Air (BD) - 01

Air (BD) – 01


I said I was going to do Air a long time ago, because I love this show. It was one of the very first anime I watched, and nothing beat it until Clannad After Story came along. Many a tear was shed.

I didn’t plan on releasing Air yet, but it was a spur of the moment thing. So here’s a little something to keep you occupied until Thursday! I don’t plan on releasing any more Air until I finish Clannad.

Video: 1280×720 h264. Encoded by [B-G], so all credit for the video goes to them! They did a very good job of fixing up a very poor upscale.
Audio: FLAC. I downloaded the BDISOs and extracted and converted the audio for this release. [B-G] included a DTS track, but I don’t like lossy codecs. Also DTS sucks.
Subtitles: Modified DVD subs.
Karaoke: Softsubbed.

Credits: Encoding: [B-G], Karaoke: Jecht, everything else: Holo.

720p (h264): [Doki] Air – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [4297E7A6].mkv


93 comments to Air (BD) – 01

  • XD

    @Halo Guy: Yeah! i hope so ..

  • xian

    yeah! thanks.
    I really hope you are the ones to finish this release, since BG didn’t manage to finish it.

  • waterfall

    Holo, since there seem to be people dedicated enough to transcribe koi’s (excellent) subs, will you be using those from now on?

    Yes, I will use Koi’s subs since people are willing to transcribe. I will patch 01 into v2 with Koi’s subs.

  • Jigsy

    So, which Koi episodes have been transcribed so far before I make a start?

  • Parkur

    just start with episode 2, and we’ll continue from there 🙂

  • Holo

    Soukyuu said he’s doing 3+4 so maybe you should do 5

  • Jigsy

    I started on six.

  • Jigsy

    Episode six done, now onto episode seven.

  • Wow, awesome! Would love to have a version with AC3 or DTS though, since those play nicely with my home theater setups. ^.^;;

  • martinez

    @Asian Ed…..leecher can’t read, huh…….=_=”….read the announcement…..

    but hey, did you mentioned AC3? …….lol

  • TheWingless

    @Asian Ed:
    The reason for why DTS isn’t used was already specified. There’s a link for “DTS sucks” if you didn’t notice. And if you’re lazy, here are the reasons:

    * It is a lossy codec
    * It uses constant bitrate at 1509.75 kbit/s (at least on blurays)
    * It is so hilariously inefficient that FLAC (a lossless codec) usually manages to compress better than it, even with 6 channels of movie audio.

    And AC3, most people seemed to establish AAC as better than AC3… But not that I really care about audio formats. I’m just REstating other people’s reasoning.

    Yes, DTS (and AC3) plays on your home theatre… But I don’t think they’re gonna change their mind now. You could wait for BG(since he did DTS) to see if he ever finishes, but there was some kinda delay in his TLC I think.

    Unless you’re requesting for another encode/version of the same thing…

  • IceGamma

    Awesome show!! i hope this gets done quickly im kinda hooked on it!! once again the quality is superb! you guys rock!! ^_^ this episode made my day! im happy now lmao

  • SSJGohon

    Thanks Doki, I’m glad i found these Key anime’s and they your doing them. There really good. But i also have the same issues as myztichydra, but I’m running a mac mini w/ boxee. (Say what ya will but it makes a good setup w/ my tv) Any one have suggestions?

  • Halo Guy

    since u guys r doing the Key animes, try to release Angel Beats BDs too. XD

  • TheWingless

    @Halo Guy:
    Well if you didn’t know, they originally were going to translate it(or Chihiro? since it was a joint) but then one or the other backed off for some reason I forget, though there could still be interest in doing the BDs using other group’s translations.

  • tt

    i would appreciate an xvid release very much.
    i will seed clannad and kanon xvids for at least a couple of months.

  • Wow! This was the very first anime that I had ever watched. I cried tears at the ending. I’m glad to see you do a very good series.

  • Jigsy

    Does the recap also need transcribing?

    And what about Air in Summer? (I have Traid’s for that.)

  • liddokun

    seriously dudes finish what you started before going on to these crappy side projects

  • martinez

    @liddokun….you are one that crappy, guy….
    AIR is masterpiece…you are just a shitty leecher……-_-p

  • Holo

    Recap does not need transcribing, I don’t think that was in the BDs.

    Air in Summer does though.

  • Jigsy

    Right, so on my end, it’s just 12 and AiS to do.

  • Jigsy

    Oh, and episode five. (Unless Soukyuu is doing that one …)

  • Holo

    Wow that was fast.

  • Soukyuu

    Jigsy, you were too fast lol
    I’m still at ep3&4, won’t have time today, sorry.
    If someone has the time, don’t wait for me and finish it. Just post it so that no one wastes time. And I didn’t touch 5.

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