Translation Checker wanted!

I am looking for a Jap -> En TLC to look through the new project scripts. (Senkou no Night Raid, joint with SGKK Fansubs)

Contact me (hologfx or Jecht) on IRC ( or by email ( or

Edit by Jecht: Found one!

11 comments to Translation Checker wanted!

  • thewizardninja

    Wait, you guys are going to sub Night Raid? Since when?

  • Master Shadow

    Does this mean exams are ending soon and everything else is going to be caught up enough to take on another show?

  • DeathReaper

    I think you are doing to may shows !?

    At least that’s my opinion

  • Exactly what does a TLC do besides read over translations and make sure they make sense in English?

  • ZeroYuki

    A TL translates the script, a TLC checks the translations, and the editor makes sense of it. TLC is a quality step to ensure that no mistranslations are committed.

    As for the project itself, I don’t personally agree to this show at all. But since this one is in charge of by Jecht, I guess i’m in no position to judge how well the project will go. In a word of fairness, Jecht’s team are the more consistent of the entire Doki crew now. Neko is partly their project and Saki is very consistent.

  • Tyki

    Is Senkou no Night Raid interesting to watch?

  • Jecht

    Thanks for the explanation and the compliments ZeroYuki. Now answering the other comments, Saki is a project with mainly 3 persons: Bisou (timing and QC’ing, chapters also), Hiroto (QC’ing, a slacker this past few weeks) and I (TS’ing, editing, mux’ing, QC’ing and distro). As we are “not so busy”, we manage to work on it “on time”. I am also a part of the Neko team, I TS, QC and release, however Neko is translated by Suffix, and he is not able to provide translations as fast as we would want to, 1) because he is busy “in real life” and 2) because as many of us, he is still learning to do “his job” (translate of course <.<). The project is also encoded by Holo, which is also busy, and does it as soon as he can. I managed to get a crew to start on another project, Senkou no Night Raid. The project is a joint between SGKK and Doki Fansubs. I guess that's it. Feel free to ask more questions. =)

  • Holo

    “In a word of fairness, Jecht’s team are the more consistent of the entire Doki crew now. Neko is partly their project and Saki is very consistent.”


    Yea, exams means that I cannot devote as much time to fansubbing as I used to. But in 3-4 weeks exams will be over and I can put all my effort into it.

  • SakiFan

    good news. i’ve started this show with rumbel but watched at the moment just only one episode. i think i’ll wait for you, guys ^^

  • HaloGuy

    i’ve mentioned it before and i’m saying it again, pls fix the the numbers shown in “projects” page. they r not updated.

    make this group a perfect one. =D

  • ranmachua

    I hope the other projects won’t be neglected

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