Air (BD) - 01

Air (BD) – 01


I said I was going to do Air a long time ago, because I love this show. It was one of the very first anime I watched, and nothing beat it until Clannad After Story came along. Many a tear was shed.

I didn’t plan on releasing Air yet, but it was a spur of the moment thing. So here’s a little something to keep you occupied until Thursday! I don’t plan on releasing any more Air until I finish Clannad.

Video: 1280×720 h264. Encoded by [B-G], so all credit for the video goes to them! They did a very good job of fixing up a very poor upscale.
Audio: FLAC. I downloaded the BDISOs and extracted and converted the audio for this release. [B-G] included a DTS track, but I don’t like lossy codecs. Also DTS sucks.
Subtitles: Modified DVD subs.
Karaoke: Softsubbed.

Credits: Encoding: [B-G], Karaoke: Jecht, everything else: Holo.

720p (h264): [Doki] Air – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [4297E7A6].mkv


93 comments to Air (BD) – 01

  • Holo

    Jigsy can do 5 too then. No need to hurry, it’ll be a while till release anyway lol, I have a huge back log.

  • Jigsy

    I’m awake, so I’ll make a crack on 12 and 05 now.

    I can leave 03/04 if you want, or I could make a start on that too. 😛

    AiS I might leave until tomorrow afternoon.

  • martinez

    @Jigsy…*turbo mode on*…..

    nice…very nice help, brother….:)

  • Jigsy

    Okay, starting work on four. And three afterwards, unless somoene has already beaten me to starting that in the last few hours.

    AiS still left to do.

    6 ~ 12 = Done.

  • Jigsy

    Uh, sorry, 5 ~ 12.

  • enthralled

    You guys are amazing!

  • Jigsy

    Okay, so I’ve done 3 ~ 12.

    I’ll do AiS tomorrow afternoon after I get back from my vol. work.

  • Invisiblemoose

    Damn, Jigsy… that’s impressive…

  • thewizardninja

    Wow, some people really DO have no lives XD
    Not that I’m complaining of course.

  • Soukyuu

    I uploaded all the transcriptions to my mediafire folder and inserted the kanji/hiragana into ep4’s lyrics. There was a line in it that is kinda… untranslated, but i don’t know the translation myself.

  • Soukyuu

    P.S.: forgot the link itself… it’s the same as the previous one though.

  • Jigsy

    AiS both done.

    I might have missed a few signs out during my transcriptions (I’m hoping not!), but I’ve got the ones I could see in.

    @Sokyuu: I’ve included a screenshot about that line you weren’t sure about from episode four.

    And for everyone else, some delicious lolis!

  • Soukyuu

    @Jigsy: I have the video files myself, it’s the meaning of the line that evades me.

    Basically, it goes something like “flowers wither, hay (or nutmeg tree), bush clover, (chinese) bellflowers” and I’m not sure how to put this into the rest of the lyrics. And since “kaya” can also refer to “hay”, it fits better than “Kaya trees” which is what Koi used in ep2:

    “For example…
    the number of stars…
    in the mountains… the number of trees…
    The number… of Kaya trees…

    It doesn’t really make sense to repeat the trees, I think “straws” would be better… what do you think?

    I’m going to ask my Japanese teacher to help me out. Could take some days though.

    Plenty of time, no rush.

  • waterfall

    Wow, a huge thank you to everyone who is transcribing, you guys are awesome 😀

    I guess I’ll wait for the v2 then. 🙂

  • Soukyuu

    Ok, I think I found a good way to insert that untranslated line and remove all the “Kaya trees”.

    – (n) hay
    – plants used for thatching
    – various gramineous grasses (e.g. eularies) <- this!

    Since "the number of grasses" sounds kinda weird to me, I replaced it with "then number of grass blades". I also altered some lines, basically mixing the translation B-G used in his version with the Koi one. I'm quite satisfied, take a read. Same link as before.

    I'm leaving the correction of any potential grammatical mistakes to native speakers 😛

  • gao

    So if I bought the BD, there’s no point ripping it myself?

  • Holo

    Not really, as you need to know a lot about filters etc to be able to filter it to look as good as B-G has managed.

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