Clannad (Blu Ray) – NCOP

Clannad (BD) – NCOP

And it begins! [SS-Eclipse] translations will be used throughout. NCOP has karaoke, but turned off by default.

1080p (h264): [Doki] Clannad – NCOP (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [2499C7D4].mkv


720p (h264): [Doki] Clannad – NCOP (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [0FFC2F93].mkv


480p (XviD): [Doki] Clannad – NCOP (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [B85B8811].avi


73 comments to Clannad (BD) – NCOP

  • Kanon

    Am I the only one that can’t download from quickupload? Help anyone?

  • comicozi

    just curious but what program or programs do you use to burn these so you can watch them in their hd glory on a tv???

  • nx6

    LOL@upscale comments.

    Anyone here who looked at the Kanon encodes he just finished can tell they are NOT upscales. Clannad was made later than Kanon, and had a larger budget, too I bet.

    As for those three pics comparing, they’re from Coalgirl’s blog. Am I the only one who thinks the broadcast version looks better than the DVD one? The DVD pic has haloing and a slight graininess to it. Compare the DVD to BD, than broadcast to BD and look at the edges. The BD looks good.

  • Anon


    Kinda depends.
    Look at her hair-clip on the left side of the screen. In the TV version, it looks brown, while it looks red in the DVD and BD. In the TV version, you can’t see any blush under her eyes, which you can barely see in the DVD version, and can see very well in the BD version.

    Although none of this really matters, since the BD version looks obviously superior.

  • tony-san


    What does it say when you try? Be more specific please … I thought quickupload is good since it lets you use download accelerators too and doesn’t get links taken down. + No waiting time or download cap!

    And also because it’s remote upload isn’t gay like MU and borks up all the time -_-

  • Kanon

    I go to the site, click on the file and wait for the link to generate. It generate and when i go to download the file, nothing would happen. I try other files to see if there is a problem with the file but the same thing happen. Any thoughts? (Files that I try to download – Kanon 12 and 13 720p and Clannad NCOP)
    I prefer the other ddl ( simple and fast.

  • tony-san

    Yea their link expires less than a week which is a pain for me… it still will be uploaded there though.

    Also try using a download accelerator and use it to download and see what happens? it works perfectly fine for me and dozen of other people.

  • Thank for DDL, QU (quickupload) faster than MU, but with free acc, after 30 days noone download, file’ll be deleted, MU not that.

  • tony-san

    Oh don’t worry I’ll get premium before the 30 days are up 😛 so no problem there and also mu links gets removed way before the 30days 😐 since i’ve already used up half of the max storage size of 25gig

    so until i run out of money $10 a month (haha- never) the files will stay there… and also there’s a high chance i won’t have to pay at all 😛 if i get 10,000 downloads a month

  • Kanon

    What download accelerator do you recommend?
    If the files will be upload there, I guess I can wait for it if everything else fail.

  • tony-san

    Simplest method 😛 use a bittorrent client as a download accelerator

  • Oh don’t worry I’ll get premium before the 30 days are up 😛 so no problem there and also mu links gets removed way before the 30days 😐 since i’ve already used up half of the max storage size of 25gig
    My files on MU still live (some files’ve never downloaded), i dont think any file will be die if upload it with free acc

    Account created: 2008-04-02
    Last login: 2010-05-05
    Account type: Regular (upgrade to premium)
    Total files uploaded: 1085 (filemanager)
    Total storage space used: 161.44 GB
    Reward points available: 3226 (redeem)

  • Also other request for karaoke, you can change the tags of karaoke from kf to k? It’s easier to sing

  • Perfect Chaos

    Generally, I prefer k for short syllables and only kf for extended, held out syllables. But I’m fine with what it is currently, although sometimes it can be a little awkward to follow.

  • nx6


    Yeah, I see that. The color is given a boost over the broadcast version. There’s more red overall in the video. Notice Nagisa’s hair color in the bluray verses the other two and the cherry blossom petals. But I was looking at Nagisa’s bangs in the DVD version verses the other two. That white edge (looks like a sharpener was used on the DVD) that isn;t present in the broadcast or bluray. Also look at area of her right hand, last two fingers + hair + eye. It almost looks like DOT CRAWL of all things on the DVD.

  • animebuster

    Will you be releasing the NCED?

    Are you seriously asking this question? What does common sense tell you?

  • animebuster

    If Not does anyone know where I can get the ending Subtitles to mux with the raw Blueray ending? I deleted Clannad off my HDD because of the blueray.

  • animebuster

    Nice being rude to a person that was seriously thinking about donating and downloading your Clannad Rips. I would rather go to a group that was actually not rude though so cya.

    You were asking questions that weren’t making sense, why wouldn’t we release something we started?

  • Captain King

    I use a WDTV Live, it can handle 1080p but I still go with the 720 myself as I’ll only be playing them on a 24″ screen.

    Eagerly awaiting this one; 720p vid quality looks fantastic.

  • Frozenberry

    I feel the love from Doki fansubs with every small bit of Clannad release!

  • leungclj

    thanks 1080 times so much!!

  • animebuster

    @ Holo I was asking Just in case you just released the NCOP because you liked the opening. No where did you state you were going to release either the NCOP or the NCED. and since I was new here I wouldn’t know whether both were released in the other anime series you did like Kanon. So I was just asking.

  • martinez

    everyone let’s see the history, first….
    i’ new here, too…..

    [Doki] Clannad 1080p FTW !!!!!!

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