New Game! - Chapter 52

New Game! – Chapter 52

And here we go with vol 6.

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15 comments to New Game! – Chapter 52

  • nick

    These two new characters are showing up in the second season of the anime aren’t they? Does that mean the show is going to be covering everything up to this chapter at least? Seems like a lot of stuff to cover.

    • mogu

      The second season is most likely going to cover to the end of volume six, because of STORY REASONS.

      And when you consider that about 20-30% of season one was original material written just for the anime, they’ll probably be fine adapting a three volumes this season vs the 2 volumes adapted in season 1.

  • aruku-chan

    Volume 4 ended in chapter 51, but volume 6 started in chapter 52. What about volume 5?

  • woods

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Xen

    Has that cat just been going around the office without most of them noticing before now? I am confused.

    • mogu

      Presumably she just hasn’t brought it to the office all that much before now. Or if she did, she kept it with her so it wasn’t just wandering around.

      Realistically, it’s because they created the cat for the anime series, and this chapter came out right after the anime series started airing. So the author figured he might as well introduce it in the manga as well.

      • Xen

        That makes sense. I am probably just confusing the anime and manga, thinking the cat’s always been present in the manga, as well. When you mention it I’ve probably not spotted in the manga much, if at all; just thinking it’s been there.

        • mogu

          A lot of people seem to be confusing that. Which just goes to show how good an adaptation it is; even the anime-original stuff seems like it was actually in the manga somewhere.

  • Funny Valentine

    This is so good thank you guys so much for translating!

  • Rokudaime

    Finally, those two new characters are introduced. I’ve been waiting for their appearance ever since I saw them in that New Game! artbook I bought. It was a great chapter too, thanks!

    I know it’s supposed to be like that, as that’s the whole point, but I had to re-read Yun’s sentence in the third frame on the right on page 12 slowly to myself a couple of times before I understood it lol. Had there been one more negative in there, I would have had to admit defeat. I struggle with multiple negatives in succession. 😛

  • delectro

    For those who ask. Yes this is the first time that cat has been seen. It has been in the anime for quite some time. Became a fan fav so author added the cat in.

  • Soluna

    Thank you for the chapter! 😀

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