Recruiting Timers v2 (Closed)

Despite recruiting many timers half a year a year ago, some have disappeared and some are generally inactive. Only a couple remain active, and as a result, I am looking to train another set of timers.

So if you are thinking of getting into fansubbing, but don’t know how to do anything, here is a good opportunity.

If you would like to learn how to time, you should satisfy the following conditions.

  • A lot of patience. Timing can be very monotonous and tedious.
  • Speak coherent English. If I can’t communicate with you properly, I can’t teach you.
  • Ability to take initiative. If you have nothing to do, ask me for something to work on.Don’t just sit there waiting.
  • Have a lot of free time. If you are only available for two days a week, this gig is not suitable for you. While I don’t expect you to be online 24/7, I would expect you to be around for a couple of hours at least 4 or 5 days a week.
  • Able to idle on IRC when you are online. If you can idle 24/7, then all the better.

No experience required. You will be taught everything. I am looking for people all over the world, but in the utc+7 to utc+12 timezones (Far East and Australia) in particular, as I lack timers from that side of the world.

Please email me with a little info about yourself, then join #doki-recruits if you are interested.

Edit: Recruitment is closed. Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest!

38 comments to Recruiting Timers v2 (Closed)

  • Assasin_Cross

    Waiting for a new timer :3

  • BionicSoup

    Just wondering, is knowing Japanese a requirement?

    I know a little, but only enough that I can pick out a few words here and there, I can’t follow it fluently.

    I’m assuming that this could be a problem with knowing when to put the subtitles in and when to change them over, etc.

    Other than that I basically meet all the other requirements, and am even from Australia. πŸ˜›

    I am definitely interested, but I’m just not sure if my lack of knowledge of the Japanese language will be a massive hindrance or not.

  • jonnie

    Hi, well, i have school/other-things but i am interested since i’ve been watching anime. I also studied 1 year of Japanese so i know the basics (ex. sentence structures, etc.).

    Just what exactly is a “timer”? (like why is it important for fansubbing) And, why does it matter where you live?

    I’m in North America.

    • CyberOpus

      Basically, you time when the subtitles show up, disappear, etc. Highly important.

    • himie

      It matters where you live because most timers we have right now live in US timezone, so when it’s the evening in europe and other parts of the world all timers are sleeping and nothing can be done, that’s why we need more in different timezones.

      • jonnie

        So, I see the picture now. Thanks guys.

        So, um, am i correct to think that you don’t need people from North America anymore? However, i’ll apply next week if you don’t mind having another from NA.

  • asd

    I’m not interesting.

  • animeweaver

    I’m interested in learning anything new πŸ˜€
    and I’ve got some time in my hands too πŸ™‚
    Holo can’t seem to find your email :O

  • I’m interested but i don’t have much time πŸ™
    good luck~

  • nayt

    Hello, I think timer is suitable for me.. I know the basics (Aegisub).. But, I have a relatively slow Internet connection (1Mb).. I am also lazy, initiative-less but reliable^^
    Since it’s summer I have a lot of free time (I am online ~6 hrs/day all the week)…
    Ah, I forgot, I am from Morocco (UTC+1)
    Yorushiku Onegaishimasu β™ͺ

  • Alex

    I’m feelin’ dumb, but where is the email address for Holo about this. also where do i join “#doki-recruits”? I’m all for doing this but being stupidly unsuccessful navigating right now.

  • Tiberium Wolf

    Holo. LOL at 2nd point. I wonder what kind of ppl you meet.

  • Ry

    This interest me. :<
    brb downloading a irc client.

  • jeff nick

    I’m really interested and I have nothing but free time.

  • Joe

    you state a truth alot of newer kids are discovering anime and away to do things and how the process works for fan-subbing….i myself wouldnt mind becoming a timer….except i sometimes have the trouble of knowing when a sentence ends, what i can do is for anyone calls into question their timing i can look over and make sure its correctly timed…ive been timing a ton of music (myself including everything about subbing and karaoke (except thats a bit sloppy most of the time)), ive even re-timed other groups stuff b/c of mis-timing…i can give it a shot, haha except i live in the Arizona, US

  • Rokudaime

    Hey Holo, where’s the Haruhi you promised us? :p

  • Keine

    I’m interested (and from the timezone GMT+10, Australia)
    But there are times on and off in particular weeks for the year that I may not be free to do any timing at all..

    Should I still give it a go?

  • anon

    >Timing is very monotonous and tedious.


  • dymitr

    A little warning for the ones applying: Timing is a very repetitive task where you keep repeating the same task for an episodes (usually something of 300-500 lines). Also, timing tends to spoil watching an serie. By timing the dialog to an audio you already know whats going to happen and how it is going to sound. This tend to spoil the episode an by the time you watch the subbed version it feels like you’re watching a rerun.

    Fansubbing ruins the experience of watching anime. This is especially true for timing.

    Reason why most people quit are usually that they miss the days the were a leech and could actually enjoy anime or the fact that task like timing are fun the first 4 times around and by the fifth time it turns in to melancholic task.

    If despite all of this you’re still psyched to be a timer you’ll probably end up as a good reliable fansubber ^^.

    Thought I should give everyone a heads- up.

    • Joe

      lol i agree that it starts to suck butt after 5th-6th time but once you get passed that you’ll do fine if you can stick with it after your period of hating it πŸ˜€

    • Holo

      ^ and that’s why he quit being a timer.

    • ZeroYuki

      Indeed fansubbing ruins the anime experience. I love your inputs, dymitr πŸ™‚

    • Senna

      When I worked on Dragon Crisis! for WhyNot? Fansubs, I didn’t find my that my editing/timing/QCing ruined my anime-watching experience, as they’re completely different things to me. That and there’s an immense sense of pride in watching the work that you’ve put so much effort into and helped complete, and of course, seeing your own name in the fansub credits XD

      • ZeroYuki

        I see. We need more people like you. But having said that, i’m not so sure if it’ll remain that way if you continue for 3 years.

        • Senna

          I current have a full time job working from 3am – 11:30am, and it’s pretty tiring ^^; Would love to play around with fansubbing as much as I did when I started in 2010 Winter, but I’m afraid I just don’t have the time and energy to do so unless there’s a particular show I’m really interested in…
          Speaking of time… I’m not in the time zone of interest, either =P UTC-8, haha…

    • jonnie

      Not if you know/learned Japanese. This will be a good experience to improve your Japanese if your Japanese isn’t that good yet. My sensee told me to watch Japanese shows (drama, etc.) without subtitles. Think of this as a volunteer work and get some experience for future works. Maybe you can get Holo as your reference in your resume, haha! xD

    • amen665

      sounds tedious…. thx 4 the heads up.

  • Pablo

    i’d apply for being a timer, but im currently re-editing dvd rips of kannagi so i can archive it…maybe sometime in the future

  • Jossie

    I would apply, but living in central Europe you probably got no use for one like me πŸ˜›

  • Mad Orange

    i’m interested
    i’m from philippines gmt +8

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