Zero no Tsukaima - Futatsuki no Kishi (BD) - Batches

Zero no Tsukaima - Futatsuki no Kishi

Edit: Updated batch, all patched versions are now included.

All done and torrents up.

And once again the “NCOP” are actually the BD menus.


  • Original subs: Static-Subs & Ayu
  • Timers: ixlone, odinigh
  • K-Timer: odinigh
  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • QC: altazure


  • Episode 3 (All): Typo. Patchable.
  • Episode 4 (All): Typo. Patchable.
  • Episode 11 (All): Typo. Patchable.

480p Patches | 720p Patches

See how to apply a patch here.

HD: Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi (2007) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

TorrentXDCC | Scripts

HD: Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi (2007) [Doki][1280×720 h264 BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC | Scripts

SD: Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi (2007) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD FLAC]

TorrentXDCC | Scripts

82 comments to Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi (BD) – Batches

  • Dvvarf

    I could be a bit picky, but there are still inconsistencies like Henrietta addressed as “queen” and “princess” (specifically, in episode 6 she is mostly queen, but princess in episode 7).

  • Matt

    I have a request. Since both sets of 720p encodes use the FLAC audio, could one of you guys provide a RAR (or similar archive) with the AAC audio tracks? I don’t want FLAC because I’m not concerned with quality THAT much, but MKVToolnix can’t demux FLAC audio, so I can’t re-encode it myself. (Yes, I could just download the SD encodes and use them, and indeed I did that for ZnT S1) but it’s a pain in the ass.

    • Geez, learn to use MKVToolnix!

      Open it, put the file in, deselect all but the flac and mux it.

      Remove all files, drop the muxed file back in and mux again and you will be left with a .mka file. Which you can use to encode AAC audio from.

  • Nyuga

    hmn – wasnt there some special episode? if i remember correctly there was Ep6.5 (?) which was the obligatory “Summer, beach and boobs” episode…

  • Rokudaime

    Unlike with the new batch torrent for S1, I can’t find any difference between the new 720p 10 bit batch torrent and the old one for this show. :-/ All the files are the same.

  • Noko

    This needs more seeding :C

  • enion

    hi, at the end of episode 6 at 21:53, i think he sais “no i am not” (いいえませ) or something like that and not “I’m sorry”, but maybe its just me

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