Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – 10

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi - 10

More releases tomorrow.

Sorry about Iroha’s delay, waiting for TL’s return.

HD: [Doki-Chihiro] Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – 10 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [87340417].mkv


SD: [Doki-Chihiro] Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – 10 (848×480 h264 AAC) [5A1A9BFF].mkv


41 comments to Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – 10

  • Average Guy

    Thanks! Been waiting for this one.

  • Warmas

    Another thanks!

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the episode!

  • Pitchblack

    thank you for this 😀

  • AyuReady?

    Yes! I’ve been waiting the past 2 days for this episode to be translated! Thanks a lot Doki! 😀

  • YouKnow

    I’d probably sign-up if I wasn’t watching 7 of your shows.

  • ZeroYuki

    It’s an episode about Madoka. That should be the highlight of my day.

  • sad

    Sad episode. Next one looks to be sadder still…. 🙁

  • Elvin21

    Thanks! Been waiting for this…

  • r1k0noH

    Umm I think there’s a mistake in the pun on “tug of war”. The oji-san says “tsuma” I believe, which refers to “wife”. It makes more sense to me that it’s a “wife pull” instead of “boring pull”
    Thanks for the release anyway!

  • Tiberium Wolf

    1:35 timing or the order of the sentences are kinda

    12:45 not onee-san

  • Noobie

    Hi, guys. I just found out about doki fansubs releasing Hoshizora and Hidan no Aria. So I was wondering which way is more safe to download, bittorrent or fileserve? I would appreiate the help since I never used bittorrent or using sites like fileserve.

    • Holo

      Fileserve is probably safer.

      • Noobie

        Thank you very much for the answer Holo.

      • Noobie

        Just out of curiosity, if fileserve is safer, why offer the torrent version? If it is less safe, does that mean it is possible for me to get infected with viruses or malware by using your torrent links and the latest utorrent or bittorrent client?

        • Dude, stop being a pussy and download it like a man!!

          You will watch porn full of virus and malwares anyways… 😛

          • Noobie

            Sorry, but I dont watch porn or download it, since I don’t want to get my computer infected and lose all my data and have to reformat and reinstall my computer

        • Index

          u’re overthinking about it. :/

          • Noobie

            Sorry, if I sound a little paranoid, but the reason I asked is if one is safer and if it is why the other is offered if is one is safer than the other, was just out of curiousity. But basically, I just worried about my computer safety with all these hackers hacking companies and stuff.

          • Jigsy

            If you’re not the CIA, Sony, etc. then I doubt you have anything to worry about.

        • Rokudaime

          Figure I’l give you a bit more of an informative reply this time than what the others have done, so bear with me for a bit, as this’l be a bit of a long text. I reckon you’re the same guy that’s asking about the same thing over at Chihiro’s site, under the name of “Freshman”, so I left a reply for you over there as well.

          For a really good, and easy to use Bittorrent program, go for “uTorrent” (just Google it). It’s one of the best torrent programs out there. Also, while using DDL’s is a good, quick and easy choice when grabbing just one smaller file, you’l still need a Bittorrent program in order to download large video files (such as an Anime Movie in full HD and Bluray quality, which can be several Gigabytes big), or batches with many files/whole series, that might contain 24 episodes or more, and can be even more huge. Otherwise, if you were to use DDL’s all the time for all anime downloading, you would sometimes have to leave the download window open (and therefore the computer ON) for several days to download large movies, and for whole series you would have to download each and every file one by one, which can be really tedious and time consuming. And not all groups provide DDL’s for all their anime releases, and many don’t provide DDL’s at all.

          Therefore, I recommend you use a Bittorrent program for downloading anime when you can anyway, if you’re going to start seriously watching some. Torrents aren’t all that unsafe anyway, as long as you download trusted ones that aren’t put on some shady sites, and you don’t download tons of highly illegal stuff. Remember that Bittorrent programs are “file sharing” programs though, so leave your download window open for a little while after you have finished downloading, so other peole can get a bit of the file/files from you, and then share it with others. Otherwise, if everyone closed their windows right after they’ve finished downloading their files, Bittorrent programs would be useless.

          Two terms you should know when using Bittorrent programs, so that you know what other people are talking about: “Seeders” are the people currently sharing/uploading the files, meaning that “Seeding” is to share/upload the files. “Leechers” are the people downloading the files, meaning that “Leeching” is to simply download the files. I hope that helped. : )

          • Noobie

            Thanks man, but what is this Chihiro? Is it another site like Doki?
            Anyways, appreciate the info but think I will use fileserve as Jintan said that using fileserve supports Doki.

          • Zdm321

            Chihiro is another fansubbing group. They’ve been around longer than Doki has. Just google “Chihiro Fansubs”, should be the first result.

          • Rokudaime

            Ah, ok, well, that is a good reason for using DDL’s, when those are available. And Chihiro is another fansub group. They are friends with Doki, so you’l find them under the “Friends” tab on the side of this page. I just mistakenly thought you were the same guy that posted the posts about this topic over there, because they were so incredibly similar. ; ) But coincidences like that do happen I guess.

          • Noobie

            Cool, thanks Zdm321. Definitely going to check out Chihiro. I guess there was someone who just discovered anime at Chihiro. But, that is a cool coincidence.

  • Roc Solid

    Hmmm. Getting some odd page when I go Torrent…is the link down?

    Just curious,
    Roc Solid

  • Steven

    @Noobie a little paranoid? IMO your totally paranoid I’ve been downloading stuff using torrents and didn’t encountered any problems XD

    • Noobie

      @Steven, could I ask u wat kind of client u use? I heard that torrenting is faster than direct download, is this true?

      • Jintan

        Are you really a “NOOBIE” or you’re just trolling? F#$%! Doki’s torrents and uploads on Fileserve are f!@#$%’ safe! How in the world would it infect and destroy your computer with just a single MKV file? Try learning about file types dude.

        Well, torrent is fast depending on the number of seeders, while ddl’s are good if the torrent’s doesn’t have any seeds. And one more thing, downloading fileserve ddl’s makes you support Doki Fansub because they earn money through it, so if you don’t mind just download from fileserve to support them. K.

        • Holo

          Lol I have released over 1500 files and not one of them have been reported as including a virus. I’m interested in fansubbing, not hacking your computer, lol. If its a link on this blog, it is safe.

        • Noobie

          i really am a noobie, cause I thought that if u torrent there is the possibility that another peer could purposely infect the piece I download from him or he could some how hack my computer since my ip is listed or something like that. As for ddl site I remember hearing that going on some of them could infect ur computer. But if dling from fileserve supports Doki, then sure I guesss i’ll use fileserve rather than torrent.

  • Shockie

    Is it just me or does the 720p this episode look like an upscale?

  • gabriael

    seems the HD torrent link is down or some weird crap gives me a page of giberish

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