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New Game! - Volume 06

New Game! – Volume 06

Also added in chapter page.


  • Chapter 60: 6 On reader if you want it.
  • Chapter 61: 6
  • Chapter 63: 3

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Volume 06 [3C5A3F4C].zip

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New Game! - Chapter 63-64

New Game! – Chapter 63-64

And there we have it. The final to volume 6.

We will probably pick up the monthly magazine versions from this point onwards and maybe update them to volume release later on and now we have New Game! caught up we might even get some different manga out! Maybe.

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 63 [6FAA5900].zip

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Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 64 [1426C7B6].zip

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New Game!! - 11

New Game!! – 11

Seems we are at the exact same point as the manga! I blame TT.

HD: [Doki] New Game!! – 11 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [7D72F915].mkv

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SD: [Doki] New Game!! – 11 (848×480 h264 AAC) [2BFD7827].mkv

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New Game! - Chapter 62

New Game! – Chapter 62

Trying so hard.

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 62 [2D7A4C92].zip

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New Game!! - 10

New Game

Nene still best girl.

Considered dropping 480p for this, too. But since there’s only a few eps left, meh.

HD: [Doki] New Game!! – 10 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [9D475E9E].mkv

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SD: [Doki] New Game!! – 10 (848×480 h264 AAC) [942EAFB8].mkv

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New Game! - Chapter 60-61

New Game! – Chapter 60-61

What a scumbag. Also, THAT.

You might notice that 39 and 40 are back on top of the reader… Nothing changed, just had some server issues and they decided they didn’t want to live.

Nene, when told there are problems with her code:

‘You’re right, I should fix that! And make it even better! With blackjack! And hookers!’

Naru, when shown there’s a problem in her code:

‘Shut the fuck up! Don’t tell anyone! I have an image to keep up!’

– mogu

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 60 [95E0B0C8].zip

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Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 61 [D18571D6].zip

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New Game!! - 09

New Game!! – 09

For those of you reading the script comments… mogu pretty much destroyed New Game.

HD: [Doki] New Game!! – 09 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [32F90F6F].mkv

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SD: [Doki] New Game!! – 09 (848×480 h264 AAC) [057A40FD].mkv

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New Game! - Chapter 59

New Game! – Chapter 59

Some more Nene Game!

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 59 [45AE1D4E].zip

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