Air (BD) - 01

Air (BD) – 01


I said I was going to do Air a long time ago, because I love this show. It was one of the very first anime I watched, and nothing beat it until Clannad After Story came along. Many a tear was shed.

I didn’t plan on releasing Air yet, but it was a spur of the moment thing. So here’s a little something to keep you occupied until Thursday! I don’t plan on releasing any more Air until I finish Clannad.

Video: 1280×720 h264. Encoded by [B-G], so all credit for the video goes to them! They did a very good job of fixing up a very poor upscale.
Audio: FLAC. I downloaded the BDISOs and extracted and converted the audio for this release. [B-G] included a DTS track, but I don’t like lossy codecs. Also DTS sucks.
Subtitles: Modified DVD subs.
Karaoke: Softsubbed.

Credits: Encoding: [B-G], Karaoke: Jecht, everything else: Holo.

720p (h264): [Doki] Air – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [4297E7A6].mkv


93 comments to Air (BD) – 01

  • Varthn

    Torrent link is not working. AniRena say “You have specified a wrong ID number for the torrent to download”

    oops! fixed

  • Meatrose

    Cool! I already have all episodes encoded by [B-G] but they’re RAW. They are definitely good considering how awful the source is. Good luck on this project.

  • Shani

    Is it okay if i say it again…? “Youre Awesome”

  • Dureku

    are you going to release 1080p one? :S

  • megagrunt

    @Dureku: 720p is an upscale, so, do you think 1080p would look better or is even worth considering?

  • Holo

    I’ll post comparison shows of how bad 1080p is later lol.

    The only 1080p I am releasing is the remastered OP sequence.

  • Anonymous

    Biting more than you can chew there Doki, concentrate on the projects you already have.

  • Soukyuu

    Air BD is really one of the worst upscales i saw. Looks like they re-rendered the backgrounds, but didn’t bother to re-render the characters. [B-G] did a great job on fixing that upscale.

    One question though, when Air aired (no pun intended), I watched it subbed by [Koi]. Their subs were the best for Air imho. Would you consider taking them? Official subs tend to be pretty lifeless.

  • Lazy

    I’m guessing we can expect more of these surprises, I agree with you there a bit anon because they might overdo themselves but then again they only do this because they want to and because they like it, but then again I’m pretty sure doki can handle it.

  • Shani

    Koi had the best subs, but they were hardsubbed, so it will be near impossible to extract them, unless someone wants to type them all over again.

  • Phillangees

    I love Air. To breathe and to watch!

    Also, Gao!

  • itsmeMARIO

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks! Finally, a decent Air encode! =D

  • Holo

    I tried to OCR Koi, Soukyuu, and it failed miserably lol.

  • TheWingless

    You’re thanking the wrong person for the encode.

  • itsmeMARIO



    However, i still appreciate this because it looks like [B-G] will never finish their timing and subbing. I actually edited the rest of [B-G]’s unfinished subs and muxed it into their encodes for my personal use but I think this will be much better than mine =P

  • TheWingless

    Pretty much my thoughts on that part at least. Maybe someone will finally finish subbing the whole thing…

  • Invisiblemoose

    Even if I can’t get an OCR working… I wouldn’t mind typing out a fansub line by line… Except I’m not convinced Koi is better than Triad… I might attempt a merger of the two…

    Thanks so much for this release!!

  • fruant

    torrent canceled.

    I watch anime, I don’t “listen” to it.

    Lossless > lossy. For archiving.

  • tt

    WHERE CLANNAD? j/k. but srsly.
    btw thx <3

  • enthralled

    I really hope there will be another AAC or AC3 version. I will wait for that release.
    Thanks for the quality release nonetheless!

  • MrTRanCeEviL

    Arghh!!!… I’m guy… But i want to say it too… I love u Doki!!! All Doki team “I LOVE U”… (>,<)/ WooooWth!!! Thank You!!!

  • Cool Guy

    Stop releasing melodramatic KEY crap and finish your exams so you can sub things that are worth a damn.

    I like melodramatic KEY crap!

  • Alex

    @Cool Guy Lol this is worth a damn!

  • Parkur

    @fruant you’re an idiot…just an idiot

  • martinez

    @Cool Guy…..AIR is worth, damn you ! what’s wrong with melodramatic as long as it has a great story?

    AIR…. i download AIR RAW from ANISAB-RAW…’s 720p….
    i found it in TT…….
    is it has better quality with ur release? can you give comparison?

    [B-G] is better than all the other raws, because they did some really good filtering.

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