Futari no Kyuujitsu

Futari no Kyuujitsu

Edit: Upon further testing it seems that torrent downloads work as we had hoped for. But the magnet links strip out extra seeding from other trackers. I’d suggest using the torrent versions for now.

Edit 2: Seems Anidex does the same thing to magnet links cos it’s a pain in the dick to code. So ignore this I guess. Torrents > Magnet across the board apparently.

So, you might have noticed we were adding our older content and uploading our new stuff to one of the new Nyaa sites. We were doing this to include all the current main trackers in our releases for the best seeding experience for people. Since then someone has pointed out to me that the site removes other trackers from the torrents. This kinda makes the whole thing futile as people downloading the torrent from will not be able to access the seeders connected to the anidex or minglong trackers. 🙁

I’m not sure if it’s a recent thing since I never actually checked, or maybe it was how the site always worked. Who knows? I guess if you want to grab our stuff stick to using AniDex since you are going to get more seeders and trackers – should you need them (DDoS backups to the rescue!).

To summarise:
Get any torrent from AniDex – Access all seeders from all trackers
Get any torrent from minglong – Access all seeders from al trackers
Get any torrent from – Access only seeders from

I’m not really sure who to reach out to and discuss this with. It’s entirely possible we can come to a compromise and get this sorted out pretty quickly. It’s not like either site is hosting scumbag porn ads and are fighting over ad hits – and having backup trackers can only be a good thing for downloaders.

I guess if you know someone who runs the site pass this message on and maybe we can work something out!

Anyway, Djeeta still so porn.


  • TL: Orillion
  • Photoshoppy stuff: ixlone
  • Edit/QC: odinigh

Manga: [Doki] Futari no Kyuujitsu (Granblue Fantasy) [08E24A21].zip

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6 comments to Futari no Kyuujitsu

  • Kyouma

    I like manga porn (no thanks to you) but no real porn. Is that weird?

  • Blanchimont

    Not sure if it has any relevance, but I run qbittorrent, and atm I have two Doki releases on the list, New Game! ch52 and Time Paladin, both gotten from nyaa.
    Both show 5 trackers; nyaa, anidex, minglong, opentrackr and coppersurfer.
    When removing New Game! and readding it from Anidex instead it shows 3 trackers; anidex, nyaa and minglong.
    All work in both cases for me, but nyaa seems to switch places for nyaa and anidex tracker…

    • Hmm.

      That’s interesting.

      Upon further testing it seems that the torrent links work as we had hoped and the magnet link stripes stuff down. Hopefully it’s just a unintended glitch and they will fix it up.

  • Rokudaime

    Reader link not working in neither IE nor Firefox. Something about the security certificate being expired or invalid or something.

    Anyway, I read both this one and the previous Djeeta GF comic you posted, and I have to say, this doujin artist is good.

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