Note: I am also posting here because SGKK is not well known yet and therefore it’s harder to make it come true. You also need to understand that the project will be done by SGKK Fansubs. This announcement was a request, because more ppl visit this blog, so there is more chance of the selected roles be filled up. ^_^

“So ladies and gentleman, now that CR picked up Bleach, it’s possible that DB might drop it, therefore we want to start subbing it. If you have seen any of our releases, you know that we do a fairly decent job.

What do we need to start? A translator and an encoder. A translation checker, timer and an editor would also be nice. Interested in joining and working on Bleach with us? Join or e-mail me at blazersoul AT


Source: DB news and CR news.”

That’s about it. Let’s see if we can make it possible.

Edit by Jecht: the positions “translator and translation checker” are now filled. However having backups is also important, to guarantee the speed of the subbing process if by any chance someone goes MIA. Anyways, we are all set I think. Expect Bleach 274 tuesday.

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  • AlienGamer

    Oh, and goodluck to you guys…sigh…I dont know y DB play’s to CR’s tune, when they can be such a bitch to their fans (Its always funny though)..Wish they’d treat CR the same….But hey..I always wanted my bleach in .mkv and a 720p ver. So this might be a good thing..hope u guys succed..Btw…wat the hell is SGKK Fansubs site? I looked, but cant find it

  • AlienGamer

    Oh I found it 😛

  • ryosuke

    I hope you guys can make it happen, though you got big shoes to fill, following after DB(arguably among the most respected fansubbers, together with perhaps kaizoku?)but you guys deliver quality. i wishh sgkk a lot of succes, and may they get some time in the spotlight.

  • Erb

    I’ve donated to fansubbers in the past, but refuse to buy a CR account. (At least until I don’t feel the need to *headdesk* while watching their subs)

    But like I’ve said, they have a huge advantage here, time+legal backing.

    And HorribleSubs/CrunchyRips releasing shortly after put you guys a a major disadvantage.

    If you can make it work, more power too you. But it’s not working our for Durarara (Arguably a less popular anime) which has a much longer simulcast delay. :

  • 124c4all

    So CR picked up Bleach huh? That only means enough idiots were tricked by DB to sign the petition. Seriously, if only they would’ve think before they act they would have realize it.

    I feel bad for them though. Here’s my summary of what CR basically said: “suckers, thank you for your supports. Too bad we can’t do what you asked because we aren’t handling the translation in the first place! Hahaha!”

    So yeah, those that followed DB’s instruction were tricked to support CR while getting nothing out of it. Or worse, they actually lost their fansubbers for the series! *facepalm*

  • Jecht

    Indeed, its actually sad to see so many idiots around…

  • BinaryCode

    Personally, stopped using DB for Bleach once a decent group showed up that released 720p MKV – in this case, [Animatrix] (although I was really hoping [SoulSociety] would keep going). But if it’s true [Animatrix] releases have always been 12-24 hours after DB because they OCR’d the script, modified it, then released in 720pMKV… then I’d really hope [SGKK] can pick it up, even if the wait is pushed to 48 hours or so in comparison to waiting on a DB release =^..^=


    Excellent news, i was getting sick of reading Getsuga Tenshou as ‘heavenly moon cutting fang’. Glad to know some real fansubbers will FINALLY be subbing bleach. shame the current arc in both anime and manga isn’t very good though 🙁 only good part is Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra

    DB suck

  • Jurieye

    There sure are idiots around. There is also a big question mark in the air… Why did DB suggest people to write in the CR forum? It was so obvious that CR would take over over Bleach, if people but their names in the list… But after all this “fidgeting”, I hope that SGKK will do a good job. I’m going to look forward to your releases.

  • MaliceMajorE15

    I just realised that this might mean im waiting even longer than usual for an SD version. Not cool

  • Michael

    hell yeah fuk CR i glad you guys are picking up bleach and its in HD.

  • iloveseiran

    i agree with Tarr. while CR may be idealistic in trying to “legalize” anime– it’s not an option for everyone since a lot of regions are blocked. and what sucks is that they won’t even tell you if you’re part of that blocked area– CR will just take your money anyway and too bad for you.

    so it’s great that there are groups who are willing to move forward with bleach.

    thanks SGKK and Doki!

  • Fractoman

    So, where’s this 274? You guys aren’t trying to troll those who have been trolled by Dattebayo for so long now, are you? That would be simultaneously awesome and very weak.

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