Djeeta to Bath Time!

 Djeeta to Bath Time!

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Djeeta so porn.


  • TL: Orillion
  • Photoshoppy stuff: maus, ixlone
  • Edit/QC: odinigh

Manga: [Doki] Djeeta to Bath Time! (Granblue Fantasy) [8FFF5262].zip

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22 comments to Djeeta to Bath Time!

  • cryea


    I noticed that NSFW posts stopped showing up in the RSS feed, starting with the previous one (Nennensaisai Hana Souji). Is that on purpose?

  • Devindor

    I masturbated to this earlier on Sadpanda. Thanks

  • Rokudaime

    Release post pictures are not showing up for me anymore all of a sudden…I assume it’s a problem on my end, but does anyone have any idea what could be causing it? I’ve tried on both IE and Firefox, and my internet speed seems to be fine, since I was able to download a torrent at max speed, so I don’t know what could be causing the problem…I have my Adblock disabled on the site as well…

    • HMRC confiscated your pictures.

      • Rokudaime

        Funny. I really am having problems though, so any non-joking answers would be appreciated. I can’t seem to access the reader anymore either now…

        • Must be something your end… They are displaying fine for me.

        • I’d start by pinging the sites, and make sure you can actually reach them.

          If not, might want to try find the cause. Do they show on your phone’s 4G? Is it just your home internet that’s blocking them? Etc, etc…

          • Rokudaime

            Yeah, something is definitely weird with my internet…Tried my phone, and on my 4G the pictures are showing up like normal, and I could access the Reader just fine. But using my home internet connection, even on my phone, both of those things don’t work for me anymore…

            I can’t think of what could have caused the change, since it seems to have happened on its own without me doing anything…One day all of a sudden I couldn’t see the pictures or access the Reader anymore…I haven’t made any changes to my internet connection or my wireless router that I know of. Strange thing is it only seems to be on this site. I haven’t done extensive testing of course, so other sites could be affected as well, but none of the ones I visit daily at least, by the looks of it. Chihiro’s release post pictures are displaying for me normally like they should for example. This is so weird… :-/

            Not up on how to run ping tests, but I used Google, and found the method of using Windows’ cmd to do it. Anyway, I tried “ping“, and got the response “Ping-request could not find host Check the name and try again.”. But then I got the same result when I tried “ping“. When I tried “ping” though, I got the regular response, and got a result of 40ms average, 4 packages sent, 4 received, and 0% data lost.

          • Sounds like you, or your isp are filtering our domains.

          • Rokudaime

            Maybe. I just checked, and now I can’t access your torrents either (probably can’t access your tracker)…What can I do to fix it if I’m unknowingly filtering your domains? This is terrible, I can’t read the latest chapter of Swap-Swap… T_T *despair*

          • I dunno. It’s your computer.

            If your phone connected to wifi is also blocking them, then it’s probably your ISP that had decided to block us for some reason.

            It could be that we got added to some black list, or some spam filter that your ISP subscribes to.

            You will need to email them and complain, I guess. Or use a vpn, or a proxy, etc…

            Edit: Oh, I just thought… It could be a porn filter too. You might need to ask them to disable filtering porn for your IP. ISPs in the UK do that now and you have to ask them to not do it. lol@new accounts with ISPs, “Hello, can you let me see porn please?”

          • Rokudaime

            Looks like that’s probably it then…Gonna have to call them and check I guess…Sigh…Any idea when Swap-Swap 16 will be uploaded to XDCC? It’s my only way of getting the chapter now I guess…

          • If the torrent is up, the xdcc is up. It’s the same file.

          • Rokudaime

            Oh, OK, cool. I only got chapter 14 and volume 1 showing up the last time I checked, so I thought 16 wasn’t uploaded. But now 15 and 16 is showing up for me as well, so that’s great. Thanks!

          • Rokudaime

            Dammit, it seems I can’t even download it through IRC, I’m just getting a “connection failed”…I’m gonna kill my ISP! >_<

          • Rokudaime


            Sorry for spamming. So I called my ISP, and they hadn’t blocked anything or anything like that, but it turns out my IP was causing problems on some sites because of…being very old? I didn’t really get it, but they reset my router and gave me a new IP address, and now everything works like normal again, thank god! (^_^)

          • I’ve never heard that an “old” IP can cause problems, lol

          • Rokudaime

            Yeah, me neither. Like I said, I didn’t really get it. 😛 I’m just glad they fixed it though, whatever it is they did.

  • Bunny

    Wait, is the TL the same Orillion as the Rizon IRCop?

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