plot that could be good, but 4 seasons will be a big download. Worth it?

  • Thank you very much!

    I wasn’t expecting to get all of these in one go.

  • AAA

    Can anyone make a patcher for the files that need to be updated?

  • Noko

    Meh, this serie can’t be done yet. How Saito was able to get the plane from the army airport and ALSO who will be the successor of the brainless king, ofcourse there is possibility that the japan army saw saito dissapear in to the solar eclipse and they started to be curious, in my imagination when saito and louise is in japan, louise does an explosion spell on saito in middle of tokyo and then gets captured and questioned under japan goverment, then the goverment finds out about the parallel world and tries to get in to the halogenica or what was that name again. the ending of ‘F’ season was qute and all but the way thei talked in that serie was getting me too curious when they were talking about ‘the void mage successor of King joseph’ and the Catastrophe of the worl also mentioned that the dragon was only described on some kind of old history tome, but was it pet of some way more furious master? we dont know but i would be happy to see this kind of thing happening (SPOILER)

  • someone

    I’ll consider checking this out, even though I don’t get the big deal with tsundere characters.

  • Noko

    ty for info holo 😀

  • Some Guy

    Just finished watching the full thing – while I got abit sick of the predictable tsundere moments, I gotta admit I really ended up liking this one – thanks for the U/L 🙂 picked it at random having never heard of it.

    thinking of hunting it down and ordering it to add to my collection.

  • Nightmare

    I downloaded this torrent 2 times and I realize that I have some kind of a problem.
    The 1st season and the 4th season are ok but the 2nd and 3rd I’m having problems.When i press a video to play it doesn’t open at all, when I use the right mouse click on the video file the options are only 4!! No copy,no cut,no properties etc.

    Any idea what is going on ?

  • Nightmare

    By the way I’m talking about the HD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][1280×720 h264 BD FLAC] torrent.

  • Nightmare

    I’m checking….

  • Nightmare

    I spend at least 4-6 hours and I didn’t find any problems and yet i still can’t play the videos. Is it possible to upload a final patch for all the 4 season’s ?

    • A final patch?

      No one else has reported an issue like this (yet). So it’s got to be something on your end.

      The files play fine for me, so I dunno… if the crcs are working the files themselves should be fine.

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