Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 - 4) - Batches

Zero no Tsukaima - Batch

So we decided on releasing a complete batch with all the series in it, and here it is. All files are patched with any updates that were made.

All future reseeding of this series done by us will be of these 4 torrents only.

Update by anonmylol: Now in HEVC as well, including the missing NCOPs, NCEDs & Picture Dramas. This is something like a trial run, so we appreciate your feedback. If you have trouble playing the files, try updating your player, most should already have HEVC support.

HD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][1280×720 HEVC BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

HD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

HD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][1280×720 h264 BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

SD: Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC

200 comments to Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) – Batches

  • DriveByCommenter

    HEVC looking great, plays like a charm.
    NUC/i5/W8.1/XBMC14 not even breaking a sweat.

    Got a feeling this will leave atom/arm userbase with sweating chipsets, then again, evolution is natural and unstoppable.

    Anime in general tends to be a new tech driver, movie scene is a bit less innovative…so yeah, I applaud this move and would love to see a HEVC rls next to the current standard formats to allow people to get used to it.
    Since speed of the releases is never a real issue, bandwitdh/costs are a real factor to our friendlly benefactors. Reduced traffuc cost should leave more BD-purchasing bandwidth…or is that too simple line of thought?

    Could work wonders for the archivists out there…cut back ~40% of space for same quality, or 1080p HEVC iso 720p x264…

    Now we just have to wait for a BD HEVC group to stand up that will re-encode all BDs from source, all just a matter of time…haha 🙂

    Anyway, thx for all the hard work guys/gals….happy new year, etc…

  • mira

    Works great for me, thanks.

  • LAwLz

    I made some comparison shots for you guys:

    I’d say HEVC is definitely worth it. Same or better quality (with Doki’s settings at least) in a smaller file size.

    • NotTrap

      most obvious thing to me is that hvec looks less grainy(better imo) than h264. great post!

      • doopys34

        sadly if you have a grainy source, and remove the grain you often lose alot of fine detail along with it.

        These comparisons don’t really show much difference, but I spot some possible detail loss on the windows of the first comparison (107439) and some detail loss on the the tree/environment on bottom right.

        This most likely is a result of how immature the HEVC encoder software is right now.

        I’ve also seen DOKI get carried away with sharpening filters which has done weird things, but that was years ago.

        Honestly, I’d say if you want to try something new and/or want smaller filesizes and have a PC that can handle the playback (should be anything from past 4-5 years) then go with the HEVC.

    • anonymlol

      The filters are different/newer. And season 4 was degrained this time.

    • hhsquall

      Judging from the first screenshot comparison, Hi10P retains, noticeably, higher details. Check, for example, the middle row, bottom window in the first shot, the HEVC one has lower contrast (or crispiness) that is part of the scene.
      For archiving, I, personally, wouldn’t go for HEVC, simply to save some storage space. Never for precious anime!
      I guess when you are running a streaming service, HEVC might be advantageous for lower bandwidth requirement and overall better quality-per-size index.

  • Bob

    Awww, no 1080p tsundere 🙁

    But 720p tsundere, which is pretty nice too

  • anonymous

    Are you guys willing to switch to Daala in the future if it turns out to have similar “performance” for anime videos?

  • Hey..?

    I just downloaded the Hi10P a week ago.
    Is there any quality benefit of the HEVC, or only a size benefit?

    My bandwidth is more restrictive than my HDD space, so I’ll only download again if the HEVC is better.

    • doopys34

      I would keep the Hi10p if you are bandwidth limited. The HEVC encoder is a really new encoder and in most cases x264 (AVC) still looks better. See the screenshot comparisons above that someone else posted and you can decide for yourself.

  • Well, time to start watching DeadFish transcodes.

  • rude

    Can’t say this is a good thing at all. The new one is certainly better since no small line halos from old version. Why degrain this but not ranma’s stupid rain grain…

  • HEVC

    Honestly, don’t get into the HEVC hype folks. It’s still not yet optimized. Less grainy? Don’t give me that. It’s barely unnoticeable except if you look or watch with a magnifying glass. HEVC is still something as a prototype. If you think you are saving something, then think twice since it’s a real pain to your CPU’s core.

    • Lolicon4Life

      If you think the grain is barely noticeable, then you really need a better monitor.
      That’s not the point though, HEVC is a new type of compression. The difference between HEVC and Hi10P is not the video quality, it’s the ratio of video quality to filesize.
      Comparing these screenshots, without considering filesizes, is essentially meaningless.

    • That’s why it’s a trial run. It’s to let you guys know what the currently capabilities of HEVC are. We don’t plan on switching to HEVC anytime soon.

      • Comenting

        But it looks like it will be good alternative for Hi10P. I tested one ep on really old PC and while it didn’t handle this video (on fast scenes), even core duo should be able to play it without any problems.

        • Yeah, unless you have a toaster, you shouldn’t have too much problems. Basically if you can handle Hi10P fine, you should be able to handle HEVC fine (in theory).

  • JustCommenting

    It had few good moments, if you forget about novels, then yes, it’s worth watching. But if had readed books…

  • Anyien

    Downloaded and tried to play all of them.

    But either i just get the audio and a black screen, or i get the message that it can´t play this format…

    This hae happened once before when i bought the Yamato 2199 BD´s. I got the exact same message there from my BD player, PS3 and all my PCs 🙁

  • xikarra

    Well, I was wondering if I should watch this series. Such batch is enough of a reason I guess.

  • Ueki

    Well if you watch this series on pretty good FullHD Monitor, HEVC release is much more smoother than Hi10p. Here’s some upscaled screenshots:
    AS for HEVC it’s more like 50% usage of CPU and pain for the GPU. On my quite old ACER ASPIRE 5750zg it’s running smooth on external FullHD monitor. A bit hot but nothing compared to Miencraft. Well HEVC in worst case is still twice the pain for CPU/GPU compared to Hi10p.
    BTW: Can you create account in this site?

    • You can create an account. Look to the bottom right corner.

      • Ueki

        I was wondering if it’s work. In fact I made made two accounts yesterday.
        First ‘Uteki’ on When I didn’t get any e-mail’s I thought it may be broken.
        So I tried second time on with nick ‘Utekishi’ and still got nothing.

        Lastly when I click the “Get New Password” Button I get this error: “The e-mail could not be sent.
        Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.”

  • HEVC

    Mygahd… Better monitor? Holy smoke, how many people can watch from a 40′ HDTV? I am not one of those people who use HDTV or some big-ass monitor. Using a regular 17′ monitor or less will obviously produce the same quality in filesizes of 300mb-400mb. The talk about grain is just a sidetalk, I’m not even noticing it honestly…

    As for the filesize, I obviously know that. HEVC has the capability to compressed about 50 more percent of the current Hi10p can produce, but lol, if you are an encoder, then you will have to think twice. Even with 24 logical threads, the encoding time is still literally doubled making it a huge risks for CPU. Unless you have a cooling system of 24hour aircon in 16degree celcius, then I’d say don’t even dare to try this HEVC yet. Especially, encoding a batch… You’ll definitely make your CPU cry.

    • I currently run an overclocked 4770K watercooled with 2x 360mm radiators, lol. Even on full CPU load the temps rarely go above 60C. And I idle in the 30s.

      Don’t worry about the effect it has on us encoders, because we’re not exactly encoding on toasters, lol.

      And we’re not spending $500 a month renting servers to encode on either >_>

    • Uteki

      I don’t really get that risk for the CPU, if you get a proper setup it shouldn’t burn down. Well CPU’s are made to be used after all.
      HD 1080p monitors are quite common these days. 21,5′ is enough to see the difference.
      My point is upscaled HEVC look better than upscaled Hi10p.
      The Grains in Hi10p are almost unnoticeable if you play from 720p source on HD Ready Monitor/TV (unless it’s quite big), 1080p source on Full HD Monitor/TV etc. That’s logical if Hi10p would be bad nobody would use it.
      HEVC is smoother, and after upscaling colors ale still smooth – gradient like, I wonder how it’s look compared to batch (・・?

    • Rokudaime

      “Holy smoke, how many people can watch from a 40′ HDTV?”

      Lots of people can.

  • HEVC

    Well, I guess to each to his own. I really do not like the idea of making my CPU cry. If the logic of CPU is to be used, then there’s supposed to be guidelines. Like I said, even with the super 4th gen quad core, HEVC is still eating a hell lot of time making it unreasonable for encoding a batch. Calculating for example, a 1080p HEVC encode with placebo settings, it will probably eat around 2-3 times more than the time you need to encode a 1080p Hi10p in its own placebo. And the outcome result, just meager 50mb less filesize?

    Aaah, I already made my point. And since it’s your CPU who’s crying, why the heck should I care. I take my leave…

    • Uteki

      CPU’s are made to work, to cry.
      Zero no Tsukaima 01: Hi10p 455 mb, HEVC 302 mb.
      ‘HEVC’ dude are you an encoder?
      Why does it matter to you how somebody encodes their own batches? “why the heck should I care” I wonder why?

      • Hey let’s be nice now. HEVC did make a valid observation that it would make the encoder’s CPU work harder, which isn’t really an issue if you’re CPU is cooled by something like this.

        • NotTrap

          damn holo, that is your rig? What a beast! Btw are you living somewhere in asia, cause for that kind of setup to idle at 30c the ambient temp must be quite high no?

        • Ueki

          Yes, maybe I’m a little to enthusiastic about HEVC. I left out a feature that could bring a pain to some people. I’m not that knowledgeable about encoding, so here’s my question: If you encode something in Hi10p your CPU is used ~100% for let say: 60 min. If you encode same thing using HEVC your CPU is used ~100% for: 180 min. It can’t really go to ~300% Usage talking about whole unit and not about single Thread/Core.

          Holo, cool setup you got here. 🙂

  • Rebelgamer

    Not sure about the encoding side, but on the decoding side, my phone likes the HEVC encode better than the Hi10p(smoother playback, better battery life). That’s in software decoder using MXPlayer on a Motorola Droid Ultra, android 4.4.4, dual core Krait. The size is a bigger bonus, as this phone does not have a sd card slot, so everything has to be loaded into internal memory(only 16GB).

  • Nova

    Hey, are you planning to release also in Hi10P and not only HEVC the Special Zero no Tsukaima – Princess no Rondo – Special and the whole BD Menu stuff?

    Doesn’t look that need if you are archiving in Hi10P and then you have to take HEVC as filler.

  • Dahh

    Still won’t play on latest KCP, I don’t want to go back to CCCP lol

    Anyway, on to VLC 😀

  • U.S. Grant

    File [Doki] Zero no Tsukaima – 01v3 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [4EDA8117] has issues if you download it from Doki|Homura. After download, I have put the file to uTorrent and made a force recheck which provoked an I/O-Error to the end of file. If you use another bot then all is ok.

  • Slizzl

    Are all these except the HEVC one dead?

    I want h264, but it doesn’t work.

  • Nadim

    I downloaded the 480p one… It starts up fast, then gradually slows down. I’m using BitTorrent 7.9.5 build 41373

  • please seed ! Zero no Tsukaima (Seasons 1 – 4) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

  • Shokon

    Are the Picture Dramas also available via XDCC or am I just not able to find them?

  • Isamu_07

    Hello, I would like to request reseeding for zero no tsukaima 720p h264 please and thank you 🙂

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