Clannad (Blu Ray) – NCED

Clannad (BD) – NCED

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By the way, the NCOP and NCED were encoded with insane overkill (CRF 15). Their file sizes are no indication of the actual episodes. Ie, the OP itself in Episode 1 won’t take up 150 MB and the ED won’t take up 180 MB.

Update: ETA until Episode 1: the .m2ts for episode 1 is 100% complete! Expect a release in an hour or two.

1080p (h264): [Doki] Clannad – NCED (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [91DAED43].mkv


720p (h264): [Doki] Clannad – NCED (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [56DDDBFF].mkv


480p (XviD): [Doki] Clannad – NCED (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [2CAE3E4C].avi


70 comments to Clannad (BD) – NCED

  • laura

    ohhhh i see! so these arent the actual episodes? right i feel stupid thanks alot!

  • philip

    hmm thora is doing clannad as well… doki has some competition. Thora? Coalgirls? Doki? hmmmm 😛

  • Gyzome

    No, Doki doesn’t use ordered chapters, so this is ONLY if you like a sepperate, high-quality file of the ED.

  • Thanks Holo! Don’t rush it if you don’t have to, I prefer quality over speed.

  • manueltheq

    Thank you for hard work. I was wondering if you guys(Doki)are still going to continue B Gata H Kei? I am willing to wait, since I prefer Doki Fansubs over Ryuumaru Fansubs. I am currently seeding Kanon 720p and 480p batches. And again, thank you.

  • Jeffrey

    Appearnlty THORA is doing Clannad too, which means I’ll have to decide to go with you guys or them.

    I like your karaoke/SS-Eclipse subs, but THORA has ordered chapters…

    Maybe I’ll just kill my hard drive and keep both.

  • philip

    um Jeffrey, the reason why people have ordered chapters is to save memory, and by you keeping both releases… doesn’t that contradict that lol?

  • Holo

    I believe using ordered chapters is making a compromise with the file size.

    The 1080p is about no compromises. Files size is not a factor.

  • BurningIcecube

    @ Holo

    I agree 1080p is for people (Like me) who Just want The best of the Best Quality. If you want the best you cant care about the size. As limiting the size will limit the quality you can achieve.

    will you still be able to get the first episode of clannad out tonight?

    If the downoad finishes, I will encode and release. This morning, it was 92% ;_;

  • Kuyi

    In the Kanon extras Kyoani explains that they animate in 720p and is already difficult enough for them.

    -Character designs and objects are made in 720p.
    -Backgrounds and 3D are made in 1080p.

    I think K-ON is full 1080p but K-On designs are a joke compared to Kanon/Clannad.
    Observing some posters and bookmarks, probably the Haruhi’s movie will be in 1080p too.

    I wil go with 720p for now. Thanks for your work.

  • Modhesh

    grateful and all to your BD mostly clannad and kanon. Please someone seed kanon 17 and 24, 720p. 😐

  • Mati

    Modhesh – if there are no seeds, try getting these files from the bundle, or from DDL links – the latter works fine. I wish I could seed for you, I have 1080p version only though 🙁

  • Soukyuu

    Even though trolololol seems to be really trolling, he has a point. While it’s true that the OP/ED won’t take 2x150MB of space in the regular encodes, it still will waste huge amount of space. As i posted before, about 6GB when using Kanon OP/ED filesizes. I also don’t see how ordered chapters are a compromise in anything. Actually, not using ordered chapters is a compromise since you’re wasting space for an illusionary “advantage” of having a single file.

    @Nakiamiir: If you buy me one of those TB HDDs, i’ll shut up. Not everyone can go and buy a new HDD whenever s/he wants to, unlike most people seem to believe.

  • To all the people complaining about ordered chapters, just use CG’s releases if you want stupid ordered chapters. =_=

  • Mati

    Soukyuu: it is for all those who do not use Haali or other compatible splitters. Lots of software does not, and will not in near future, support ordered chapters. Downloading 28GB I really don’t care about few GB’s more or less – if I would, I would get 720p’s instead. I’m grateful Doki doesn’t do them, as CG does – so everyone should be happy and get the release that suits them best.


  • Holo

    Doki – Full files, 1080p + 720p + 480p

    CGi – Ordered Chapters – 720p

    THORA – Ordered Chapters – 1080p

    Take your pick

  • wman

    Yay! Ep01 is on the way!

    Doki Fansubs FTW!

  • papaevil

    Doki=BEST hands down. If you all dont know that you should really take meds. No wait, dont take meds give them too me and learn just how awesome Doki is =)

    Ordered Chapters are fail. If you want that crap go to CG or Thora but if you do that…. the evil monkeys will find you and pee in your cheerios!!!

  • Perfect Chaos

    Hm…certain parts seems to lag for me as well when subs are on.
    And I have an i7 920 processor, a Radeon HD 5870 graphics cards, 9 GBs of RAM, and even CoreAVC.

  • BurningIcecube

    @ Perfect Chaos

    what media player are you using? You shouldn’t need CoreAVC with your specs. Just the free codec that comes with Community codec pack would work.

    If you haven’t already got it try playing it with Media player classic homecinema

  • BurningIcecube

    @Perfect chaos

    oh and make sure you dont have multiply codec packs installed/enabled as this can cause lag as well.

  • BurningIcecube


  • Perfect Chaos

    I do use MPC-HC. And there’ve been a couple of little things that were lagging, so I got CoreAVC to see if it made those things not lag. Didn’t help, but it didn’t hurt it, either, so I didn’t bother to uninstall it.

  • Perfect Chaos

    And I currently have CCCP’s codec to not be used for h.264, to not cause a conflict with CoreAVC.

  • Raki

    I see doki’s encoding to have the highest chance on working in a DXVA environment.
    Because ordered chapter does cause improper decoding if linked video stream is not treated the same way as the main video stream. The hardware decoder will not notice the difference in video stream type. Anyone using DXVA playing ordered chapter will sometime with some series will encounter this type of problems. even coreavc users as well.

    But since doki is not doing ordered chapter ,than it should eliminate the variable if the groups fail to do it properly.

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